13 Best 1v1 Roblox Games You Must Try (2024)

Last updated on January 10th, 2024 at 10:26 am

Welcome to the dynamic and competitive world of Roblox, where players from around the globe come together to test their skills, strategy, and speed.

In this guide, we’ll dive into some of the most thrilling 1v1 games Roblox has to offer, perfect for those looking to engage in intense, head-to-head battles.

Best 1v1 Roblox Games

For the Gun-Slingers:

1. Arsenal

Arsenal is almost entirely based on this approach, and it is carried to its logical conclusion. Most games consider Gun games to be a diversion from their main gameplay, and the armament is restricted to extremely basic options.

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Arsenal is one of the most relaxing games on our list, mixing arcade shooting in the manner of Cod with utter silliness.


Aside from guns, you’ll come across a range of weaponry, including bladed and blunt tools of misery. Arsenal is our #1 game in the list of Best Roblox 1v1 games.

2. Phantom Forces

Another contender in the FPS realm, Phantom Forces offers a more realistic approach with detailed weapon ballistics and tactical gameplay.

Squad up for support or go solo for pure 1v1 dominance, utilizing tactical movement and precise aim to vanquish your opponent.

For the Sword-and-Sorcery Aficionados:

3. Shattered Skies

Unleash your inner warrior in this fast-paced melee combat game. Choose from a variety of unique classes with distinct abilities, master intricate combos, and parry your opponent’s attacks with perfect timing to claim victory in the arena.

4. P1V1 Classic

Dive into a world of pixelated medieval swordsmanship. Hone your reflexes, learn different combos and parrying techniques, and outsmart your opponent to reign supreme in this retro-inspired duel.

For the Crafty Builders and Brawlers:

5. Build a Boat for Treasure

Take “capture the flag” to a whole new level in this creative and chaotic game. Build ships, equip them with weapons, and sail the seas to your opponent’s island, all while defending your own treasure hoard. Think fast, build smartly, and unleash your inner naval warfare genius.

6. Slap Battles

Put your reflexes and comedic timing to the test in this hilarious slapstick brawl. Utilize an array of ridiculous weapons and power-ups to knock your opponent off the platform, all while dressed in the silliest outfits imaginable. Laughter and friendly competition go hand-in-hand in this unique 1v1 experience.

Bonus Picks:

7. Piggy

While primarily a horror game, Piggy allows for intense 1v1 showdowns as the “infected” player hunts down the lone survivor. Think cat-and-mouse with jump scares and strategic traps, making for a thrilling and unexpected 1v1 experience.

8. Islands

Don’t be fooled by the peaceful farming exterior. Islands offers exciting PvP battlegrounds where you can test your combat skills against other players. Craft powerful gear, master your chosen fighting style, and dominate the arena in this versatile island paradise.


9. Wipeout Obby

A thrilling obstacle course game inspired by the TV show “Wipeout.” Players navigate through complex challenges, aiming for the title of an adventure champion. Perfect for 1v1, it offers a fun and competitive experience.

10. Unit: Classified (BETA)

A strategic Cold War-era game where players engage in various battles using a wide array of weapons and tactics. With VIP servers and multiple classes, it’s a sequel to the popular Unit: 1968 and offers a deep, engaging combat experience.Unit - 7 Best Roblox 1v1 games 2021

11. Super Striker League

A unique football game where players score goals while dodging ninjas and mummies. Power-ups and special abilities make each match distinct, with the option to create VIP servers for 1v1 challenges.

Super striker league- 7 Best Roblox 1v1 games 2021

12. Stand Upright

An intense game based on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” featuring various magical talents and fighting skills. Players can unlock abilities and engage in 1v1 duels, choosing from a range of unique and evolved stances.

Stand Upright- 7 Best Roblox 1v1 games 2021

13. Frenzy

A competitive knife-tossing game where the last one standing wins. Players can customize knives, select effects, and manage inventory, all while battling others in 1v1 challenges to be the ultimate survivor.


Other Roblox 1v1 games

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  • Super Doomspire
  • Pistol 1v1
  • Mortem metallum
  • Aimblox

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