Games Like Rust on Roblox You Can’t Miss Out (2024)

Last updated on January 31st, 2024 at 12:37 am

Roblox is a versatile gaming platform available on PCs, mobile devices, PlayStation 4, and macOS, popular for its diverse range of games suitable for all ages.

It’s not only a place to play games, but also to create them, thanks to the simple programming language Lua.

With a vast community and an array of games, from action to adventure, Roblox offers something for everyone.

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In this article, we’ll focus on games on Roblox that are similar to Rust. Let’s get started!

17 Games like Rust on Roblox

17. Evade


In keeping with the game’s theme, you must avoid the robot by hiding or fleeing. The game does not, however, completely abandon you.

To defend yourself and live, you can arm yourself with things like floodlights, teleporters, landmines, barricades, and even cola.

Evade includes a few jump scares that catch you by surprise, even if it’s not frightening. So put on your running shoes and get moving.

16. High Tide: Sharks vs Divers

Games like Rust on Roblox

High Tide is a game about a conflict between sharks and humans that was inspired by the well-known Steam game Depth.

While the other team of players pretends to be sharks and tries to catch you, you can play a diver searching the sea floor for hidden riches.

Your survival is the main goal, although if you don’t enjoy diving, why not be a shark and simply devour your way to success?

You may utilize your acquired skins and clothes in the game’s fantastic customization option. Round-based gameplay and a fantastic lobby make for never-ending entertainment.

15. Quarantine-Z

Games like Rust on Roblox

Another standard zombie survival game is Quarantine-Z. Here, your tasks will include car-driving, killing other gamers and zombies, and collecting treasure.

It’s always the people you’ll be battling against in this game; it places more of a focus on PVP than just being a straightforward survival game.

14. Dust Wasteland Survival

dust wasteland survival

Dust Wasteland Survival is the ideal game to replace Rust if you want to play a game with a big area and a large player base.

This game is ideal for exploring the area, gathering resources, and constructing your personal base, as well as meeting other people and joining in the fun.

The issue with this game is that it was deleted lately after the creators received a stop and desist notice from Rust.

Essentially, they believe they have duplicated so many aspects of the game that Robot believes it is better to eliminate it completely.

Yeah, I’m not sure. If your game is so excellent that the other creators need to shut it down, it says volumes in my view, but how good is it?

However, while the game is still unavailable, you may still play the other games on this list.

13. Deadmist 2 Beta

dead mist 2

Roblox’s Dead Miss 2 is another entertaining survival game. Yes, this is a game that is quite similar to Rust.

An epidemic has expanded to the ordinary populace in the tranquil valleys of British Columbia. Through a beautiful map and fierce battle, the few surviving survivors will forage, fight, and live.

Primarily, acquire weapons and shoot other players to earn treasure. With numerous firearms accessible, be the greatest player there is.

A large area, an open universe, a wonderful person, and plenty of amazing animations, 3D models, and a fun environment.

This isn’t a game you can skip. Take a look at it.

12. Catastrophia Survive

catastrophia Okay, Catastrophia Survive is definitely the most entertaining of the games on our list. The goal of the game is for you to gather resources and grow your base. Let’s be honest for a moment.

This game isn’t quite as fantastic as Rust, but it’s an entertaining way to pass the time whilst you prepare for the dust to settle.

Obtain sufficient timber to construct your foundation at the start of the game, and then collect additional materials to get a gun, fire, and food later on.

Ensure that your hunger, bar, health, and hydration are all under control so that you may continue to survive. You may play the game if it seems to be a good fit for you.

11. Survival island

Survival IslandsConsider Rust, but set on a remote island. That is what Survival Island is all about. In this game, you begin with a pistol, a water bottle, and a banana. Take pleasure in the inventory.

The goal of this game is to withstand phenomena such as storms, eruptions, and tsunamis that will try to destroy you.

Not just that, but since you have a gun, you can kill other individuals to collect their treasure, slaughter some sheep, or grab some bananas to stave off hunger. To be honest, this is simply a silly game. Just take a look at the game.

Like Rust, gamers in this game require water and food to pull through. A hazardous island that may be struck by a natural catastrophe or assaulted by adversaries needs to survive.

The game enables users to gain gold by performing easy activities, such as skeleton defeat, ocean exploration, etc. Players may spend this money to purchase treehouses, pay dues, and much more.

10. Island 2

So, you’ve been left on an island and must find a way to live. There are other players on the island.

Wander an island-filled environment, build a camp, and create new things. Welcome other players, form groups, and more with a variety of settings to choose from, including a single-player game.

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

It’s a fun-filled exploration and survival-style game, so I won’t give too much away. So simply take a look at it again. I’m certain you’ll like it.


9. Build a raft

build a raftPicture Rust, but on a boat. That is precisely what builds a raft is all about.

The goal of this game is for you to collect materials and create the greatest raft possible to live.

Construct a raft and double-check that everything is floating.

If you enjoy constructing rafts, you must give this game a try.

8. Blacklands

Top 10 Best FPS Games in RobloxWelcome to the dangerous island of the Blacklands. It can be extremely tough to survive and protect ourselves against robbers and radioactivity.

To escape getting killed, investigate the archipelago and collect wealth as rapidly as feasible.

The only way to live on this island is to join up and work together with your friends. A gamer may choose between two modes: Royal and Arcade Battles.

This is why it is one of Roblox’s best survival games.

7. Natural Disaster Survival

natural disaster survival

As the title indicates, gamers would have to endure the coming natural catastrophes.

Few of the methods for surviving in this game will certainly recall Rust gamers.

The Survival of Natural Disaster is one of Roblox’s oldest games. There are 16 maps that the game offers.

Whenever it begins, a random map is provided and participants are given 20 seconds to prepare for the next calamity.

6. Cenozoic Survival

Cenozoic SurvivalThe background of the game will certainly recall Rust players.

Rather than operating as an individual, players may return to the Cenozoic age and into animals’ shoes in order to experience surviving gameplay.

Gamers may protect their towns from foes and discover the universe that the game offers.

Players must also watch out for hunger and thirst in Cenozoic Survival to remain alive.

  • 5. Survival: Evolved

survival evolved

Survival: Evolved includes some Rust and ARK components. Roblox’s participants have one goal on the map – survival.

It will be able to gather materials and create a robust foundation.

Players may create tribes and explore the map with their buddies.

But beware of those that don’t wish to be nice and watch for the huge dinosaurs seeking food.

  • 4. Disaster Island

disaster islandCatastrophe Island is an Explosive Entertainment Division’s Roblox disaster survival game.

The game was presented as a direct competitor to the other numerous adventure games and tends to take on a fun, light-hearted concept to create style and gameplay.

Disaster Island includes around 40 community maps that can be bought in games and offers a variety of equipment, paths, fees, and costumes. Team Deathrun creator Sofloann created the game’s lobby.

3. Booga Booga

Top 20 Best Survival Games in RobloxBooga Booga is a competitive internet game. This is an island surviving adventure. In order to survive, the player has to establish a clan, explore, fight and assault other tribes to get looting and to get stronger. The player may travel to a number of islands and get loot everywhere he goes.

The game enables the player to travel through the vine to other islands, then remove the vine to obtain restricted rights to the area till it re-grows. Build and defend your tribe against raids. Search the different islands on the map. Combat and plunder the houses of others to grow stronger.

2. Apocalypse Rising 2

Top 20 Best Survival Games in RobloxFollowing the franchise for Apocalypse Rising, it promises to provide the excitement of the famous zombie survival game.

It’s somewhat like days when your objective is to gather things and resources to help you fight zombies and others.

What you will do is easy, collect stuff, kill people, kill zombies, go alone or go with groups, whatever you think appropriate.

This game is in my view more a PvP than a basic survival game. It’s always the people you’re going to be battling at the end.

1. High Tide

Influenced by the famous steam game Depth, High Tide is a strategy game between Sharks and Humans

It’s a nice new game with over 340 faves and over five million visitors. This is an undervalued game you absolutely should play. In this game, you may be a swimmer who escorts you to find a treasure.

high tide

Of course, the primary aim is surviving, or why not be a shark and devour your path to success if you do not enjoy the diving part? The game also has an excellent customization option to match your skins and clothes.

Nevertheless, the gameplay is simply a round-based one with an incredible lobby. You’re never going to grow tired of it.

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