Activision to bring Modern Warfare’s Tactical Sprint to COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile players rejoice, there’s another feature coming to the title, borrowed from Modern Warfare. COD Mobile launched globally on 1st October 2019. Since then, there have been wholesale addition of features to the game. While a lot of them have been unique due to the platform it’s played on, some are directly inspired by Activision’s already established efforts. Recently, we reported on how features such as Buystations, cash system and more might be coming from COD Warzone to COD Mobile. This time it’s the Tactical Sprint.

Running from cover to cover just got a lot faster. Tactical sprint is a feature usually seen on PC or Console games. It will enable a player to run a short distance with an extra burst of speed than what sprinting usually allows. It should be noted that tactical sprints only work for a small duration, and it is going to be interesting to see just how small Activision keeps it for the Mobile version.

Players won’t be able to aim their guns while using this feature. Tactical Sprint can undoubtedly be of much help getting out of sticky situations, or to quickly change your location for a better vantage point. The increased time taken to aim means that using tactical sprint is not advised in chasing situations where it’s important to keep your reticles on the enemies.

In a video uploaded on Youtube by Dataminers Hole, we can see how fast the tactical sprint actually is. The player is able to quickly reach the right spots to corner an enemy and take him/her down. The animation shows that the gun is held with the muzzle facing the sky.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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