How to bypass “Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock

In 2011 Mojang Studios, released Minecraft. The Sandbox Game has become very popular since then. Markus “Notch” Persson created Minecraft in Java Programming Language and since its release, it has been made available for other platforms as well.

Explore, Break things or Construct splendid Monuments, you can do it all in Minecraft as there are no specific rules of this game. The only objective of this game is to Explore and Survive and use your imagination to the fullest.

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Minecraft also lets you play along with your friends in the online mode. This way you and your friends can Explore the endless world of Minecraft together. Sometimes you might face Authentication Server Down while logging in. You can learn about how to tackle this problem here.

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There are hundreds of things that you can do in Minecraft. In Survival Mode you have to gather basic survival items as quickly as possible as they will help you to survive the fun and intriguing World of Minecraft.

As you move forward in the game you will gather Experience Points and different valuable ores which can be used to upgrade your tools and make strong armors.

Talking of Strong tools, there is nothing stronger than an Enchanted Tool. Enchanting is an amazing feature of Minecraft as it integrates your tools with special features called Enchantments. Enchantments can make your tools and weapons too powerful and can also make your armors impenetrable. A player can either Enchant his own items or get Enchanted items in the game.

Enchanting an item in Minecraft Bedrock costs a player some Experience Points and while Enchanting an already Enchanted Item the players sometimes face a “Too Expensive” problem.

Why does it say “Too Expensive” in Minecraft

The Anvils in Minecraft Bedrock’s  Survival Mode say “Too Expensive” because they are capped at level 40. This means that any Enchantment whose Enchantment Cost is above level 39 cannot be done. This problem generally occurs when the item being Enchanted is already heavily Enchanted.

In Creative Mode however there is no specific limit to the Anvil, you can Enchant items here without any limit. You can create the strongest tools, weapons, and armors and use them accordingly.

How to Bypass “Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock

There are certain ways to bypass the “Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Step 1: Reduce the cost of Enchantments

The best way to tackle ” Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock is by reducing the Enchantment cost. The best way to do it is by first combining different Enchanted Books together, this reduces the total cost of Enchanting an Item.

For Example, Combine an Enchanted Book with Enchantment “Efficiency” with another Enchanted Book with Enchantment “Fortune” and you will get an Enchanted Book with both the Enchantments. You can continue this process till you have all the desired Enchantments in one book and then Enchant your desired item with it.

  • Step 2: Rename the Item

Renaming the item while Enchanting reduces the Enchantment Cost to a limit. You can rename your item while it is kept in the Anvil. When done together, Renaming and Enchanting do not cost a lot and can be used to Bypass “Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock.

  • Step 3: Get your Enchantments from Creative Mode

This is only for when you are very desperate to Enchant your items above the limit and all the above-mentioned steps are not helping. This will mess with your in-game achievements though but will give you all the Enchanted items that you need.

Now that we know how to bypass the “Too Expensive” in Minecraft Bedrock, we can learn how to Enchant your items. There are different ways to Enchant your items in Minecraft. Enchanting however costs a player Experience Points, which they receive throughout the course of the game.

How to Enchant your items in Minecraft Bedrock

You can Enchant your items either with an Enchanting Table or with an Anvil. Both are vital for making your own Enchanted Items.

Enchanting Table

An Enchanting Table is used to Enchant items. It costs Lapis Lazuli and some Experience Points to perform these Enchantments. You can use an Enchanting table to Enchant tools, weapons, armors, and books. Crafting an Enchanting Table needs a Book, two Diamonds, and four blocks of Obsidian.

After you have crafted your Enchanting Table you can start Enchanting your items right away. The choices of Enchantments will be based on the player’s experience and the amount of Lapis Lazuli he has kept on the Enchanting Table, the options given will randomly integrate the item with an Enchantment.


Another way to Enchant your items is by using an Anvil. I believe that it is the best way to Enchant Items if one knows how to use them properly. Using an Anvil to Enchant items in Minecraft costs players Experience Points which is labeled as ‘Enchantment Cost’.

Using an Anvil for Enchanting is easy and it can be done in these steps

Step 1: Enchant your books

You should always Enchant your books first in order to reduce the Enchantment Cost in Minecraft. Enchant two Enchanted Books with different Enchantments together. This was you can get all the desired Enchantments in one Book and reduce the Enchantment Cost.

Step 2: Place the item you have to Enchant

Place the item that you have to Enchant in the first slot of the Anvil. For example, if you have to Enchant your Diamond Pickaxe you will have to place it on the first slot of the Anvil.

Step 3: Place the Enchanted Book

Place the Enchanted Book with the desired Enchantment in the second slot of the Anvil. For example, place an Enchanted Book with Enchantment ‘Unbreaking’.

Step 4: Get your Enchanted Item

After the second step, the Enchanted Item will be visible on the output slot of the Anvil. On adding the newly Enchanted Item to your inventory your Experience Level will reduce as it is the Enchantment Cost.

Enchantments can really enhance your gameplay and help you reach your goals faster. You can become the strongest player on the server while playing online with your friends if you have the right tools with the Best Enchantments. Have fun Enchanting your items to the maximum potential.

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