Where are Minecraft worlds saved (windows/mac)

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Minecraft is a sandbox game in which users may create their own worlds using the site’s building blocks and materials.

Minecraft features two game modes: Survival and Creative. In all gameplay levels, the player must use his imagination to build, explore, and survive.

The Overworld, Nether, and End are the three dimensions in Minecraft. Players may build new worlds in each of these dimensions.

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Unlike conventional video games, Minecraft lets you manage the game, and it even includes tools that enable players to act as moderators and contribute their own coding/modding straight into the game!

In Minecraft, you may explore, interact with, and even change a randomly generated world of one cubic meter blocks. Plants, animals, and artifacts are also part of the ecosystem.

The game is available on a broad variety of platforms. You may play on your computer, phone, iPad, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, or PlayStation.

It is gaining popularity, particularly among primary-school-aged youngsters. Minecraft lovers will appreciate these 15  amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS.

Where are Minecraft Worlds Saved Windows 10

The Minecraft game is accessible in two editions: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The location of Minecraft Worlds storage varies throughout different editions.

In this part we shall examine and discover where the  Minecraft Worlds are kept on Windows 10:

Java Edition Minecraft Worlds storage location

Minecraft Worlds are stored in the .minecraft\saves folder in the Java Edition.

Whenever you open this folder, you’ll notice how every Minecraft World is inside its unique folder.

Apart from worlds, the.minecraft folder contains other items such as.jar files, sound, music, personal settings, resource packs, and so on.

The instructions below will assist you in locating the .minecraft folder on Windows 10:

  • To launch the Run command box, use the Win + R keys
  • Tap OK upon entering %APPDATA%\.minecraft
  • This should open the .minecraft folder in a new window.

Each dimension in Minecraft Worlds’ Java Edition has its own poi, data, and region files.

Bedrock Edition Minecraft Worlds storage location

In the Bedrock Edition, each Minecraft World has its own separate folder and is located at games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds location on Windows 11/10. The db1 folder contains the Chunks files for all dimensions.

Where are Minecraft Worlds Saved MAC

On OS X, your saved games folder is kept within the Library/Application Support subdirectory within your user folder, however, these folders aren’t easy to locate in the normal way.

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Users may put that file path in the Finder’s Go To Folder command (Command Key+Shift+G) or in Spotlight to go to that destination fast.

Simply paste this into the Spotlight search box and press the enter key to go there.

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

You may then go to the saved folder, where you’ll find all of them.

Where to find Minecraft World files

Minecraft game worlds are saved in the following locations:

  • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\
  • GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft/saves/
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/

Every world is stored within its unique folder, which includes the level.dat file, the regions, and other game data. Adding the generated folder to this location will enable you to play the world in Minecraft.

It is not recommended that this site be chosen as the destination dataset because changing game files while Minecraft is running may create instability.

What is a World in Minecraft?

A world or level is a separate Minecraft “universe” that includes versions of the Overworld, Nether, and End. Worlds might certainly be accessed via the main menu’s world selection screen and created by pressing the “Create New World” button.

Worlds are divided into three dimensions, each of which is made up of varying-sized blocks, typically cubic or made up of one or more cuboids or flat plane pictures, all of which are organized in a Euclidean grid.

Fluids, creatures, and particles live within these planets, and some areas of the globe may have biomes and different degrees of light.

Objects, status effects, and, by extension, enchantments are some of the additional characteristics that blocks and creatures may have.

Various buildings may also emerge within worlds (if the ‘Generate structures’ world option is enabled), which may contain chests bringing riches on occasion.

How do I restore a deleted Minecraft World?

Minecraft saves all worlds that you build in a specific place inside the percent %appdata% folder on Windows 10.

If you accidentally remove a world from the Minecraft game, you may recover it by going to the folder where all the worlds are stored.

In this segment we will talk about how you can restore a deleted world in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Open the save folder

To begin, open the.minecraftsaves folder by following the procedures outlined in this article.

  • Step 2: Find the folder

There, you will discover the folders containing the Minecraft worlds that you have built.

  • Step 3: Tap Recover World

Now, right-click on the folder containing the name of the world you wish to restore and choose Recover World.

  • Step 4: Head over to Properties.

  • Step 5: Navigate to the Previous Versions tab.

It should show all of Minecraft World’s prior versions.

  • Step 6: Click on Restore

Choose the planet from the list and then click Restore.

Where is Minecraft Worlds Saved Linux

Everything is kept in the .minecraft directory of your user folder. The issue is that under Linux, any directory that begins with a period is hidden.


You may also utilize the shortcut that reflects your user folder path to get there.


When you choose Single Player mode, you will see a list of stored games. If you leave this screen and then return, you’ll see the new saved game that you unzipped or transferred into this folder.

Is it true that deleting Minecraft deletes your worlds?

Many people are worried about losing their worlds if they delete Minecraft. Minecraft saves your worlds in a specific location on your computer. Minecraft also saves your worlds to the cloud.

As a consequence, unless you expressly delete your worlds from your PC or the cloud, uninstalling or deleting Minecraft has no impact on them.

Transfer Minecraft: Java Edition to another computer

When moving or updating your stored files, please use great care. Before doing any actions in this folder, we suggest that you make a backup. Users could back up their data by transferring them and storing them in another place or on a USB drive.

Begin by locating your saves folder. By going inside the game launcher, you can locate all Minecraft directories, including the saves folder:

  • Step 1: Log in to Minecraft using the launcher.

  • Step 2: Go to Launch Options

Select Launch options, followed by the launcher configuration you’re using (the default is set to Latest release).

  • Step 3: Find the game Directory

Locate the Game directory and click the little green arrow to the right of it. A new window with your Minecraft folder will appear.

When you access the saves folder, you will find all of your saved worlds organized into various folders.

  • Step 4: Transfer the folder containing the files

Transfer the global folder(s) to a portable storage device, file-sharing program, or cloud computing service.

When the files are ready to be transferred, store them in the saves folder of the new computer, and they will appear in your list of single-player worlds.

How to Restore a Corrupted World

Minecraft sometimes encounters an issue that corrupts the saved data of a world save. Before this happens, the game pieces may be returned to the condition they were in when the world was formed, or they may completely disappear.

Many causes may lead to corruption, and in certain cases, they can prevent the world from opening at all. However, even if a world saves becomes corrupted, all hope is not lost.

Fixing a corrupt world could be tough and one is not assured to succeed every time.

Making frequent backups of your world is the most effective and secure way to guarantee that you can recover from a corrupted save file.

Even if your world has already been harmed, always make a backup before proceeding with this process.

Minecraft support is unable to assist with this issue since it requires the transfer and modification of files on your computer.

Nevertheless, there are several local tools available online to help you through the process. Minecraft support is unable to guarantee that this technique will work, so proceed at your own risk.


1. Where to find Minecraft World files

Minecraft game worlds are saved in the following locations:

  • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\
  • GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft/saves/
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/

That is all there is about the Saved World in Minecraft. Be sure to frequently back up the Minecraft saved worlds.

Find the location of the saved World in Minecraft in the above segment and keep a track of it from the location of those files.

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