COD Mobile: Annihilator & Ballistic Shield get slightly Nerfed in Season 13

Due to its console-like graphics, relentless gameplay, and the assortment of maps and modes, Call of Duty Mobile has become one of the most downloaded and played FPS games on the mobile platform.

COD Mobile has always managed to keep the players entertained and engaged by coming up with creative and relatable updates consistently. Likewise, Season 13 is also going to be an action-packed update.

Today we will be talking about some of the Season 13 nerfs which have been introduced to maintain the balance in the game. So, without any ado let’s get into it.

Annihilator & Ballistic Shield get slightly Nerfed

The Developers had already made it crystal clear regarding how immaculate they wanted to be with the balancing of the weapons, operator skills, and other equipment of the arsenal. So, with every Season we get buffs and nerfs to bring about that balance based on constant monitoring and feedback of players.

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We have confirmed from the patch notes of COD Mobile Korea that this time we have got 2 very overpowered operator skills getting nerfed. They are the Annihilator and the Ballistic Shield.

That’s right! The mighty Annihilator and the Ballistic Shield are getting nerfed. This is because the Devs believe that it is next to impossible to tackle or get around enemies using these Operator skills. So, to get the attention of players towards other Operator skills as well, the Annihilator and the Ballistic Shield are getting nerfed.

The nerfs are precisely as follows:

  • The range of the Annihilator’s bullet tracking has been reduced.
  • The Ballistic shield’s pistol ammo capacity has been reduced.

So, players now will have to resort to other operator skills to dominate on the battlefield. We have also seen yet another nerf previously. The Dead Silence Perk had been nerfed quite recently for the same purpose – to bring about balance and get the players to use other perks as well and not get fixated at just one thing.

From the looks of Season 13 is bringing a lot of things to the table and we can hardly wait to try them all.

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