How to Destroy Scorestreaks with FHJ-18 in COD Mobile

Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile has been going on in full swing. Players seem to be really happy with the new weapons, character skins, maps, and modes. Even the theme of the current season has been deemed as one of the best themes COD Mobile has ever witnessed.

That being said, with every new season, Activision adds new weapons to the already huge arsenal of the game. Players sometimes can become confused as to which weapon to choose and frankly the wide array of weapons coupled with attachments can prove to be quite overwhelming even for the veterans.

In this article, we will be talking about one such underrated weapon which can prove to be quite handy if used wisely. So, let’s get into it.

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How to Destroy Scorestreaks with FHJ-18 in COD Mobile:

Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile is your bonus for performing effectively. They deliver tools that could really assist you in a tip the balance of the game. Whether that’s by exposing opponent locations, putting an automated sentry turret, or calling in a chopper to target opponents.

Nevertheless, these rewards aren’t given out for free and gamers would have to earn them. It’s also worth noting that you have to reach a certain level to access them, while the first three are open to the player right away. Since its release, the game has provided a load of new scorestreaks. These are unlocked either by finishing events or by purchasing them from the Credit Store.

It might make one wonder that if scorestreaks are all-powerful how does one go about them and kill enemies? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered in that aspect.

fhj 18 launcher
Image Source: Sportskeeda

FHJ-18 is a rocket launcher that can only fire at non-human targets like vehicles and scorestreaks. It is a secondary weapon that gets unlocked at 34 level. It has only two ammunitions. It is a secondary weapon and can be found in the secondary weapons section under the Launcher section.

The FHJ-18 launcher can be used in multiplayer matches to destroy enemy scorestreaks. It is very useful in taking down aerial scorestreaks like Stealth Chopper, UAVs, VTOLs. Simply aim down sight the FHJ-18 and wait for the sights to lock onto the target.

You will know that the target is locked if you hear a ‘Locked on’ sound and you see the Reticle turning green. Once it is done simply let loose the rocket and wait for it to act like a heat-seeking missile and destroy the enemy scorestreak.

The same can be done in the case of ground scorestreaks like Shock RCs. Now you know how to use the FHJ-18 go out there and use the underrated Secondary weapon and blast your enemy scorestreaks out of this world.

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