What is ADS Movement Speed in COD Mobile| Importance & Benefits

Call of Duty Mobile has always been better able to incorporate contemporary COD content, such as the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Many of the modifications have been found relatable by multiple players. As a consequence, COD Mobile was sentimental and nostalgic for most of the players.

However, COD Mobile has always been very compliant with its upgrades with the mandatory launch of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, bonuses, and much more each new season. It’s such an entertaining and engaging game

Over the period of one year, the game has evolved to become one of the most popular and downloaded games on the play store. The realistic graphics, fast-paced gameplay have really appealed to the player across the world.

The Gunsmith Feature of Call of Duty Mobile is what makes it unique. It offers players the ability to adjust, build, and display their weapons and also adjust the ADS Movement speeds. Learn more about ADS Movement speed and its advantages in this article.

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What is ADS Movement Speed in COD Mobile?

To win matches it is important to understand the maps and the environment, communicate with teammates, and pick the right attachments for your weapon.

Ever since the introduction of an assemblage of attachments in the gunsmith feature, it’s become almost impossible to hit your targets at the aimed areas if you don’t equip any attachment.

ads movement speed decreased locus rtc

For example, attachments like the RTC Steady Stock, MIP Strike Stock, increase ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy, increase the flinch stability, etc. However, these attachments when equipped, also are responsible for decreasing the ADS Movement speed of the weapon.

ADS Movement Speed is basically how fast your character moves whilst scoping in. This refers to the walking speed of the player when they are ADSed, this should be kept in mind when holding objectives/angles as slower movement makes you an easier target.

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How to increase ADS Movement Speed?

For fairly inexperienced players, it is advisable to start by trying out numerous attachments and loadouts and settle for the one that better serves their gaming style.

Each attachment has its own benefits and drawbacks and you need to test all of them out in training or against AI to truly decide which attachment is appropriate to you. Thus, you will get an excellent idea of which attachment functions and which attachment does not work for you.

The ADS Movement Speed for a weapon is primarily dependant on attachments like the Barrel, Stock, and Underbarrel. So, using attachments like the YKM Light Barrel (Short) increases the ADS Movement speed for the relevant weapon.

Also, players can equip the YKM Light stock if they wish to further enhance the ADS Movement speed for a weapon.

There are also certain attachments which when equipped can decrease the ADS Movement speeds for a weapon. If you are aiming for a weapon that has high ADS Movement speeds then we would suggest you avoid equipping attachments like the Merc and Ranger Foregrip.

If you are a fan of hardscoping while sniping, then ADS Movement speed is a very important criterion for your gaming style.

Call of Duty Mobile has a huge arsenal of weapons. Use the gunsmith feature to the full and do not doubt the use of any aspect of the attachments, whether Laser Sight, Optic, Barrel, Muzzle, Rear grip, Stock & Perks. So, experiment with all of them and take account of the flinch stability, accuracy, mobility, etc and settle for the weapon which you find to be most comfortable to use.


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The odds of victory on the battlefield will be dramatically increased with detailed knowledge and basic mechanics. The right equipment and arms selection allow players to make their gameplay experience more tactile, satisfy and win a lot in the game.

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