How to Turn Off Weather in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in which players construct buildings, mine for minerals, and go on adventures. This is a “survival game” in which you fight to remain alive in your own amazing, ever-changing environment.

You may also use this to explore your creative side and create anything you can dream of.

As has been noted in many sources, the runaway popularity of Minecraft is closely linked to the game’s first appearance in 2011, when Mojang sold over 150 million copies of the game.

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Since each new update offers a plethora of new features, Minecraft will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future.

The current version of Minecraft is the result of the game’s developers’ vision. Even when there are no new features, people still want fresh material.

In this online game, you and your friends may play together. You will need to sign in using a Microsoft Account if you wish to play with your pals on a server.

However, the login server of Minecraft and the Minecraft shop is now down. In Minecraft, there are no limits, thus players are free to do anything they want in the game.

Once participants are placed in the blocky gaming environment, the game starts. The players are allowed to engage in any actions they see necessary in order to stay alive in their surroundings.

Unfortunately, the servers have been having difficulties lately, and it is causing problems for the users, including the Minecraft Store not working

How to Turn Off Weather in Minecraft

Early in the game’s development cycle, the weather was added 12 years ago. In spite of being the first of these more complicated weather conditions to appear, the rain didn’t stay on top for long as many other alternatives began to appear, such as snowfall and thunderstorms.

Cheats are allowed in a world where weather customization is possible, allowing users to activate and deactivate rain as they see fit.

Permanently switching off the rain in Minecraft ensures that the weather will be sunny for the rest of the game.

Cheats must be enabled in your world if you wish to accomplish this. Since they’ll have to use a command to turn off rain in the game, this is because of rain in the game.

Permanently deactivating rain in Minecraft is accomplished by typing in the chat command “/gamerule doWeatherCycle false”.

The players may use the command: /gamerule doWeatherCycle true to turn rain back on.

How to make it stop Raining in Minecraft

Method 1: By enabling cheats

For Java Edition players,

Players must either be in creative mode or that cheats are enabled in the world or Minecraft Server they are playing on in order to alter the weather in Minecraft.

This step may be avoided if the cheats are already activated or if “creative mode” is available.

Enabling cheat support in the newest Java Edition of Minecraft is simple:

  • Step 1: Simply hit the ‘ESC’ key

  • Step 2: Select ‘Open to LAN.’

  • Step 3: Click on Allow Cheats

Once the ‘Allow Cheats’ button has been pressed

  • Step 4: Click on Start LAN

They may click ‘Start LAN World’ to begin.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition Players:

While the Cheats settings may be activated by simply going to the “Settings” menu, selecting the “Game” option, and switching the “Cheats” setting to “Enabled,” nevertheless, cheats cannot be enabled on Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

Method 2: Weather Command

Before players could utilize hacks, they could now change weather conditions using the /weather command.

Minecraft has a weather command, which players can use to modify weather settings.

Players may use the weather command to manage weather settings in Minecraft.

The players may enter /weather clear in order to turn the rain off. To change the weather, players may use the command /weather rain.

Also, typing /weather thunder will increase the frequency and severity of the downpour.

  • Command: /gamerule doWeatherCycle false


1. How to Disable rain in Minecraft

A command block would be used to program the weather to clear every day.

Using /weather clear 1000000 would set the weather to clean for one million seconds, but this method is not guaranteed to remain that way forever (about 11.6 real-time days).

Players can also try typing the command /gamerule doWeatherCycle false to disable rain permanently in Minecraft.

2. Why does it keep raining in Minecraft?

A rain timer that restarts when you go to sleep is there. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it rains just as you wake up, and other times it stops.

Alternatively, make a red stone clock with a command block linked up to “/weather clear 1000” and include it in the design (If it gets too much, just use a command block to change the clock to “/weather clear 1000”).

And yet, if you attempt to recall, you’ll find that you’ve reset the timer while you were asleep.

3. Why does Minecraft rain become snow?

When the temperature falls below 0.15 degrees Celsius, it will convert rain into snow. At altitudes greater than sea level, temperature decreases by 0.0016 °C every meter, resulting in freezing rain even if there is usually rain.

Other side effects resulting from rain:

Permanently deactivating rain in Minecraft is accomplished by typing in the chat command “/gamerule doWeatherCycle false”.

The players may use the command: /gamerule doWeatherCycle false to turn rain back on.

4. What is the weather in Minecraft?

A little change has been made to the way the weather is implemented in Minecraft. In this case, the effects are meant to partly mimic real-world phenomena.

There are many weather conditions, some of which can only be found in the Overworld. The weather may have both good and bad impacts on the ecosystem, such as making it either wetter or drier.

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