How to use Recon perk in COD Mobile

Since its debut in October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile is currently in its 14th season. For every season until now the players have been fascinated and awestruck. It is also fair to assume that COD Mobile deserves the status as one of the best mobile FPS games.

Well, it has been so many Seasons, however, Activision doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas and new things to implement in COD Mobile with each passing season. That is precisely one of the main reasons why COD Mobile garners the attention of so many players from across the world.

Season 2 of COD Mobile is just around the corner. In the Season 2 Test Servers, our team had come across a new perk that is all set to be released in the next season. It’s the Recon Perk. In this article, we will be talking about how to use this perk.

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How to use Recon perk in COD Mobile:

The Recon perk is a Green perk in COD Mobile. When a player has equipped the Recon perk then, when he ends up killing an adversary, other opponents in the proximity of the slain opponent get scanned and are displayed as red dots on the mini-map.

Since it is a Green Perk, players will probably have to compromise and give up on the cold-blooded perk. However, once you get the gist of how the perk works, you will realize that the trade-off is definitely worth it.

Let’s get into the technicalities of the Recon perk. If you have the Recon perk equipped and you shoot down an enemy, then from the center of the dead enemy position on the mini-map, a circle emerges and it keeps increasing in diameter for a short while. The point at which the circle stops growing any further is the area that was scanned on the mini-map.

recon perk season 2 cod mobile
Source: ItzDru

If there are any enemies within the circle then they will get highlighted on the map instantly and you can now be prepared for all kinds of ambush.

To use the Recon perk, players might have to rely on their peripheral vision sometimes. So, we would suggest players position the mini-map in such a place on the HUD from where it can be easily visible and you can instantly get ready to attack a successive enemy.

Since the Recon Perk will be acting as a pseudo-UAV, we would suggest you not equip the UAV in your loadout and go for some other scorestreak like the Counter-UAV.

That is pretty much everything to get you started on the Recon Perk. You can try the perk out when it gets released. As of now the Recon perk’s status shows locked. It will soon be released in Season 2 of COD Mobile. So, get ready for this fantastic perk.

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