How to get Auto Parry in Combat Warriors: Roblox

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 11:22 am

Combat Warriors is a popular ROBLOX game in which people battle in a lethal arena to kill one other. When you fight other players, you’ll earn experience points and credits that may be used to buy cool stuff like better weapons and armor. You’ll also have access to Aether, which can be used in conjunction with the aforementioned currencies to acquire various types of Cosmetics.

There are several moves in this game that you can use such as stomp, parry, slash, jump, sprint, dash, crouch, etc. There are designated keys for each such move, i.e., you have to press a certain key for every move you want to make. For instance, you have to press Q to stomp, F to parry, and E to dash.

However, using these moves effectively in the game might come across as a little complicated to some players. For this reason, there are several scripts available for players to make it easy for them. And you need not worry about getting banned for using these scripts as they are completely legal and are even free to use.

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One such Script is Auto Parry, which is a super-effective code for the game Combat Warriors that lets you assume a variety of personas as you play. The Auto Parry feature is activated after the script is activated, doing the parrying for you automatically. Nonetheless, if you’re not very experienced with downloading and using scripts on Roblox, it might be pretty difficult to do it correctly. However, you need not be concerned; as we have tried to be as precise as possible in this article.

How to get auto parry in combat warriors?

If an attacker is about to hit you, you may stop their blow by hitting the F key. The user will suddenly be stopped by a purple shield. When the shield is up, any attacks against it will stun the target and provide you a window of opportunity to strike. This is the Parry feature of the Combat Warriors game.


After 3 seconds, the shield will no longer protect you. Rather, if they miss the shield while you parry, you’ll be reduced to roughly 5 walk speeds for about 1.5 seconds, during which time you won’t be able to swing.

If your opponent is ahead of you in level, the parry won’t do anything to slow them down. When you parry an attack by pressing the Q key, it will cause the target to fall to the ground, providing you a good opportunity to finish them off.

Auto Parry is a Roblox script for the game Combat Warriors that allows a player to parry with other players automatically without the player having to do anything.

In brief, the role of this script is to automatically block any attacks on you without you having to press the F key. This also means that any player that tries to attack you will get stunned on their own, which again provides you with an advantage over them.

1. Downloading an Executor

The installation of an Executor needs to be the first item on your list. Executors such as Vega X, Evon, and others are among the many programs that are readily accessible and may be downloaded for free.

2. Find a website providing the Roblox Scripts

You may find the Combat Warriors auto parry script on a number of different websites. To get the script, all you have to do is look it up on Google and copy it. You may also look for a similar video on YouTube, then visit the site of the video maker links in the video description and copy the script from there.

3. Launching the game along with the Executor

Begin by starting up the Combat Warriors game on Roblox, and then launch the Executor. There are several choices in what seems to be a dialog box for the Executor program. ‘Inject’ or ‘Attach’ in certain situations, will be one of those choices. You may link the Executor to your game by clicking the appropriate button.

4. Executing the Roblox Auto Parry Script

Now, you have to paste the Roblox Script for Auto Parry that you had copied from your website of choice in the Executor application. After pasting the script click on the “Execute” button. And in a mere few seconds, your Auto Parry script for Combat Warriors will appear on the screen.

5. Enabling Auto Parry

Next to the Auto Parry option, you will either see a checkbox or an “Enable” button, depending on the Script you have used for the auto parry function. This will determine which of the two options you see. In any scenario, you need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to turn on this feature.

And that is it! Now, you can run around in the game, and every time someone tries to attack you the Auto Parry feature will come into play, and the player trying to attack you will get stunned. There will be no need for you to press the F key to parry with them because this feature will do that on its own for you.

The Auto Parry script also includes a plethora of additional options, such as Infinite Parry, Spam Jump, Infinite Stamina, No Fall, Stomp Aura, No Dash, No Utility, Auto Spawn, No Ragdoll, and so on. Whatever is most convenient for you, you may toggle between these features.

There are additional scripts, such as Kill Parry and various GUIs (graphical user interfaces), that may be used by Combat Warriors in addition to the Auto Parry. While their ends are different, they share a lot of functionality with the auto parry button.

Using a script might seem a little complicated at first but once you download these scripts and start using them, you will get to learn more properly how to use them to your advantage. Nevertheless, we have done our best to be as articulate as possible in this article to help you in understanding how to use the Auto Parry Roblox script for Combat Warriors. So, we hope that you find this article to be informative.

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