(Guide) Spawn & Find Boss Pokémon in Pixelmon

Last updated on January 31st, 2024 at 01:09 pm

Pixelmon, a thrilling blend of Pokémon and Minecraft, offers players the adventure of encountering and battling Boss Pokémon.

These special Pokémon are more challenging and rewarding than their standard counterparts.

Here’s a straightforward guide to spawning and finding Boss Pokémon in Pixelmon, combining various methods for your convenience.

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So, let’s get started.

How to Spawn and Find Boss Pokémon in Pixelmon

Method 1: Using the PokéSpawn Command

The PokéSpawn command is a straightforward way to summon Boss Pokémon directly.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Chat Window: Start by pressing the Enter key in-game to open the chat window.
  2. Type the PokéSpawn Command: Enter the command in the format /pokespawn <pokemon> boss:<tier>. Replace <pokemon> with the Pokémon’s name and <tier> with the desired boss level (1 for Common, 2 for Uncommon, 3 for Rare, 4 for Epic, 5 for Legendary, 6 for Ultimate, 7 for Haunted).For example, to spawn a Legendary boss Charizard, type: /pokespawn Charizard boss:5.
  3. Execute the Command: Press Enter again to execute the command, and the Boss Pokémon will appear in the game.

Method 2: Finding Them in the Wild

Locating Boss Pokémon in the wild adds an element of exploration and excitement. They are rarer than regular Pokémon but can be found with some strategies:

  1. Search in Relevant Areas: Explore areas that match the Pokémon’s type. For instance, a Water-type Boss Pokémon might be found near lakes or oceans.
  2. Explore Dungeons and Challenging Territories: These locations often host rare Pokémon, including Boss types.
  3. Utilize a Pixelmon Radar: This tool helps in tracking specific Pokémon, including Boss Pokémon.

Preparation and Battle Tips

  1. Be Prepared: Boss Pokémon are significantly stronger. Ensure your Pokémon team is robust and diverse to stand a better chance in battle.
  2. Understand Boss Abilities: Boss Pokémon may have unique abilities and moves. Familiarize yourself with these to strategize effectively.
  3. Rewards of Victory: Defeating a Boss Pokémon can yield valuable items like rare candy, TMs, and sometimes even legendary Pokémon.

Key Characteristics of Boss Pokémon

  1. Strength and Level Adjustment: Boss Pokémon are more robust and aggressive compared to standard Pokémon. Their level dynamically adjusts, being higher than the player’s highest-level Pokémon in their party during encounters.
  2. Identification: Unlike regular Pokémon, Boss Pokémon do not display levels above their heads. Instead, they have colorful lettering above them, indicating their level relative to the player’s strongest Pokémon. This feature is visible from a greater distance than the labels on standard Pokémon.
  3. Non-Catchable: An important aspect to remember is that Boss Pokémon cannot be captured.

Types of Boss Pokémon in Pixelmon

1. Mega Evolved Boss Pokémon:

  • Spawn Rate and Location: They spawn approximately once per minute in the world, chosen randomly from all available Mega Evolutions. Interestingly, they can appear in biomes where their base form wouldn’t usually spawn.
  • Appearance: They only spawn as epic and legendary bosses. Notably, legendary Mega Evolved boss Pokémon always appear in their Shiny form.
  • Spawn Probability: Rare bosses appear 70% of the time, while legendary bosses make up the remaining 30%.

2. Colored Boss Pokémon:

  • Distinctive Coloring: These bosses are identifiable by their unique colors – green, yellow, red, and orange – which correspond to their boss type. This coloring is different from Shiny Pokémon.
  • Spawn Locations: Haunted boss Pokémon are known to spawn atop haunted towers and can also emerge from specially set Pixelmon spawners.
  • Spawn Frequency: Like Mega Evolved bosses, rare bosses have a 70% spawn rate, and legendary bosses appear 30% of the time.

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