(2024) SUS Roblox Games You Must Try

The only thing that restricts the creativity of those who create the various bizarre and fantastical games on the Roblox platform is their own imagination. We’ve looked into some of the strangest games available, and wow have folks been exercising their imaginations!

We’ve compiled what we believe to be the top 10 most SUS games we’ve discovered so far.

Top 10 SUS games on Roblox

  • 1. Survive the Killers

Top 10 sus games on Roblox

Insurgent survival game “Survive the Killers” has graphic bloodshed. Guns, knives, and other lethal weapons abound in this game. This game has six unique gameplay modes: Classic, Extreme, Killer, Endless Survival, Area 51 Assault, and House of Dead Mode.

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In this game, your only objective is to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible. You have three chances to leave the map alive. These games include the use of knives and firearms to eliminate opponents.

Young people who play this game may develop a ruthless disposition and lose any sense of compassion. Not suitable for children under the age of 13 due to the graphic nature of the game’s violence.

  • 2. Shedletsky’s dirty Place

Top 10 sus games on roblox

This is a sex game on Roblox. Whenever a youngster connects to the server at this address, Shedletsky attempts to engage in nefarious behavior. Children under the age of 13 are the intended audience for this game, which has a wide variety of sexual and otherwise mature content.

When kids come to play in this home, they always end up with awful dreams. Even if they don’t realize it at the time, what’s happening in that home will have a negative impact on their lives.


  • 3. Shower Simulator

Roblox condo games

In the Roblox game known as “Shower Simulator,” the main characters take turns donning bathing suits and taking a shower together in a communal setting. They wear revealing swimwear and there is a lot of sexism in the game. Shower Simulator is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18.

The game has explicit content, including showering, that makes it inappropriate for children to watch. There are a lot of sexual and/or suggestive scenes in the game that might be upsetting to a young player’s development. In addition to single-player and multiplayer modes, the game also has a variety of interesting side quests.

  • 4. Boys and Girls Dance Club

One of the most played titles on Roblox is Boys and Girls Dance Club. This game may only seem to include indecent material because it makes your character dance.

In this game, your only objective is to make your character dance. It allows role-playing, but only if your character displays sexually suggestive dancing movements.

  • 5. Poppy Playtime

Top 10 sus games on Roblox

The Roblox library includes the terrifying Poppy Playtime. Independent studio MOB Games was the first to build it. The player assumes the role of a former worker in a toy manufacturing firm. You’ve returned to the factory, where everyone worked for 10 years before suddenly disappearing, and you’ve got riddles to complete as you’re being chased by terrible monsters and talking to terrifying people.

The Ineqe Safeguarding Group, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is dedicated to ensuring the physical and digital safety of children. They have stated that the game may provide problems for certain players. This may manifest as “new concerns” of toys coming to life, “intrusive thoughts”, or “additional tension and stress.”

  • 6. Club Iris

Club Iris game

One of Roblox’s most well-liked games is Club Iris. It’s basically a nightclub for teenage athletes, therefore it’s got a bad notoriety for being unsafe and unsavory. It’s also well-known as a hangout for online daters in Roblox parlance. Roblox has a zero-tolerance policy on online dating because of its young user base. The Roblox nightclub is not immune to such occurrences, however.

Although the focus of Club Iris is on dancing, it might seem like a dance club for women. There have been reports of people seeking and doing lap dances on internet forums. This is done in order to accumulate “Robux,” the virtual money used in Roblox games.

  • 7. Human Giraffe

Top 10 sus games on Roblox

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to spend a day in the life of a giraffe? Even if Human Giraffe doesn’t make all your giraffe-related wishes come true, it will get you very near. Your in-game persona will have an abnormally long and floppy neck.

The lack of a specific goal leaves you free to try out various strategies, including but not limited to colliding with other players and flaunting your balancing prowess to your pals. Now that the “lick” function has been included, you may use your lizard tongue to grab onto various things strewn around the world.

  • 8. Poop Scooping Simulator

Poop Scooping Simulator

Poop Scooping Simulator is a lot more interesting than its name would lead you to believe. One’s only objective in this game is to collect as many feces as possible. To advance in the game, you’ll need to scoop your way up to better equipment and storage devices from the starting shovel and backpack.

You may buy new things from the game store with the money you earn by selling the garbage you collect from throughout the world and returning it to the region near the spawn point. You may upgrade your poop-scooping excursions with a variety of exciting new gear and bags you can buy, and you can also use them to impress other players.

When the Poop Fight option is turned on, you may even challenge other players to a battle. In order to gain more money for the business, it is best to hurl as much dung as possible at other players.

  • 9. Survive Ariana Grande In Area 51

Survive Ariana Grande In Area 51

You and a few other players are dispatched inside Area 51 to investigate its secrets, but you have no idea what you’ll find. As you prepare for a fight, potentially against military personnel or even aliens disguised by the government, you may be surprised to find yourself instead facing off against a horde of bloodthirsty Ariana Grande impersonators.

As you and your squad get trapped in a seemingly unending labyrinth of hallways, it becomes more difficult to protect yourself and your teammates without any weapons.

  • 10. Fart Attack

Fart Attack

Fart Attack is a player versus player (PVP) game where you pit your farting talents against other players in an arena setting. Use the Smellicopter, the Fartnado, the Poop Mines, and the rest of your arsenal to wipe out the competition. Gain experience and level up your character to unlock new features and upgrade existing ones.

To sneakily attack adversaries and wow your friends and other gamers with your well-honed farting skills, you’ll need to unlock Special Farts. You can earn bonus points by completing side tasks, and you can improve your chances of getting bonus points by doing so. There are more than ten available venues in each match, guaranteeing that you’ll never run out of fresh strategies to attempt.

Bonus SUS Games Roblox:

11. Among Us in Roblox: Recreates the social deduction game “Among Us”, offering suspenseful gameplay in identifying the impostor among players.

12. Murder Mystery 2: A classic whodunnit game where you play as a Sheriff, a Murderer, or an innocent, trying to uncover the killer.

13. Project: Slayers: Inspired by anime like Demon Slayer, it offers a dark, combat-focused experience in a vast open world.

14. Work at a Pizza Place: A seemingly normal pizza-making simulator with a dark twist, involving strange ingredients and mysterious orders.

15. Poochy & Pals: A game about collecting virtual pets with unsettling secrets hidden within the world.

16. The Mimic: A horror game where you must escape a haunted house and avoid a creature that mimics your moves.

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