(2023) How to say ‘Discord’ in Roblox without tags

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:26 pm

Roblox‘s chat function, which is accessible on most platforms, is one of the nicest aspects of the game since it enables players to speak with other people who are playing the game at the same time they are.

You may communicate with the other users by typing on your keyboard rather than joining a call with them, so you are not even required to be in the same room as them.

The vast majority of online games now have this functionality, which serves a crucial function. However, due to the fact that Roblox is primarily a game aimed at children, there are a variety of issues about censorship that arise while using the text chat feature.

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Here’s some background on one of these censoring issues, as well as a handful of workarounds.

Why can’t I say ‘Discord’ in Roblox?

Short Answer: The safety of Roblox’s players was the primary consideration behind the company’s decision to exclude the usage of the term “Discord” inside its games.

A large portion of Roblox’s primary user population consists of youngsters or, at the very least, younger individuals, however, there are plenty of more adult Roblox players.

This is not a fresh issue, nor is it in any way the responsibility of the game’s producers; frauds have been going on for a long time in a variety of games. It’s simply the way the gaming industry has been in current times, but a lot of precautions have been made, especially with regard to social media, to protect younger gamers from being conned or used in any manner.

Roblox has banned the promotion of numerous other social networks and external platforms, including the popular chat service Discord. Also prohibited is any discussion between users of any third-party or social media sites like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc.

With so many users chatting through text on Roblox and no way for the creators to regulate the content being sent and received, it’s for the best that the developers implement some limits. However, this may be quite frustrating for more seasoned players who just want to bring up the topic of third-party platforms and social networking sites in a mature and respectful way.

In fact, above and beyond the possibility for younger audiences to be adversely impacted (possibly), the Roblox programmers plainly do not wish to encourage the usage of Discord to any of its largely younger viewers at all. This is because the minimum age requirement to use the Discord platform is at least 13 in every country.

How to say Discord in Roblox without tags

To ensure that younger users of Roblox feel safe and secure, tags are often utilized to obscure any potentially offensive language. To sum up, Roblox’s chat filtering mechanism makes use of tags to change potentially offensive phrases to the hash symbol.

The inability to input the term “Discord” and then have it sent to other players is one of the most frustrating aspects of the Roblox chat feature. One must give the creators credit for having a cause that is at least somewhat noble as the impetus behind this.

Roblox is designed to ensure that its users, the great majority of whom are minors, are prevented from exchanging or accessing any information that might potentially be detrimental to their well-being. Players won’t be allowed to use bad words in Roblox chats as they are considered inappropriate for minors.

The game has banned the use of Discord in an effort to protect its younger players from potential harm since the developers have no way of monitoring the content of messages sent or received by players.

This limitation is especially frustrating since it prevents long-time players from learning more about the younger people they’ve had the pleasure of playing with and whom they would want to continue interacting with in the future via means such as voice chat or friend requests.

Fortunately, there are a few sneaky workarounds that allow you to type Discord in Roblox despite the limitations that are in place.

Method 1: Changed Spelling

A word may be spelled in a variety of ways by the players without affecting how it is spoken, and they have the option to replace some letters with numbers or symbols that seem close to those letters. Here’s a tip, though: if your autocorrect or spelling checker suggests “Discord” as a replacement, the two words are too close together. You may try altering it so that Roblox does not recognize it. 

Discord may be typed in the Roblox chat by using a combination of letters and numbers that spell out phrases like “Dismcord” and others that are similar in meaning. This will prevent Roblox from censoring the term in the future, allowing you to go on with your conversation.

You are free to utilize any of the several spellings that are available for Discord until the other user is able to comprehend what it is that you are attempting to communicate.

There is an alternative method to type “Discord” in the Roblox chat by inserting numbers in between the Discord characters. One possible representation of the name “Discord” is “D1$K0rDe.” In this manner, Roblox will be unable to recognize the Roblox term once again.

If you want to keep the Discord word from being picked up by Roblox chat, you may disguise it using symbols. The symbol-filled version of the word Discord looks such as this one. For example, “D!sc*rde,” “D!SK0wD,” “TH!SCH*RDE,” and so on.

Within the Roblox chat, you have the ability to transmit your message via the use of a wide variety of different symbols, letters, and word combinations.

The following are alternative expressions that may be used in place of “discord” in written text:

  • Dis_choRde

  • Di$Gord

  • D!skode

  • Thisgawd

  • Di$k0rrde

It’s important to note that certain variations could also be picked up as “discord” and prohibited, so you might have to test a few things until you discover anything that stays — provided that others understand what you’re trying to communicate, of course.

There is a good chance that younger viewers of Roblox who come across these multiple forms of “discord” will either be unable to understand the word properly (taking into account all of the many symbols and spelling modifications) or will interpret it without recognizing it as being associated with the Discord platform.

Thus, you may communicate effectively with the older user without worrying about the message being overheard by the younger generation of gamers.

Method 2: Include the Discord link in your description

The alternative method to spell “Discord” is one that requires little effort and can be learned quickly. However, rather than having fleeting conversations regarding it in the text chat, it is more beneficial for gamers who wish to welcome others to their Discord.

To use this approach, just add your Discord ID to the section labeled “Game Description” or “Group Description” and type in “Discord” or a version thereof. This way, you can always direct the other user to your descriptions without ever having to use the word “Discord” in a chat window.

It will make it easier for the other player to follow the link immediately, and you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you mean without having your words censored by Roblox’s in-game chat. Thankfully, the creators of Roblox have considered the possibility of negative outcomes and included safeguards to keep younger users safe.

The fact remains that many Roblox users have good intentions when it comes to mentioning Discord in-game and that there are several workarounds available to them if they so want to use their imagination.

Method 3: Use a predefined code

When chatting with friends on Roblox about the Discord app, players may use predefined codes, words, or phrases to signify the same.

The conversation should flow smoothly, with both parties understanding one another. Without explicitly saying “Discord” in the game, you and your Roblox buddies should now be able to interact with one another using the widely used application.

You won’t have to deal with any complications while using this approach, making it one of the most convenient ways to use Discord in the game.

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