(2023) How to Delete Blocks in Minecraft Command

When Minecraft was first released in 2011, it had a huge impact on the game industry. Over 150 million Minecraft copies have been sold worldwide since the game’s first release.

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In recent times, the servers have been malfunctioning up, causing issues for users such as the Minecraft Store not working

Players in Minecraft are free to do anything they want due to the absence of restrictions in the game. And a lot of players ask if there is a command which can be used to delete blocks in Minecraft.

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How to Delete Blocks in Minecraft Command

In order for users to construct their ideal world in Minecraft, they may often have to clear away certain bricks or even whole areas filled with blocks.

If the appropriate strategies are not used, the process of clearing away superfluous blocks in Minecraft may be a very time-consuming endeavour. It is possible that you may wind up needing a lot of time and effort to complete it, which will finally leave you weary.

Therefore, in this section, we will explain the command that you need to enter in order to remove blocks in Minecraft.

Players can delete blocks in Minecraft by using the Remove command. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the remove command. 

1. /remove block <Coordinate X> <Coordinate y> <Coordinate z>>

When you are using “/remove block <Coordinate x> <Coordinate y> <Coordinate z>>”, the block would then disintegrate effectively generally, like “/setblock <Coordinate x> <Coordinate y> <Coordinate z> air”. In the above mentioned command, the x y z letter represent the coordinates of the block which you want to remove or delete using the command.

But the difference is if you remove a container block(like chest, barrel, furnace, dispenser and etc), the items in this container won’t drop out, they will be lost

2. /fill [A1] [B1] [C1] [A2] [B2] [C2] air replace

The fill region’s beginning coordinates are A1, B1, and C1 (ie: first corner block). The fill area’s final coordinates are A2 B2 C2 (ie: opposite corner block). In this step what we are trying to achieve is to replace the block which we are trying to remove or delete by air. This is pretty much the same as deleting it. So, it gets the job done.

3. /fill (xyz coordinates) (xyz coordinates) air

Let us assume we want to delete a cube of bedrock from coordinates: 1,7,1 to 4,10,4. Then the syntax of the command would be as follows.

4. /fill 1 7 1 4 10 4 air

However, there’s a limit on how many bricks you can place at once: approximately 22500. If you go above the limit, you’ll get an error notice and a comparison between the number of blocks you’ve chosen and the maximum allowed. The /fill command may also be used to put diamond blocks and other types of blocks. This method can also help you get the block removed.

How do you rapidly delete blocks in Minecraft?

Once set up (your hotkeys will differ), you may pick the corners of the box you want to hollow out, then delete all the blocks one at a time by converting them all to a single box and deleting that single block.

To begin, choose an object by pressing X, dragging it to another corner, and pressing X again.

How to Remove Large Amounts of Blocks in Minecraft

Players can also remove large amounts of Blocks in Minecraft in a similar fashion. Follow the steps that have been mentioned below to remove large amounts of blocks in Minecraft

Open Chat Window

To begin, open a chat window on your computer.

In Minecraft, using the chat window to execute a command is the quickest and most convenient option. Depending on your version of Minecraft, you may use one of the following keys to launch the chat window:

  • When using Java Edition on a PC or Mac, launch the chat window using the T key.
  • You may access the chat button help command in the game’s Pocket Edition (PE).
  • Press the D-Pad (right) on your Xbox One controller for Xbox One.
  • For PS4, press the D-Pad (right on the controller.
  • To use Nintendo Switch, hit the right arrow button on the controller.
  • You may go to the chat window using the Windows 10 Edition by pressing the T key.
  • To access the chat box in the Education Edition, use the T key.

Type in the Command

Let’s say we want to replace all the water in a region with air. We can do that if we have the coordinates of the area which we want to remove by the following steps:

  • Command: /fill [A1] [B1] [C1] [A2] [B2] [C2] air replace

A1 B1 C1 is the starting coordinates for the fill region (ie: the first corner block).

A2 B2 C2 is the ending coordinates for the fill region (ie: opposite corner block).

Since there is a requirement of 2 blocks here for the removal, we have 2 coordinates.

In the chat window, enter the command. In the game’s bottom left corner, you’ll see the command appear as you type it. To execute the command, press the Enter key.

If you use the above command, all of the water blocks in the fill range will be replaced with air blocks instead of the original water blocks.


1. How to clear blocks in Minecraft

Players can clear blocks in Minecraft by either using the commands or by destroying individual blocks.

We would suggest going for the method that uses the command as it is easier and more convenient to use.

Use the following command by entering the appropriate coordinates of the blocks which you want to clear or delete in Minecraft:

/fill [A1] [B1] [C1] [A2] [B2] [C2] air replace 

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