Here’s How COD Mobile Chinese version is Different from Global version

Call of Duty Mobile has become one of the fastest-growing FPS games on the Mobile Platform. Its console-like graphics, relentless gameplay, an assortment of maps seem to be doing the job in increasing its popularity.

Nevertheless, COD Mobile is still very reliable with their changes when it comes to the obligatory launch of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, advantages, and much more every new season. It is just an amusing and fun game.

Since the COD fraternity has been going nuts about the Chinese version of COD Mobile, today we thought about drawing up a comparison between the Global version and the Chinese version of the game.

COD Mobile China vs Global Version: All Details

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Before we start, we would like to inform you that both versions of the game are equally competent and enjoyable.

Now, coming back to the topic, let’s draw a comparison between the Chinese version and the Global version of the game.

The Global version of Call of Duty Mobile is known to adopt features from many mainstream titles of Call of Duty, especially the Battle Royale Map. It’s got a whole bunch of locations inspired by iconic Call of Duty maps, including the spaceport Launch from Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2’s eerie Estate.

However, the Battle Royale map of the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile is more or less the Cargo Map from Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It also has certain features in the game which have been implemented from COD Warzone, like Cash Systems, Buy stations, etc. We don’t get to see these in the Global version of COD Mobile.

The Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile is supposed to feature Jay Chou (Famous Singer) in the game. While we have no such mascot figure in the Global version of Call of Duty Mobile.

The Chinese version of COD Mobile will also be featuring the all-new Oasis Multiplayer Map that was available in the DLC pack of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  A map that is yet to be released in the Global Version of COD Mobile.

So, both the games have their own nuances which make them unique. This comparison ought to help you understand the slight differences in both versions of the game.

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