Top 12 Games like Tower of Hell (2023)

Roblox is a special forum for the making of games and a framework for the production and coding of games that are playable by other people and vice-versa. Roblox is enjoyed by both children and adults alike, and the platform offers a ton of games to choose from.

Several of its prevalent franchises are total rip-offs of pre-established, already existing and more popular industrially created games that the mainstream audiences play on home consoles.

The overwhelming majority of Roblox games are far below standards and are quite annoying. That is why today we continue with our Top 12 Roblox collection yet again in this article.

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Top 12 games like Tower of Hell in Roblox

  • 1. Parkour Tower

Parkour Tower roblox
Source: Twitter

One of the most unique things which people might like about this game is you can choose to play a casual or a competitive game mode. However, the choice is entirely yours. It is quite a cool feature which lets you what kind of difficulty you want to play in.

When you are in the game you notice it’s a pretty big tower. Some of the cool things which the game has are Flag crates in the shop which serve as a teleporting feature that enables you to go and teleport to a particular spot in case you fall or you just want to.

This game also allows you to ghost players, mute player effects and turn off sidebar details and choose your preferred game mode as well. All in all, it’s a very nice game to play.

  • 2. Treacherous Tower

Treacherous Tower Roblox
Source: Medium

This game is also similar to Tower of Hell but has its own unique features. One of the distinct features of this game is that the tower will not restart until 3 people have completed it. The game doesn’t have any time limitations whatsoever.

One of the added cool features this game has about it is that certain stages will be modified within a set amount of time and as soon as that stage is changed then people start going to another section which is helpful in case players find themselves stuck in some particular section.

  • 3. Corridor of Hell

Corridor of hell
Source: Gamepur

This game is quite similar to Tower of Hell except for the fact that this game is played sideways instead of vertically in the case of Tower of Hell. This game has a truckload of features in it which make it so appealing to all the players out there.

It has so many leaderboards that if you play a little you can find your name on one of the leaderboards which are pretty cool. It also has the ability to store all your stats like Money, wins, time played, XP deaths, and much more for completing one of the corridors. Also, the shop provides players with a lot of accessories and power-ups.

  • 4. Tower of Dread

Tower of Dread is a round-based hurdle track Roblox game established by Staysail Records and influenced by Tower of Hell and Treacherous Tower. The aim of the game is to climb up a tower made up of completely random portions.

A tower composed mainly of 6 colored parts is generated at variance in every round. The pieces are also positioned in such a way that bits can be skipped. The timer doubles as a player hit the top of the tower. There is an in-game store for players to buy different things. If you own a VIP server you can use the command /skip to skip a tower.

  • 5.Tower of The Obby

Tower of The Obby is an obby series developed by Staysail Records and motivated by Tower of Hell. The story revolves about trying to complete obbies in brief phases.

Each stage begins at the base of a small tower with many hurdles. Whenever a stage is finished, the gamer translocates to the base of the next stage.

Even though influenced by Tower of Hell, the game doesn’t really showcase an extended tower, a timer, or randomization.

  • 6. Tower Stressful

Tower Stressful is a round-based obby software developed by Grupo do TH. The goal of the match is to make it to the top of a bright, randomly produced tower made up of obby pieces. It can be regarded as a rip-off of the Tower of Hell.

Just at beginning of each ten-minute session, participants are transported to the start of a super tall, brightly colored tower composed of 6 obby segments. The game has talent points and no checkpoints in the same way as Tower of Hell. The timer doubles when a player hits the top.

  • 7. Roblox Parkour

Roblox Parkour
Source: Roblox Wikia – Fandom

The maximum height in the game is the Crest Tower, which already indicates its complexity. There is no platform between the floors at Crest Tower, suggesting that just basic movement makes it very difficult to scale the Tower.

Now many players will be using a blend of SLJ, springs, and wall-climb boosts to ascend it. Very easy to see with a high graphic setting everywhere. The game consists of several towers with various ‘stages,’ which are surrounded by narrow ledges. They are all the same height, except the top few.

  • 8. Boost Vector

Boost Vector is a parkour game crafted by asmanwoks and published in December 16, 2018. The whole game has you stay competitive against all other players in a race to emerge victoriously. There are 3 major types of maps, Main, the ones players are playing most of the time, Single-player, tutorial and event maps, and Other, maps with no clear primary objective for the player besides just stumbling around. Boost Vector isn’t the most beginner-friendly, and requires a few pro-player tricks that help avoid falls and have better times.

  • 9. The Doom Wall 2: Burst

The game suggests a clear effect of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, including its parkour and level architecture incorporating many Sonic dynamics, such as grinding rails. A standard session includes players spawning onto a map in a confined environment that opens after 10 seconds.

They then must run towards to the end whilst also attempting to avoid dangerous objects and pitfalls that can reduce health and even KO runners with one shot. If a player wins by finishing, up to 20 points will be earned on the basis of his placing. Points can be spent on the customization of Binders, Hats, and special effects.

  • 10. Deathrun

It is a competitive Endurance event game. In Deathrun, people can either perform as a Runner or the randomly chosen Killer. The Runner’s aim is to reach the end of the racecourse by avoiding, dodging, or sustaining traps the Killer triggers. The aim of the killer is to destroy all the runners who are trying to achieve their goal.

The game is developed by Team Deathrun, with the lead designer of Team Deathrun being Wsly. Numerous developers have made a significant contribution of content to the game, with a total of 10 community-built maps added to the game to date.

  • 11. Arena: Tower Defense

Arena: Tower Defense

Play this tower defense game amid the post-apocalypse and defend yourself against the approaching void zombies. You have a choice of two towers when you first begin. By choosing your own layout, you may unlock more as you play and try to survive as many rounds as you can.

  • 12. Action Tower Defense

Action Tower Defense

This is your opportunity to play a tower defense game up close and personal. As you ward off the bothersome attackers, new towers and barricades will become available to help you defend your fortress.

Well, that was our list of some of the most fun and exciting games which are similar to Tower of Hell in Roblox. Be sure to try those games out and we hope you enjoy them.

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