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Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary right now. Season 11 of Call of Duty mobile has been around since over a couple of weeks. Players still haven’t managed to unlock the plethora of rewards, unlockable content. The Season 11 Anniversary update brought along with it overwhelming content, to say the least.

Ever since its release, Call of Duty Mobile has become one of the most popular FPS games on the mobile platform. The realistic graphics and the fast-paced gameplay have made it quite popular. Players are grinding more than ever to reach the Legendary tier, unlock all rewards and make it to the Leaderboards.


To do that, one must have good control over the settings and sensitivity of the game. The controls and settings of Call of Duty mobile are quite easy to understand. When you have had the gist of how the game looks and works you can quickly change the game according to you. We have actively researched the different modes of the game, and the various game settings, to make this process easier for you.

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Call of Duty Mobile iFerg Sensitivity Settings

Before we get into the technicalities, we would like you to know that Ferg is a professional Call of Duty Player and has been into FPS gaming since quite some time. Moreover, Ferg uses an iPad. On the iPad, he uses a six-finger claw setup. We know that not all the players out there use 6 finger claw set up. So, it is advised that the players try out their own settings and sensitivity. This way they can mould the sensitivity of the game according to their needs.

Having said that let’s get into it.


Since the Controls section of the game forms the backbone of the game, we have come up with some of the most efficient control settings.

We recommend players to go for the Advanced Mode. This way they can make sure that they have full manual control over the firing of their weapon. Unlike the Simple mode, they don’t have to wait for the crosshairs to get aligned completely with the enemy to fire.

Under the Shooting mode in Advanced Mode, after going through various trial runs in various multiplayer modes, we have come up with some of the most efficient shooting modes.

For 2 – finger Claw setup:

  • SMG – ADS
  • LMG -ADS

For 3+ finger claw setup:

  • SMG – HIP
  • LMG -HIP

iFerg Sensitivity Settings

The Sensitivity settings are perhaps the trickiest settings to figure out. Get it right and enemies won’t stand a chance against you. However, getting it wrong may lead to frustration and rage quits.

Best Sensitivity Settings iFerg



Camera Sensitivity:

  • Third Person Sensitivity: 85-95
  • FPP View Turning Sensitivity: 70-80
  • Optics: 90 – 100
  • Tactical Scope Sensitivity: 55-65
  • 3x Tactical Scope: 55-60
  • 4x Tactical Scope: 45-50
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity: 45-55

Firing Sensitivity:

  • Third Person Sensitivity: 85-95
  • FPP View Turning Sensitivity: 70-80
  • Optics: 90 – 100
  • Tactical Scope Sensitivity: 65-70
  • 3x Tactical Scope: 60-65
  • 4x Tactical Scope: 50-55
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity: 45-55


Camera Sensitivity:

  • Third-person sensitivity: 80-85
  • FPP view turning sensitivity: 70-80
  • Optics: 90-100
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 80-90
  • 3x tactical scope: 65-75
  • 4x tactical scope: 60-70
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 45-55

Firing sensitivity:

  • Third-person sensitivity: 80-85
  • FPP view turning sensitivity: 70-80
  • Optics: 90-100
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 70-80
  • 3x tactical scope: 55-65
  • 4x tactical scope: 55-65
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 40-45

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For us to create the perfect sensitivity setting would take a miracle. But what we can do is tell you how to make the sensitivity settings most efficient. The best way to figure out what settings fit well for you is to attempt to train your AI enemies around the above simple settings to find the correct environment. The sensitivity settings are purely relative, and players can dress them up as comfortable as possible.

iFerg’s sensitivities are all a touch towards the higher end. This is because years of playing FPS games has given him super-fast reflexes and because of that, he is used to manoeuvring at lightning-fast speeds across the map, making mid-air 180 degree turns and taking down enemies.

Figure out the sensitivity settings which suits you the most and you might be able to perform such feats too.


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