How to destroy Ballistic Shield in Call of Duty Mobile

Season 12 Going Dark of Call of Duty Mobile is now live. The plethora of rewards and unlockable content that Season 12 has got for the players, make it the Anniversary Update we wanted, in the true meaning. Season 12 of Call of Duty Mobile is arguably one of the best seasons we have seen so far.

Also, the characters, weapons, weapon skins, modes, and maps we got in Season 12 are really good. Season 12 has easily surpassed the benchmark set by Season 11. Talking about new rewards and content, Season 12 also gave players an all-new Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield.

The Ballistic Shield Operator Skill.

The Ballistic shield, also known as the Riot shield in other COD Titles, was primarily adopted from Call of Duty Warzone. The shield basically protects you and makes you immune to enemy bullets. With the ballistic shield, players can wield the shield in one hand and carry a fully-automatic pistol in the other. This allows players to attack and defend simultaneously.

How to unlock Ballistic Shield in Call of Duty Mobile

The Ballistic Shield is now accessible to all the players of COD Mobile around the world. It is available for free in the Free Battle Pass of Season 12. To unlock it, players simply have to reach Tier- 14 of the Battle Pass. If you need any assistance, you can visit the link mentioned below for more details on the same.

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 How to Destroy Ballistic Shield?:

The Ballistic Shield is impenetrable by bullets. It protects the player who is using it from all enemy blows from the front. The Ballistic Shield can only protect the player from the front. The back and other exposed parts like the feet of the player are prone to enemy attacks.

We have pitted the Ballistic Shield against most scorestreaks and operator skills. The results were quite interesting.

The Sentry Gun, Shield Turret, Shock RC, and Goliath could do no damage to the shield. If you charge head-on using these scorestreaks against an enemy who is holding the Ballistic Shield, then it would be a very bad idea. The Ballistic Shield is tough enough to withstand all these scorestreaks.

However, aerial scorestreaks like Stealth Chopper, Hunter Killer Drone, VTOL, Cluster Strike, Predator which attack from the above can take out enemies who are carrying Ballistic Shields.

Talking about fellow Operator Skills, the Annihilator, Death Machine, Equalizer were, unfortunately, not able to do any damage to the Ballistic Shield. So, the ballistic shield can easily withstand the above-mentioned operator skills.

However, other operator skills like, War Machine, Gravity Spikes, Purifier which cause area damage were able to take down the enemies who were taking cover behind the ballistic shields. That is because, we believe the damage dealt by these operator skills is not focused at one point, but rather it gets distributed over a larger area. So, even the exposed parts of the enemy are damaged. Hence players can use these operators to tackle the Ballistic Shield.

Also, using molotovs, grenades, and Semtex is quite efficient against the ballistic shield. These lethal equipment deal area damage; hence, they can damage and eliminate the enemy carrying the ballistic shield.

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So, just like we always mention, no weapon or operator skill is perfect. The ballistic shield coupled with the automatic pistol is really a force to be reckoned with. However, as we discussed above, there are certain scorestreaks, operator skills, and equipment that can be used to tackle even the overpowered ballistic shield.

Now you know how to handle those annoying enemies camping behind the shield. So, march into the battlefield and take them out.

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