[Fix] Why Can’t I buy Minecraft

With the advent of Minecraft, the landscape of massively multiplayer online games was irrevocably altered.

To be honest, in the face of so much death and ruin, who would have thought that building something new would be so compelling?

This fundamental notion has become a classic because of its broad applicability. In Creative mode, everything is at your disposal, so you can create anything you want.

Exploration of previously unexplored locations on other worlds is feasible.

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In order to protect oneself from the onslaught of monsters, you may construct a castle or equip yourself with a deadly weapon.

The fact that you’re not dealing with this on your own is a godsend. If you’d prefer not to share a server with others, you may play alone.

There was a continual flow of new stuff throughout the game.

In fact, players can modify the game’s code to alter the way it is played entirely. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

The game may be played on a broad variety of devices. In order to attain your target, you may utilize the following methods: The PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox One, and Raspberry Pi are just a handful of the most popular gaming consoles presently available in retailers.

There are one cubic meter block accessible for exploration and interaction in Minecraft. The word “ecology” includes a large array of subjects.

Elementary and middle school students’ services are in great demand. There’s something for everyone in this collection of 15 amazing games like Minecraft

Where to Buy Minecraft?

Minecraft may be purchased on their official website. Several payment options are available on their website.

There are two distinct game versions to choose from. These are Windows and Java editions. Both of them have their own merits and downsides. You may place your order for Minecraft through their website.

Why Can’t I buy Minecraft Java

The ‘Error Placing Order‘ popup displays whenever certain users try to buy Minecraft from the official shop (on Minecraft.net)

Even if they’ve double-checked their credit card information, most impacted users report seeing this error after trying to buy the game over more once.

Some of the causes why Minecraft Java can’t be purchased by users are as follows:

  • 1. Outdated version of the Chrome browser

Because of security problems raised by an out-of-fact browser version, this problem often happens.

If this is the case, you should be able to force Chrome to upgrade itself to the most recent edition to fix the issue.

  • 2. International payments are prohibited by your bank

International transactions may be blocked by default with some credit cards. Because Mojang’s payment processor is based in Sweden, you may need to contact your bank to request that international transactions be unlocked.

  • 3. The bank declines to execute transactions with this payment processor.

In the USA, a large number of users who tried to purchase Minecraft was reported that their bank had automatically rejected the transaction.

Many people have been able to resolve the problem by buying Minecraft as a redeemed code from the official website (either online or from a physical store like Gameshop or Walmart).

  • 4. The Mojang account is banned

In rare cases, the transaction can be refused, owing to the premise that your Mojang profile is now under review on accusations of fraudulent conduct.

In this situation, you need to get in contact with Mojang or Microsoft by utilizing the proper support channels.

[Fix] Why Can’t I buy Minecraft

Several gamers have been having this issue when making their order. This error appears whenever a player attempts to purchase the game.

Because of this bug, no one can purchase the game. As a consequence, gamers are left without being able to accomplish anything.

If you’re also seeing such an error when attempting to purchase the game, then be assured!

It’s possible to fix this error in a few different ways. There are a number of possible causes for this error, therefore here are a few suggestions on how to resolve it:

  • Method 1: Use a different Browser or Device

It’s possible that your browser is interfering with the purchase process. Certain browsers don’t function properly with certain websites.

We strongly advise you to try a different browser. Likewise, try to use any other gadget for buying.

Your device might possibly be trying to mess up your order. Using another browser and device might finally fix the issue.

When a user hasn’t yet installed a new security update, Google Chrome, for example, is known to do this regularly.

According to reports, users who were having issues were able to get their Chrome browsers to automatically download and install the most recent update.

  • Method 2: Employ an Alternative Paying Method

There are numerous payment options accessible on the website. This might change based on the country you are live in.

There’s a section where you may choose to pick a different payment method when purchasing.

  • Method 3: Unlock International Transactions

If you’re attempting to buy the title from outside Sweden (the country wherein the payment processor of Mojang sits), odds are you could be seeing the ‘Error Placing Order‘ since international transactions are now being banned by your bank.

First things first, confirm that your card information is still genuine, then investigate the chance that the payment doesn’t go through because foreign transactions are prohibited for your bank card 

Only by calling your bank and requesting that they enable international transactions on your account would you be able to finalize the purchase of Minecraft.

  • Method 4: Purchasing the game via Windows 10 Store

In case you’re attempting to acquire the game in order to enjoy it on a Windows 10 computer, you have an alternative approach of buying Minecraft which might likely enable you to sidestep the appearance of the ‘Error Placing Order‘.

Several Windows 10 customers have confirmed that they were able to avoid the error by purchasing the game via the Windows Store instead.

It should be possible to avoid the error if you use a separate payment processor for the transaction in this manner.

  • Method 5: Acquire Minecraft Using A Redemption Code

It appears that there is a solution that several impacted customers have successfully employed to bypass the “Error Placing Order” notice that displayed when they attempted to buy the game from the main website.

Alternately, you may purchase a digital gift code from the Mahjong website and utilize the activation site to install the game to your pc. If you wish to achieve this, follow the procedures below:

Choose Buy Digital Gift Code on the Mojang registration page.

Then sign in using a verified account. In order to proceed, you must first create an account and then verify your email address.

An Amazon link should be sent to your inbox as soon as your registration has been approved. You may then purchase a digital CD-Key and download the game instantly.

Just input the code into Mojang’s redemption page and obtain entry to the game rather than handing it on to others.

  • Method 6:  Mojang / Microsoft Support

When none of the possible remedies above have succeeded for you, you must definitely try to get in contact with Mojang’s support staff and check whether there are any recommended rules you have to observe in order to buy the game in your location.

To do this, go to Mojang’s Contact page, create a ticket, and describe the problem as completely as possible. Then, access your Inbox for a response from Mojang.

But according to several impacted users, the response time of Mojang is extremely lengthy, so you can also try seeking assistance for Microsoft instead (particularly if you brought the game through the Microsoft Store)

Inform them of your issue. They will check if there is any issue on their side. If that’s the case, they’ll walk you through the steps of purchasing the game.


1. Why won’t it let me buy Minecraft Java Edition

The ‘Error Placing Order‘ popup displays when certain users try to acquire Minecraft through the official shop (on Minecraft.net)

Though they’ve double-checked their credit card information, most afflicted customers claim to see this error after trying to buy the game over more once.

Try to make your order on a new browser or mobile device, and make sure the browser you’re using has the most recent version of plug-ins and extensions installed. In the online shop, experiment with various payment options. There are various possible payment options.

2. How can I fix the bugs in Minecraft?

Turn your antivirus back on after troubleshooting if you disabled it. Try uninstalling Minecraft and see if it fixes the problem for you.

Once the game is removed, download it again and attempt logging in. Afterward, reinstall or re-enable your anti-virus or firewall antivirus.

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