How to play Jailbreak on Roblox (Jailbreak guide)

Jailbreak is a roleplaying game in which prisoners evade from some kind of penitentiary and flee from the law enforcement When a prisoner manages to escape, they are able to wander the area, travel across the desert, rob a bank or come up with a whole new way of playing.

The game bears an uncanny resemblance to the Grand Theft Auto series, especially with the potential to rob sites such as banks. Nevertheless, the material was tailored to be playable for kids and to adhere to Roblox‘s Terms of Service.

For a game to develop prominence, it would need to have great replay worth.  Jailbreak has chosen to take that element of product design and taken it seriously with many unlockable characteristics and prizes such as safes, vehicle skins, and in-game credits

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most efficient tips and tricks that might help you get an edge over the opponents and emerge victoriously.

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How to play Jailbreak on Roblox:

Jailbreak offers players a choice to pick between which character to play from. Players can either choose to play the role of the prisoner who tries to escape or the role of the cops who try to fail the escape attempt of the prisoners.

Playing as the Prisoner

You initially begin in a cell where you’ll have to sit tight for 15 seconds to get out of there. Once you’re out you abide by the rules or you break free. You first go near the entrance and smash the box numerous times and then the gate would also open. After you get inside it there is another gate.

Be sure that an officer isn’t around because if you’re detained, you have to restart all over again. Then you’ll have to unlock the door and from there slither underneath in order to really get through it undetected.

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Then there’s another entrance at which you can find police cars or a burrow underneath the ledge in which you can climb under and get through without being noticed. Once you do that you’re outside! When you get outdoors make absolutely sure a vehicle is in close proximity so you can drive the car.

Attempt to take the vehicle to get it to the criminal’s stronghold and get firearms and go back to the cop’s head office. Once you’re there snatch their card by pressing for holding it in mobile. Users can rob banks once they manage to pick-pocket the card.

If you’d like an additional firearm kill a police officer so they will drop a weapon. You could also use the vehicle to get it to the cop’s firearm location after which you can pick a shotgun for quicker killing. And after that, you get out cautiously then start driving to the police station positioned on the map.


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Once you’re there ensure you have to key card so you could get in there and just go all the way to the top to the helicopter then you can fly to the city to burgle banks or rob all sorts of items.

Tips whilst playing as The Prisoner:

  • Use the third-person view: This allows you to see all around yourself and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Take advantage of the environment to escape Police: Climb up mountains and go in circles around buildings to lose the trailing police.
  • Try getting your hands on a key card: It may sound difficult but can be achieved with a little bit of strategizing.

Playing as the COP

Your priority is to retain the detainees from attempting to escape. You can kill them if they are aggressive. Murdering innocent civilians or handcuffing innocent civilians will give you opportunities and you’ll be sent off to prison with the inmates.


The inmate who burglarized the most and has the largest bounty is all police aim in the database you’re in. If you apprehend the individual with the greatest pay-out, you will be compensated based on how large the bounty is.

If inmates kill themselves, they will be spawned straight to their base. If they have been killed or arrested or assassinated when you just ended up getting out, they would be sent to jail again. You should purchase a firearm that can help execute inmates.

Tips whilst playing as the COP:

  • Camp out at the jail front: This location seems to be the only way of escaping for inmates, with the exception of the sewage system and the exploding wall (which makes quite a lot of commotion). Just carry your handcuffs and sit tight for them.
  • Start practicing your weapon aim: Consider going to the Shooting Range in the small city only with the Doughnut Shop for efficient exercise. You can also shoot criminals to low health so that they become weaker and it becomes difficult for them to escape.
  • Use tranquilizer gun wisely: It’s a solid solution, but it does have some drawbacks. It takes a very long time to reload, which would end up making your likelihood of tasing and apprehending the inmate take longer, differing on how much you actually rely on it.

Some general suggestions:

  • Make sure to purchase car upgrades: Instead of wasting money on buying bigger and meaner vehicles, use the money to buy better engines which will help in making your car faster than others. Faster vehicles will ultimately help you in the long run.
  • Make sure to keep your vehicle locked: Unless you want other players to take joy rides in your vehicle ensure it is locked at all times.

The above-mentioned compilation is a list of some of the most efficient tips and tricks to go about playing Jailbreak in Roblox. Be sure to follow them to have a smoother and hassle-free gaming experience in either of the modes. We sure hope this guide serves its purpose and you end up getting an edge over other players in the game.

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