(2023) Top 10 Best Games like Arsenal in Roblox

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:53 pm

Roblox is a popular forum for playing games and making games online, enabling individuals to make their own games and play a wide range of games made by other users.

The app is the largest visiting network since the onset of the epidemic in 2020 and is responsible for over 160 million active monthly users. It is a free game-making platform running on all phones, laptops, pcs, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and more in a proprietary software named Roblox Studio for players to develop and post their original games to the international society.

There are not a lot of free games that offer full first-person shooter experiences. If you’re on PC, mobile, or Xbox, here are the FPS titles you need to play first on Roblox. So, let’s dig into our list.

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Top 10 games like Arsenal in Roblox

  • 1. Bad Business

bad business
Source: Roblox

Bad Business is one of the noteworthy few which works hard to make users neglect they’re playing Roblox. The game has its own in-depth development scheme, a popular loadout construction framework, and a lot of skins for the participants to complete challenges.

It’s indeed team-based, but even so, anticipate many others to disregard trying to capture objectives as kills are far more advantageous for leveling up.

  • 2. BIG Paintball!

big paintball
Source: Roblox

BIG Paintball is a love of fans who prefer light-hearted shooters! The practical weapons and premises of contemporary shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield are gone. The teams are instead thrown into imaginative arenas and compete against the opponent’s team with numerous variants of paintball weapons.

The distinctive dynamics of BIG Paintball! are what truly make this FPS stand out. Movement is quick, opponents are “tagged” rather than “killed,” and spawning back into the game is as fast as tapping the spacebar.

Every tag and challenge finished acquires the player currency for long-term unlockable content, that should certainly be exploited. There’s no wonder BIG Paintball! was a 2019 Award Winner

  • 3. RBB! Island Royale

Fortnite fans would easily recognize the notion of RBB! Island Royale. Like the most famous Battle Royales, participants come down on a dangerous Island and collect resources and equipment with nothing more than a pickax. Once fitted, everybody must duke it out until just one player stands triumphant.

The amazing construction mechanics of Island Royale lead to intensive fights that go beyond basic weapons. Gun players are disadvantaged by players who can create and achieve higher ground effectively.

RBB! Island Royale is full of wonderful material, above Battle Royale mode. From Weekly Challenges, Badge Unlocks, Stats, and Leader boards, there is plenty of competitive play offered free of charge.

  • 4. Phantom Forces

phantom forces
Source: Roblox

Phantom Forces offers a traditional multiplayer FPS experience. With 4 classes to pick from and what would seem like an infinite number of loadouts to activate, Phantom Forces is devoted to allowing players to personalize their competitive gameplay experience.

This game works in a way that allows the server to vote on which game map and mode will come next. There seem to be 7 categories of game modes in Phantom Forces: Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, Kill Confirmed, Capture the Flag, Gun Game, and Infection.

Phantom Forces is updated regularly, with equalizing tweaks, Holiday game modes, fresh maps, and much more. If people are looking to drop into a match for a rapid couple of matches, Phantom Forces is presently the FPS to play.

  • 5. The Wild West

The Wild West puts players in a huge western universe which enables for several role-playing possibilities. As a cowboy, you can Rob for oneself or as an Outlaw mostly on the run. Or, if you are on the side of law and order try to track down those villainous Outlaws for some huge benefits. Throughout this game, the moral decisions are all yours.

Besides playing cowboy, players can even discover deserts, mountains, and much more. Look after the unusual prey for hunting and collecting gold as you explore. There are plenty of guns, handguns, rifles, and grenades, which help you in the wild.

The Wild West, as if this is not enough, is primed for more material to include, and in upcoming updates, even more camps and environments.

  • 6. Call of Roblox

This is not the Call of Duty experience you may assume it is, however it is reminiscent of the franchise’s Campaign mode. In this, users can generate loadouts and storm coastline to go after waves of opponents with several players by their side. Even for a Roblox game, the landscape is well built, and many trenches, houses, and hills can be used to fire from strategically.

  • 7. Military Combat Tycoon

military combat tycoon
Source: Roblox

This first-person shooter is significantly different from all the others, as the primary objective is to maximize the base size of your squad. With even more accumulated kills, your squad would also obtain access to tanks, helicopters, and funds to construct new rooms for your secret base.

The map can be regarded too large for some, as driving to enemy bases can take minutes, but it’s still perfect for those bringing along a big group of friends.

  • 8. Counter Blox

For players who favor more competitive team-based shooting games, Counter Blox is a must-play game. The whole game most accurately describes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its previous incarnations. And boy, does the ROLVe Community simulate it well.

Counter Blox compels two teams of 5 against each other: The Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists. Terrorist players must plant and explode the explosive or kill the whole opposition squad to win the round. Either the whole terrorist squad must be removed before the bomb was planted, or the terrorists must be eliminated with enough time to disperse the bomb.

  • 9. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising delivers a palate-cleansing from the classic multi-player shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Conversely, a modest team of people must operate together just to stop as many swarms of zombies. In either Normal or Hard difficulties, teams must sustain as many sessions (or waves) as feasible whilst also blasting those dangerous zombies to pieces.

This game, nevertheless, goes over and beyond merely dumping gamers into horde mode. Prior to actually deploying into a game, gamers can personalize their avatar’s appearance. The mods and skins can also be unlocked, changing the gameplay and giving the player more control.

  • 10. Polybattle

Polybattle seems to be for all those who are devoted to formats like Modern Warfare’s Ground War. The game focuses on two countries that fight to get the five major bases controlled on one of the enormous outdoor maps.

Like its origin, players can anticipate from the beginning of the game a range of vehicles and firearms. The only drawback may well be the aiming, as the sensitivity possibilities don’t alter the camera’s pace by that much.

That was our compilation of some of the best games on Roblox which are similar to Arsenal. These FPS games will surely be fun and exciting. So, go ahead and try them out.

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