How long is 100 days in Minecraft

In just a few years, Minecraft has grown to become one of the world’s most well-known games, largely through hearsay and without the benefit of a big advertising budget.

Minecraft has been dubbed a “rules-free” game. It does not come with any instructions or a predefined aim; instead, individuals are free to build and discover as they see appropriate. Minecraft is often described as a ‘sandbox game.’

People may be perplexed as to what a sandbox game is. It pertains to games that include a playable component that enables the player to carry out activities with a great degree of creative freedom.

This suggests that it is a virtual environment in which people can create their unique universes and adventures utilizing building blocks, items available on the site, and their own creativity.

The fact that you’ll be playing this game with your friends ensures that you’ll have a good time.

You may traverse, interact with, and even alter a constantly generated map of one cubic meter blocks in Minecraft. The environment also includes plants, animals, and artifacts.

The game is available on a number of platforms. To play, you may use your computer, smartphone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, or PlayStation. It is becoming more popular, especially among primary-school-aged youngsters.

How long is 100 days in Minecraft

Many gamers are drawn to Minecraft’s time cycles. Therefore, if you’ve been curious how long 100 days are in Minecraft, the number is 33.3 hours or approximately three days.

We arrived at that conclusion by considering that one hour in real-time matches three days in Minecraft.

The computation above gives a result of 3 days. That is about how long 100 days are in Minecraft in comparison to real life.

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100-day Challenge in Minecraft

If you want to beat the game’s Passing of Time achievement, we recommend just playing the game for that amount of time till the accomplishment activates for you.

Users could easily rapidly earn this achievement by afking in the game for several hours every day in silent mode.

Nevertheless, if you utilize this afk method, make sure you log in to your gamepad and keep the game running for the required amount of time.

It may take a little longer, but just playing the game well enough will most likely be easier than leaving your game running all day to complete the accomplishment.

Other achievements, such as the Free Driver award, require you to stay underwater for two minutes, while the Castaway achievement needs you to eat only kelp for two days.

We recommend earning this achievement while trying to get the Passing of Time award.

However, for the Free Driver achievement, we recommend acquiring several water-breathing potions.

How to Change the Time in Minecraft

  • Step 1: Allowing cheats

Players must guarantee and they’re in a world where cheats are enabled. This procedure will not work unless cheats are permitted.

Cheats may be activated in the Minecraft Java version by connecting to a LAN and clicking the “Enable Cheats” button.

Cheats may be activated in Minecraft Bedrock Edition by heading to the “Game” option in the settings menu and turning the button to allow the “Cheats” setting.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the Chat Window

In order to type the cheat command, players must now open the Minecraft chat window.

Depending on the platform the player is using, this is done in a different way. Here’s how to access the chat window on various devices:

To open the chat window on PC, the player needs to press T.

Players in Pocket Edition should press the chat button at the top of the screen.

Players on Xbox and PlayStation should press right on the D-Pad.

Players of the Nintendo Switch must click the right arrow.

  • Step 3: Enter the command

Upon opening the chat window, enter the command /time set day to set the time to daylight, /time set night to set the time to night-time, and /time set noon to set the time to midday.

More skilled players may additionally use ticks or days to set the precise time. Players may use the standard /time set command, as seen above, and provide a number followed by d (days, 24000 ticks) or s (seconds) (seconds, 20 ticks). For instance, /time set 20s.

  • Step 4: Carrying out the command:

Once all of this is entered, players should execute the command by sending a chat message. This will immediately alter the time of day based on what the user wrote.

If the time does not change, it is most likely because the cheats were not properly enabled, or something was entered incorrectly.


1. How long is a day in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a day lasts just 20 minutes. Because Minecraft’s time is based on ticks, the passing of 24,000 ticks in-game corresponds to a day in Minecraft and 20 minutes of real-world time, implying that there are 72 Minecraft days in a single 24-hour real-world day.

2. How many Minecraft days are there in a 24-hour period?

Like the 72 times longer conversion rate indicates, a single real-life day contains 72 whole Minecraft days.

3. How long does Minecraft last throughout the day and night?

The lengths of day and night are really equal. In contrast to actual life, where the duration of day and night are unequal and may vary, the day lasts 10 minutes and the night lasts 10 minutes.

4. How many actual days are there in 1000 Minecraft days?

Once your Minecraft world reaches this ridiculous number of days, you’ll realize you’ve been playing that one world for almost 14 full real-life days, or over 300 hours!

It may be a good idea to go outdoors and observe the actual dawn for a while. Or don’t; Minecraft sunrises are just as beautiful, even if you’re seeing them for the 1001st time.

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