Top 9 Weird Switch Games in 2023

For decades, Nintendo has been associated with entertaining the whole family with familiar and beloved characters. The Switch, which is home to the most recent editions of all its best-known brands, as well as giving meticulously curated versions of its iconic heritage titles and encouraging couch co-op play, is a fantastic illustration of this mentality.

Mario and Luigi are well known. We’re all familiar with Link and Zelda, but just like Hyrule, Nintendo has a shadowy side. Unbelievably, the Switch is a fantastic platform for some very sinister, macabre, twisted, or just plain-odd games that you have probably never heard of.

When opening the Switch eShop, the sheer quantity of games might be overwhelming, especially for casual Bowser, mean, browsers who might not have a specific game or genre in mind. Additionally, the “Genre” option only provides broad, all-inclusive headings like “Fighting,” “Educational,” and “Strategy.”

Here is our list of 9 weird Nintendo Switch games.

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9 Weird Nintendo Switch games

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  • 1. Pode


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Henchman & Goon, a Norwegian independent game development firm, created the cooperative puzzle game Pode.

Pode transports you to a world of rocks, caves, and vegetable landscapes where the two main characters, a sun and a shining crystal (one of whom will be you and the other player), must cooperate to solve puzzles by fusing their abilities. Pode has a visual style that is somewhat reminiscent of Pixar.

  • 2. No Thing

No Thing

A poor office worker is charged with communicating with the Queen of Ice in a future authoritarian state. This opening gambit may be the most sensible thing on offer here, as absurd as that may sound.

No Thing is more of a torture technique than a video game; it may even serve as retroactive community service for offenses that have yet to be committed.

Your sole control is to turn left or right as necessary as you race down one-dimensional rails between monochromatic buildings from a first-person perspective.

  • 3. PC Building Simulator: The Nerdiest

PC Building Simulator

In the strategy game PC Building Simulator, you may utilize all of your computing expertise to build a powerful gaming machine. The game includes two levels, a free mode and a time trial mode, where you may prove your expertise and obtain the ideal gaming PC by doing tasks like eradicating viruses, adding or deleting objects, purchasing used components, etc.

  • 4. Manual Samuel

Manuel Samuel

Manual Samuel is another game that doesn’t feature any terrifying graphics or psychological suffering, yet it nevertheless fully deserves to be on our list. After dying in a fairly gruesome accident, Samuel, a conceited, entitled child, strikes a pact with Death.

Samuel’s opportunity to recover his mortality depends on the player’s ability to keep him alive for a whole day. The control philosophy and gameplay loop of Manual Samuel will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has played the great Octodad.

  • 5. VA-11 Hall-a: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

weird Nintendo switch games

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In the intriguing simulation game Cyberpunk Bartender Action, you play the part of a barista who works in a venue where a variety of colorful personalities stop by for beverages. VA-11 HALL-A Your task will be to provide them with refreshments while listening to their individual stories.

The clientele of this odd cyborg-themed pub is based on supporting characters from movies that the writers did not create, according to the game’s creators, the Venezuelan firm Sukeban Games.

  • 6. Ski Sniper

weird Nintendo switch games

There aren’t any monsters or scary moments in Ski Sniper; this screwed-up is on another level entirely. The main idea is to get a good view position during a skiing competition and use a sniper rifle to try to take out the ski jumpers as they enjoy their sport.

Given the nature of ski jumping and how quickly the athletes have carried down the slopes, missing your objective is simple.

Hold your breath, though, and if you time your shot perfectly, the vision will change from the common sniper reticle used by shooters worldwide to a zoomed-in, slowed-down perspective of the bullet as it approaches its target.

  • 7. Untitled Goose Game

weird Nintendo switch games

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Untitled Goose Game, which was released in September 2019, generated a lot of hype despite having straightforward graphics and gameplay. In essence, the goal of this game, which stars a cute and clumsy goose as the main character, is to make life a little more challenging for those who live in a quiet English town.

You will accomplish this by breaking into their homes, robbing them of their possessions, hurling things at them, and, most importantly, driving them insane with your incessant squawking and fleeing before they can capture you. A funny game called Untitled Goose Game is quite enjoyable.

  • 8. The Count Lucanor

weird Nintendo switch games

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Young Hans ventures off by himself into the woods because he is weary of his way of life and being destitute. The farther the player immerses himself in Hans’ story, the stranger and darker things grow as he makes his way further into the forest and meets odd creatures and people.

Similar to Uncanny Valley, the straightforward pixel graphic aesthetic is a jarring contrast to the terror contained inside.

Hans must work out riddles to figure out the name of a mystery Kobold that resembles a vampire or an imp, earning him the renowned title of Count Lucanor.

  • 9. West of Loathing

weird Nintendo switch games

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A game called West of Loathing blends a complicated storyline with meme-like visuals that seem like kid’s doodling. Characters must complete a variety of activities (duels being only one of them) and live in the cowboy world that developer Zack Johnson has created. This game’s extensive conversation and in-depth narration will draw you deeper into the plot.

That’s all for today’s article on the 9 weird Nintendo switch games.  Do check out all the sections and know you should know which one is the best for you. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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