How to Revive in Minecraft hardcore mode (Yourself, Teammate)

The entire premise of Minecraft‘s Hardcore mode is that players only have one shot in the game’s already tough Survival mode. You understood the risks, yet you developed feelings of attachment to the virtual world you entered. Is it really over for you since you ended up dead?

Fortunately, there is a trick that allows you to go back to Hardcore mode just in time to prevent your whole universe from disappearing along with you. If you’re interested in learning more about Minecraft Hardcore World recovery, you’ve come to the right place.

Make sure you read on till the conclusion for a step-by-step walkthrough.

How to revive in Minecraft hardcore mode

Reviving Yourself: 

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Here are the actions you need to do after dying in Minecraft to respawn in your Hardcore World:

Step 1: Navigate to the Spectator Mode

Once you’ve died in Hardcore World, choose “Spectate World.”

Step 2: Turn on the LAN

Hold down the pause button and choose “Open to LAN.”

Step 3: Activate Cheats

Activate the cheat function by switching the Allow Cheats toggle to the On position.

Step 4: Type /gamemode mode> into the command line

In place of mode, enter the following: 1 or C for Creative, 0 or S for Survival, or 2 for Adventure. Following the 1.13 update, the shorthand no longer suffices; instead, you must input the full titles of the modes: “Creative,” “Survival,” “Adventure,” or “Spectator”.

Simply doing this will allow you to re-enter your Minecraft Hardcore World and save it. However, if you care about regaining the experience and possessions you used to have before you died, you should turn on “keepInventory” to prevent them from being removed from your collection when you die. To adjust your character’s level of experience, enter /experience set <number of levels>.

Having learned how to avoid dying in Minecraft Hardcore Mode, use caution when employing these hacks.

Reviving Teammates: 

In terms of reviving teammates, a server administrator may enable a player to return after death by pausing the server and making appropriate changes to the server’s configuration files; this will allow you to revive your friends.

The player data must be removed first from the (Map name)> players > (deadplayer).dat directory, and then the required data from the index (banned by | banned until | reason) in the banned-players.txt file must be deleted.

The admin may then restart the game and the afflicted player can emerge again. A respawn puts the player back to their original spawn location, but without any of their possessions or experience (since their player info has been erased).

In addition, once a player dies, they are not immediately eliminated but instead enter a K.O. status, at which point a countdown clock begins. You, being the kind buddy that you are, may make an effort to prevent their demise.

How to revive in Minecraft hardcore mode (Yourself, Teammate)

When you do, everything will be OK, they will suffer a little setback and grow a significant desire, and you and your companion will be able to continue on your path.

How to revive yourself in hardcore Minecraft

In the hardcore level, players can’t respawn (rather, they respawn in spectator mode) and the difficulty can’t be adjusted, making it a subset of the survival game mode.

However, for your convenience, we have outlined the steps to revive yourself in hardcore mode. If you want a second chance in Hardcore mode, you’ll need to read the instructions attentively and implement them precisely.

Step 1: Place yourself in spectator mode

After you have died, choose Spectate World from the menu. You will now enter spectator mode after this is done.

Step 2: Allow LAN access to the world

To achieve this, press the pause button, choose Open to LAN, and finally select “Allow Cheats” to activate in-game cheats. Make sure it reads “Allow Cheats: On.” Finally, choose the LAN World button to begin.

Step 3: Type the command /gamemode <mode>

Enter 1 for Creative, 0 for Survival, and 2 for Adventure in place of mode. Since the 1.13 update, you will be required to input the complete titles of the game modes, which are “Creative,” “Survival,” “Adventure,” and “Spectator,” respectively.

Step 4: Undo the negative consequences of your death

The creative mode may be used to retrieve objects that have been misplaced in dangerous environments like lava or the void. The keepInventory feature should be activated immediately to avoid any further losses.

Enter /experience set <IGN> <number of levels> level assuming you remember your experience level. Another option is to execute the same command with the “points” parameter set to the experience number shown on your death screen.


Should you follow the aforementioned instructions, you would be able to use hacks to revive after death in hardcore mode. The usage of hacks to preserve a world you’ve been exploring on your own is perfectly OK, but you shouldn’t test them out on public Hardcore survival servers unless the administrator grants you consent to do so.

Even if you can get away with it alone, doing it in multiplayer defeats the purpose. The objective of the game is to eliminate all other players by virtue of reaching the position of the only survivor.

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