Fix: PS5 controller button sticking (X button)

Last updated on August 17th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

The PlayStation 5 is now available in every region in the world.

The users, however, do not get to reap the full benefits for a variety of reasons, including games that are not compatible with the PS5, a large number of game errors, PS5 system errors, PSN service errors, and then a whole host of unforeseen issues, such as the DualSense controller face button sticking or analogue sticks drifting, etc.

Sony is now using the same DualShock 4 controller as the DualSense controller on the PS5, although with some aesthetic tweaks and a number of added functionalities.

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That indicates the hardware and the materials are almost identical to one another.

However, it seems that there is something that is creating such a type of issue to the users of the DualSense controller within a few months following the sale of the product.

Why does PS5 controller button keep sticking (X button)

Short Answer: The PS5 controller button might become stuck owing to manufacturing flaws, a fault with the conductive rubber pad beneath the button, debris surrounding the button, the face buttons being pushed too hard or the controller’s buttons haven’t been cleaned in a while. Oil, grime, or other debris from your thumbs may also clog PS5 controller buttons.

PS5 Console
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There have already been allegations of PS5 controller issues, despite the fact that the next-gen PlayStation hasn’t even been sold for very long.

Several other players have also reported a sticky DualSense face button on the controller. The problem seems to affect all buttons located on the device’s face.

The issue may not be localized to a single button on the front, but rather indicative of a wider manufacturing flaw.

There have been several instances of the X, Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons on the PS5 DualSense controller being stuck during gameplay.

It’s quite frustrating, and it takes away from playing the game. Now, additional severe issues, such as dust or moisture getting into the hardware through the jammed buttons, might arise.

Because players may need to hit the stuck buttons with more force than normal to get them to respond, this is not ideal for the hardware.

All this points to a problem with the controllers during production, most likely in the initial batch but maybe in a larger quantity as well.

But there are a few different approaches that you may take to attempt to fix this problem on your own, which will probably be successful to some degree.

Fix: PS5 controller button sticking (X button)

To free a stuck or mushy button, such as the PS5 controller’s X button, on a DualSense controller, you can use some of the following simple methods outlined below:

Method 1: Rub Isopropyl around the PS5 controller button that’s sticking.

Take some Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and soak a Q-tip with it. Gently work around the PS5’s loose buttons and spaces surrounding it.

Once you’ve done so, give the button a gentle press for quite a few times to make sure it’s working properly on the PS5 controller.

If the PS5 buttons get sticky again after being cleaned with rubbing alcohol, repeat the procedure.

If you believe a button on your PS5 controller is malfunctioning, try rubbing the isopropyl or rubbing alcohol surrounding that spot.

Method 2: Use compressed air to clean the face Buttons and the space around it

In order to prevent the face buttons from sticking, you should make use of the compressed air by blowing it into the tiny crevices around the X button or any button that is stuck and the plastic DualSense shell.

This will prevent the face buttons from sticking if there were some specks of dust or other very small particles that were causing this problem.

You can buy compressed air dusters from Amazon or any other online shopping sites.

Method 3: Spray some WD-40 on the PS5’s sticky button.

In addition to being an effective rust remover and cleaner, WD-40 may also be used as a working lubricant.

Fixing the problem of the PS5 DualSense controller X button sticking may be accomplished with the aid of this solution.

You may do this by positioning the WD-40 bottle such that it is pointing squarely around the sticky buttons on the PS5.

Then, use a clean, soft towel to absorb the excess WD-40. To complete the operation successfully, you need to now move the lubricant to the bottom of the container by pressing and swirling the PS5 sticky buttons.

In addition, you may use the straw to generate a space around the button, which will allow the lubricant to function more effectively. Sticky buttons on your PS5 controller may be eliminated with this method.

If you find that the buttons on the d-pad of your PS5 controller are still sticky after cleaning them, you should repeat the operation once every week.

In addition to this, check to see that the dual shock controller for the PS5 is not attached and that it is switched off while you are cleaning.

Method 4: Take care to not press face buttons too hard

PS5 Controller
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Take care not to push the face buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller too firmly.

It is possible that it will be annoying to hear, particularly while you are in the thick of an exciting gaming, but if you keep doing this nonstop, these undetectable motions will eventually cause harm to the system.

Because of this, the internals might get worn out. Therefore, treating the PS5 buttons on the console with proper care will help repair the problem of the PS5 controller buttons not functioning.

Method 5: Clean the PS5 dual-shock controller manually by disassembling it

If your console is still within the time period covered by its warranty and you have sufficient knowledge and expertise then you should perform a thorough cleaning of your controller by disassembling the PS5 controller.

You can even watch a few videos or do some reading on how to safely disassemble your PS5 console before actually carrying on with it.

Method 6: Get in touch with PlayStation Support

Last but not least, if none of these solutions worked, or if you suspect that anything catastrophic has occurred inside to the controller, you should contact PlayStation Support for more assistance.

In the event that your PS5’s DualSense controller stops working while the console is still under warranty, all you have to do is send it in for repair or request for a replacement.


1. How to fix PS5 x button sticking

If the face buttons on your PlayStation 5 controller are stuck, try spraying compressed air into the little space between the button(s) and the controller’s plastic DualSense shell.

If the button may have accumulated on some debris, and this is a foolproof method of clearing the area.

You should also avoid pushing the face buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller too firmly.

It may seem apparent, but in the heat of competition, it’s easy to forget and use unnecessary force. Too much of this might wreck the machine’s workings.

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