How to get Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft

Minecraft‘s success has had a significant impact on the multi-player video game business.

In today’s violent and murderous world, a game about creating and exploring would be more intriguing than my greatest dreams.

Many more elements have been added throughout the years to make this a timeless classic. You have access to an endless amount of resources when in Creative mode, enabling you to accomplish anything.

You’ll be able to travel to other planets and explore new areas in Survival mode.

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Building a fortress or collecting weapons might be used to protect oneself from the invasion of monsters.

It’s considerably simpler to delegate when on vacation than it is to attempt to accomplish everything yourself.

You may play with a group of pals and compete against them on a single server or even on your own planet.

More content was regularly added as the game progressed.

Minecraft users may customise and even entirely control the game by using code/modification.

This game is playable on a wide range of devices and platforms. There are many options for resolving your issue, including the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphone, iPad, and Raspberry Pi, which are some of the most popular gaming platforms.

In Minecraft, you may interact with and even modify a world made of cubic metres. The following are examples of ecological phenomena; however, they are not exhaustive.

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Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted Golden Apples are difficult to find and cloaked in mysteries, yet their various advantages may be immensely valuable.

The Enchanted Golden Apple is one of Minecraft’s most recognizable consumables. In-game lore refers to this item as either the “Notch Apple” or the “God Apple.”

Enchanted Golden Apples are some of the strangest Minecraft goods and in spite of their usefulness, not that many gamers are conscious of what they would accomplish.

Knowing how scarce they are, it appears that users are scared to swallow an Enchanted Golden Apple that implies its consequences are not organically disclosed.

Notwithstanding all this, this dietary item may be incredibly valuable under particular conditions.

Players who question how to collect Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft, as well as their usage, would not have to search any further as our post would enlighten them all.

How to acquire enchanted golden apple in Minecraft

Method 1: Exploring

Getting an Enchanted Golden Apple is incredibly tough. These could only be encountered in the specific locations:

  • Dungeon Chest (3.1%)
  • Mineshaft Chest (1.4%)
  • Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest (6.5%)
  • Desert Temple Chest (2.6%)
  • Ruined Portal Chest (1.5%)
  • Woodland Mansion Chest (3.1%)

As viewers could see, the chances of discovering an Enchanted Golden Apple are exceedingly low throughout the board.

In any of the aforementioned circumstances, it may merely spawn in stacks of one.

Method 2: Command

The Enchanted Golden Apple may be given to players using the /give command. The grammar for every edition is below.

  • Java

/give <PlayerName> enchanted golden apple <Amount>

  • Bedrock

/give “PlayerName” enchanted golden apple <Amount>

How to utilise Golden Enchanted Apples Minecraft

Although Golden Enchanted Apples aren’t the most helpful item in the game, these may be life-saving in some scenarios.

The Golden Enchanted Apple’s most typical application is during high-intensity events such as a boss battle or PVP scenario.

Some PVP players prefer to consume Golden Enchanted Apples before entering into an equally matched combat.

Here are the statistics for the Golden Enchanted Apple:

  • Absorption IV – 2 minutes
  • Regeneration II – 30 seconds
  • Fire Resistance I – 5 minutes
  • Resistance I – 5 minutes

Horses’ development and taming prospects may be improved by breeding with Enchanted Golden Apples.

Furthermore, these apples may be used to make a “Thing” flag pattern, that could be put to a Banner inside of a Loom (shown above) (seen above).

Piglins are enamoured with the Gold Apple and would rush to get one if it falls to the ground.

How to make Golden Enchanted Apples Minecraft

As being one of the game’s most powerful goods, Enchanted Golden Apples have been around since version 1.3.

There is an excellent reason for this since it gives an incredible amount of favourable advantages for your character. The only issue is the high price.

Enchanted Golden Apples, regrettably, are not craftable. The only way to gain them is via discovering them in a world-generated chest, console instructions, or via your personal inventory.

For one of two reasons, this revelation surprises several gamers.

Either they are seasoned players who played Minecraft before version 1.9 when Enchanted Golden Apples became craftable, or they were ignorant that these apples vary from the lesser, craftable Golden Apples.

How to acquire a Golden Apple Minecraft

An Apple and eight gold nuggets may be combined to create a Golden Apple.

Remember to place the apple in the middle of the manufacturing table and the remainder of the gold nuggets along with it.

That is all there is to know about Golden Enchanted Apples in Minecraft. Find out how to get and craft golden enchanted apples Minecraft.

Follow the methods suggested above to get more Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft. We hope this article solves most of your queries and helps you get the items you were looking for.

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