How to Turn Off Fall Damage in Minecraft

Minecraft is a simulated open-world video game in which players can dig, mine, build, create, and enchant different objects. The game is frequently referred to as a “sandbox game” because players may create their own worlds and experiences with truly limitless possibilities.

Unlike most video games, Minecraft allows you to control the game, and it even permits users to act as administrators and build their own coding/modding directly into the game!

According to many sources, Minecraft’s rapid growth can be traced back to the game’s initial release in 2011, when Mojang sold over 150 million copies.

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Minecraft will stay popular for the foreseeable future because each new update brings a plethora of new features.

Minecraft’s current version is the result of the game’s developers’ vision. People want fresh material even when there are no new features.

You and your friends may play this online game together. If you wish to play with your friends on a server, you must sign in using a Microsoft Account.

However, the Minecraft login server and the Minecraft shop are currently inaccessible. There are no limits in Minecraft, therefore players may do whatever they want in the game.

The game starts when participants are placed in the blocky gaming area. The players are allowed to engage in whatever actions they deem necessary to stay alive in their surroundings.

Falling from heights is something all Minecraft players dread. So, in this article, we will be talking about how to turn off Fall damage in Minecraft.

How to Turn Off Fall Damage in Minecraft

Follow the steps given below to turn off fall damage in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Enable Cheats

To activate this command first, you need to make sure you have cheats enabled. You can turn them on by pausing the game, click Open to LAN Enable Cheats and then start the LAN party.

  • Step 2: Go to the Chatbox

  • Step 3: Type in the Command

Command: /gamerule fallDamage false

You can now enter the command, so open the chat and type in the above-mentioned command, and press Enter.

If it says Game rule for damage set to false, then the command has worked correctly. If, however it says you do not have permission, then you’ve forgotten to enable cheats, so rewrite the tutorial and try again.

Likewise, if it says Invalid or unknown command, you’ve Typed the command out wrong.

It could be a simple spelling error that has stopped it from working, so double-check you’ve written the command out correctly and try again. We hope you found this tutorial helpful.

In the above segment, we have shown you an incredibly useful new command added in Update 115, also known as the Buzzy Bee update, which was recently released for both Java and Bedrock Edition.

The new command allows you to turn off full damage, meaning you can fall from any height you wish as many times as you like without taking any damage whatsoever is essentially like having fever-falling boots on all of the time. This is an incredibly useful command for players.

If you’re looking to play survival a little less seriously than usual, you can jump from extreme Hills, leap across ravines, and fall off end cities all about consequence. The command is to put the best use in these particular cases.

However, if you’re making a park or and don’t want your players to plunge to their death every time, they mess up a jump.

How to Use Minecraft Fall Damage Calculator

Fall damage is computed by measuring the distance fallen (in blocks). Precisely, Falling Damage =(number of blocks dropped x ½) – 1½.

This implies that you may comfortably drop 3 blocks at once without incurring damage. Leaping provides 1½ blocks worth of upward velocity, thus if you leap off another block, you can only fall one and a half blocks safely.

Ladders, water, and other blocks may alleviate this. Ladders can be used to cancel your momentum (and resetting your fall distance) and water since it’s water, and usually prevents falling damage in any video game that fails to simulate surface tension.

How to Reduce Fall Damage in Minecraft

  • 1. Feather Falling

It’s time for enchantment! Feather Falling is a boot enchantment that players may use to decrease fall damage.

The Feather Falling enchantment, unlike the Potion of Slow Falling, has no effect on falling speed.

It will decrease fall damage to the point where it will not kill people depending on how many blocks up, they are.

They will, however, sustain harm. Players may adjust the enchantment to decrease the number of hearts lost due to fall damage.

  • 2. Ender Pearl

When this is a popular method for reducing fall damage, players may suffer some damage while utilizing the Ender Pearl.

Ender Pearls may be obtained by killing Enderman. They have a 50% chance of dropping the item after being killed.

Ender Pearls may be thrown by players and transported to wherever they fall. However, after utilizing it, players will suffer one and a half to two hearts of damage.

It is a useful item to have while falling from a deadly drop, although it does not completely reduce fall damage.

  • 3. Water Bucket

Veteran Minecraft fans will know this approach as the traditional way for reducing fall damage. Players must create a bucket and fill it with water.

Keep your bucket nearby since it may come in useful in a life-threatening scenario.

If a player falls from a dangerous height, they may use the water bucket to rescue themselves.

If timed correctly, players should empty the bucket on the block they will land on, allowing the water to soften their fall and allow them to live.


1. Turn Off Fall Damage Minecraft

Type in the command: /gamerule fallDamage false to turn off Fall Damage Minecraft permanently.

If it displays Invalid or unknown command, you typed the command incorrectly. It’s possible that a minor spelling mistake has prevented it from functioning, so double-check that you’ve typed the command properly and try again.

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