Top 15 Good Minecraft Survival Houses

Minecraft is a Lego-based role-playing game that lets you design your own universe. Originally, you had to construct bricks to defend yourself from vermin, but the game has since developed to incorporate a broad variety of difficulties.

With the passage of time, it has acquired a number of distinctive characteristics that have made it a classic.

When you’re in Creative mode, you have unrestricted access to the game’s resources. You’ll be able to visit other worlds in the game’s Survival mode and discover new ones.

It is possible to prepare for a monster attack by building a castle or stockpile of weaponry.

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Players of the popular sandbox game, rejoice! We’ve collected a list of  15 amazing games like Minecraft that are popular among elementary school children for your amusement.

As the game evolved, so did the number of users who contributed content to it. Minecraft players have a number of choices for modifying and customizing the game.

This game is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphone, and tablet computers such as the iPad and Raspberry Pi are just a few of the most popular gaming gadgets out there.

You have influence over Minecraft’s Terabyte world and even command over it. A few non-exhaustive examples of ecological phenomena are presented below.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best Minecraft survival houses out there. So, let’s dive right into it.

Minecraft Survival House Blueprints

If you play Minecraft, especially survival mode, you are aware of the relevance of Minecraft survival house ideas.

You can’t picture playing survival mode without a house to hide from countless dangers and ailments.

Aside from its need, designing such houses is a delightful activity. It allows users to unleash their creativity and intellect to construct worlds devoid of rules or limitations.

Building such constructions is one of the most entertaining things to do in Minecraft. Most folks use Minecraft to openly express their creativity and imagination and put their thoughts into action.

If you’re a new Minecraft player who hasn’t produced anything yet, this may be a daunting assignment for you. Before you can begin building a Minecraft survival house, you’ll need some inspiration.

You can’t construct anything important unless you have a clear notion in mind. This article features the top six Minecraft survival house plans.

This advice is clear forward and easy to implement. Everything on this page has been selected with both novices and experts in mind.

Top 15 Good Minecraft Survival Houses

When creating the ultimate survival house for oneself, you may modify it to the utmost to fit your requirements, making it a genuinely unique virtual area, resembling your own unique and secure sanctuary in Minecraft, one which would help survival.

There are innumerable examples of survival houses and bases accessible online for gamers to replicate.

We’ve taken the luxury of choosing out fifteen of the greatest Minecraft survival house blueprints this year that you really can simply recreate in your survival gaming.

  • 15. Simple Survival house

This attractive Minecraft survival home design is a fantastic alternative for newcomers and gamers with minimal experience constructing dwellings.

This modest survival home is a two-story structure that is both beautiful on the exterior and within.

The first level is set up as a bedroom, while the second may be utilized to store your belongings.

A place for animals such as cows and sheep is positioned on the side of this home and is surrounded by fences.

  • 14. Large Oak Survival House

This enormous oak survival home is one of the easiest buildings to build since oak can be acquired quickly and abundantly in Minecraft.

The lesson goes into great depth about each step to help you create the home without any misunderstanding or trouble.

This home has a classic appearance and a farm in its courtyard. If you’re searching for a fantastic and easy-to-build project, this Minecraft survival home design is ideal for you.

  • 13. Smallest Survival House

While this construction by YouTuber “B4Builders” isn’t going to be suitable for all use cases, it’s a remarkable choice worth noting on our list owing to its distinctiveness.

This construction is quite small, making it handy in a variety of situations. It’s also rather elegant, including sleeping quarters, storage space, crafting tables, and furnaces.

  • 12. Ultimate Survival Farmhouse

This little but charming farmhouse has a farm and a kitchen on the ground level, as well as a bedroom on the first.

This lovely home may be constructed with little work and time.

Users can discover so many new strategies and approaches while creating this farmhouse that you will be able to utilize to create other wonderful residences.

The pond surrounding this home adds to its charm while also providing irrigation water. This farmhouse looks great because of the clever and appropriate usage of bricks.

  • 11. Aesthetic Survival Home

This work by Zaypixel is a terrific survival stronghold to build. The home itself is a modest two-story structure, with one floor mostly utilized as a bedroom and the other for storage resources, as well as crafting and potion goods and the like.

As Zaypixel adorns each part of the home, the lesson is quite relaxing to watch. She also utilizes campfires to build a wooden cover on one side of the home, surrounding it with fencing and transforming it into the ideal animal cage.

  • 10. Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Folli’s design for this enormous residence is stunning. This is a Minecraft survival home design that takes a lot of time and works to complete.

Building a survival home may seem complicated and tough, but with a thorough and step-by-step explanation, you will be able to easily execute this concept.

It has an incredible interior with wonderful little rooms and awesome construction.

The façade is visually appealing and can be seen from a distance. For newcomers, Folli discusses everything in-depth in his lesson.

  • 9. Fantasy Cottage

This modest yet magnificent cabin may be created with a sense of adventure and joy. This is a simple Minecraft survival home design that can be built with minimum materials and time.

A lesson on how to build this fantasy cottage can make the whole procedure extremely straightforward and easy. This is a trendy and inviting home with flowers in the windows and lighting near the main door.

  • 8. Modern Survival House

Do you wish to develop something fresh and new instead of old and wooden home ideas?

If your response is yes, then you should attempt this home design. This contemporary survival home has an attractive and amazing appearance.

It will change your perspective on Minecraft homes and assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind home. You can simply create this contemporary home with ease simply by just following the relevant instructions.

You will discover various essential tips and approaches while creating this home that will help you create more amazing contemporary buildings in the future.

  • 7. Skull Mountain Base

The skull mountain base house in Minecraft doesn’t have to conform to conventional housing norms, thus we believe it does both well.

It’s a great example of a Minecraft survival house that uses a variety of blocks and things to create a unique interior design, while still allowing the player to customize it to his or her own.

Besides, the terrifying skull with its eyes lighted by Lanterns would seem ominous throughout the night.

  • 6. Nether house

Having a survival house in the Nether seems a little paradoxical, right? An intimidating Minecraft survival house by BlueBits, on the other hand, would look right at house in the Nether.

Putting together all of the components required to complete the instruction will take some time, but the results are well worth it.

Instead of the normal flowers or plants seen in Minecraft survival base blueprints, the Nether Warts and Nether Portal provide a striking centerpiece.

  • 5. Ocean House

There are a few benefits to building your Minecraft house on top of the water. But if you have to contend with Drowned Zombies all the time, it’s a difficult task that may need lengthy submersion intervals.

You may, however, follow Random Steve Guy’s video guide to build a Minecraft survival house that floats over water.

As a result, all you have to worry about is creating a standard house from the ground up. We wish you the best of success as you attempt to build this house home in one go!

  • 4. Desert House

When it comes to creating a Minecraft home in survival mode, few houses choose to do it in a desert environment.

After all, it’s a mostly-desolated location where Husks don’t burn in the sunlight, and you cannot grow trees over Sand blocks.

However, there is still the opportunity to build an exceptional survival house. In this video lesson by Julious we get a terrific Minecraft survival house design utilizing Sandstone as the major material.

The Minecraft survival house template covers the inside and outdoor decorative scheme, which gives more than enough room to store your things and seek sanctuary for the night.

  • 3. Underground Base

We know that the majority of gamers like to construct their houses in natural settings where they can take in the surrounding scenery.

Digging a massive hole to bury your base underground, on the other hand, is something we consider to be rather enjoyable to do.

Having a glass roof over your head allows you to gaze up at the sky while remaining safe from hordes of violent mobs. It’s time to get your shovels ready and start digging!

  • 2. Medieval House

Survival gamers may choose to concentrate on exploring the terrain and strengthening their gear to battle bosses rather than investing too much time building their houses.

You don’t take a lot of time to establish the foundations and adorn its interior, and users may continually change as they see suitable. It’s a great house to live in, and we propose going further with a gorgeous garden around it to make it appear even nicer.

  • 1. Underwater Base

Constructing on the solid ground may be the first option for a survival house, but why not create a hidden hiding underwater?

It’s possible to construct a beautiful underwater base with a glass canopy that allows you to see the aquatic critters as they swim by, thanks to these Minecraft survival base plans from Zaypixel.

We highly recommend utilizing a potion of Water Breathing or installing a Conduit nearby to prevent suffocating whilst focusing on the project. We hope you’ll give it a try in your own Minecraft world!

Wrapping up

Survival mode is the most intriguing and appreciated mode in Minecraft. However, having a safe haven in Minecraft is critical if you want to make it through the game unscathed.

Using the above-mentioned Minecraft survival house blueprints, you can construct stunning houses that are safe and beautiful at the same time.

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