Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Belle’s Rock’ in Brawl Stars

Season 6 of Brawl Stars managed to bring along with it a tonne of goodies like new mythic and chromatic brawlers, skins, maps, modes, and much more. This PvP game has amused players all over the world.

The all-new Knockout feature has drawn Brawl Stars to up an entirely new level. The Team deathmatch–inspired Knockout mode has somewhat made an appeal to the action-seeking brawl stars gamers from all over the globe.

Conquer the opposition team in a best of three Knockout round match! Be careful: vanquished Brawlers remain out for the remainder of every round.

If the clock runs out, the squad with the most Brawlers still very much in-game ends up winning the round. If tied in Brawlers, the squad that dealt the maximum damage to adversaries ends up winning. The first team to win 2 sets wins the tournament.

Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Belle’s Rock’ in Brawl Stars

Mr PMr. P projects a modestly healthy home base. This can be thrown wherever within a short range from Mr. P. The home base is static and restores Robo-porters with a relatively lower percentage of health and damage to help Mr. P and his accomplices. The porters drive sensibly quickly forward towards the nearest objective and halt and shoot with moderately fast shots once they get inside the objective territory.

The Robo transporters can keep on spawning until the home is annihilated. Mr. P’s first Star Power, Handle With Care, empowers his main attack to ricochet toward the finish of its degree. His subsequent Star Power, Revolving Door, spawns his porters when the present is destroyed.

  • 9. AMBER

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Amber is by all accounts an extraordinary brawler for Knockout in light of her long-range and her Super which can pulverize bushes. With Amber’s Wild Flames Star Power alongside her Fire Starter Gadget, she could start charging her Super while utilizing her Gadget behind the safeguard of a divider and start charging her Super with her Star Power. When Amber has her super-powered up, she could even set it behind the dividers of the adversaries to wreck the hedges

  • 8. COLT

coltHe has a somewhat limited amount of health and has a more prominent impact result. He discharges an aggregate of 6 shots each assault, and those shots do have an extremely extensive range His Super is practically identical to his main assault, however, it shoots an extra long-range shot of twelve gunshots that can obliterate impediments and pierce through the entirety of the foes.

His first Gadget, Speedloader, quickly stacks up 2 ammo in his ammo bar. His subsequent gadget, Silver Bullet, transforms his next assault into a single, two-projectile penetrating shot, that additionally obliterates the safeguard.

  • 7. CROW

best brawlers for super city rampageCrow tosses three long-range spears out before him simultaneously in a little however observable spread. These blades hurt adversaries just upon contact, while as yet executing toxins to rivals over the long run. The poison impact impacts for 4 ticks, can keep going for 4 seconds, causes 25% of his base damage, and hinders the adversary Brawler from programmed recuperation.

Notwithstanding how often an adversary is harmed by Crow’s attack, they would just take one pile of poison at a second. Adversaries impacted by the poison will have all recuperating impacts diminished by 40%, however, it doesn’t influence Max’s Sneaky Sneakers Gadget.

  • 6. SPIKE

spikeSpike is a Legendary Brawler who deals in the management of clustered opponents with little health. His attack blows upon impact and starts shooting spikes throughout all angles, which inflict damage to opponents they strike. His Super chucks a thorny missile, decelerating and inflicting damage to opponents apprehended in its region of impact.

His Gadget, Popping Pincushion, swiftly blasts waves of spikes in all angles all about Spike. His first Star Power, Fertilize, enables him to recover himself over time while he’s in the circumference of his Super. His second Star Power, Curveball, makes the spikes fired in a circular movement from his main strike.

  • 5. PIPER

piperPiper’s original damage is excessively a considerable amount, and her Super facilitates an exit course from professional killers and elite units. Piper’s Star Powers and Gadgets essentially raise their damage and survival abilities. Utilizing her Ambush Star Power will upgrade your damage by up to 800, endeavoring to inflict close to 3,000 damage, and her Snappy Sniping Star Power can likewise work with Piper to offer four decent shots one after another, inflicting over 8,000 damage to enemies.

Her Auto Aimer Gadget may be utilized trying to avoid professional killers like Edgar, and Piper’s Homemade Recipe Gadget might have been utilized to wrap up an enemy with diminished health.

  • 4. BULL


Bull truly could take out low-health oppressor brawlers with his expanded annihilation in tight proximity. Seeing as keeping intact and alive is urgent in the game, his enhanced health and T-Bone Injector Gadget appear to be worthwhile.

He could maybe also use his Super to withdraw. Both of Bull’s Star Powers succeed in this, as Berserker could even empower him to eliminate opponents way faster while at low health, and Tough Guy offers insurance when Bull needs to mend up and when attempting to charge in. His subsequent Gadget, the Stomper, empowers him just as individuals from the group to find the adversary and tries to postpone the rival down.

  • 3. 8-BIT

8-bit8-BIT is a strongly underrated brawler in this mode. Albeit 8-BIT has a very slow pace, 8-BIT is able to convey a great deal of backing for his allies from the group by consistently expanding their damage from inside his turret, working with them to inflict a colossal amount of damage to their enemies, which further empowers them to apply impact.

Consequently, he is adequate to repay for his drowsy development with his Plugged in Star Power, joined with his Cheat Cartridge Gadget, 8-BIT is an excellent brawler for this mode.

  • 2. STU

Image Source: tech gaming report

Stu’s short bolts and his incredibly fast Supercharge worked with him to be a fearsome, cataclysmic enemy in Knockout. His gadget persistently speeds up the pace of his and his faithful comrades, so exceptionally far as the tower is protected, and his star power reinforces his health and capacity for obliteration.

His first-star power, Zero Drag, will in general make it unimaginably befuddling to attack him by expanding his Super’s range to 71%. At the point when he hits the adversary, his second star Gaso-Heal keeps him alive.

  • 1. TICK


Once Tick utilizes his Super, he literally detaches his head, hurling it over the walls. After a slight interval, the head will locate and end up chasing the closest aggressor Brawler like a heat-seeking missile

When it reaches the target brawler, it explodes and destroys the walls and trees, which are next to it. However, if it is demolished before it approaches a destination, this would blow up pre-emptively but still can ruin walls and shrubbery.

There you go with the list of best and most efficient brawlers for the Belle’s Rock Knockout map. Be sure to try them out and you won’t be disappointed.

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