What is Flinch Stability in COD Mobile | Importance, Benefits

Since the time of the prohibition on the well-known mobile game PUBG Mobile in India. Gamers attempted to make up for the shortfall in their souls with another Battle Royale game. Fortunately, Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile conveyed that equivalent surge and adrenaline-filled involvement in the First-person and Third-person shooter point of view in the mobile gadgets.

Over the period of one year, the game has evolved to become one of the most popular and downloaded games on the play store. The realistic graphics, fast-paced gameplay have really appealed to the player across the world.

The Gunsmith Feature of Call of Duty Mobile is what makes it unique. It offers players the ability to adjust, build, and display their weapons and also adjust the Flinch Stability. Learn more on Flinch Stability and its advantages in COD Mobile.

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What is Flinch Stability in COD Mobile?

Knowing the maps and surroundings, coordinating with fellow teammates, and choosing the best attachments for your weapon is crucial to winning matches. Ever since the introduction of an array of attachments in the gunsmith feature, it has become almost impossible to hit your targets at the aimed areas if you don’t equip any attachment.

For example, when the OWC Skeleton Stock is equipped, ADS Speed and Movement Speed increase. This means that you will now be able to aim down sight faster than before and also maneuver around the map, holding the gun, more quickly.

However, equipping this results in a decrease in Flinch Stability, meaning now, when an enemy fires at you, your aim will get pushed towards the opposite side more than before. Flinch Stability is basically the punch you receive when you are being shot at by the enemy.

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As opposed to the OWC Skeleton stock, the OWC Ranger Stock or the MIP Strike stock help to increase overall flinch stability. Meaning, your character will be more resistant to enemy shots and your aim will get less disturbed.

How to increase Flinch Stability?

For new and inexperienced players, it is advisable to try out various attachments and loadouts and settle for the one that best suits their gaming style.

Since every attachment has got its fair bit of pros and cons, to get to know which attachment is the best for you, you should try them all out in training or against AI. This way you might get a very good idea about which attachment works for you and which attachment doesn’t.

The Flinch Stability of a weapon is primarily dependant on the Stock Attachment. So, using stocks like MIP Strike Stock, OWC Ranger Stock, RTC Steady Stock Basically, instead of the other stocks will increase the Flinch stability of the player.

toughness green perk cod mobile

Increasing the value of Flinch Stability will reduce the flinching by the player while ADSing when being shot at by the enemy. Also, players can increase their flinch stability, by equipping the Toughness perk in their loadouts. This perk specifically reduces flinch from damage received by 60%.


The proper selection of attachments is very important. For example, players who like to engage a lot in close-range 1v1 combats should go for attachments like Laser, Underbarrel, and Rear grips. These attachments can be used to increase hip-fire accuracy and ADS speeds (Mobility).

Similarly, players who like to engage the enemy from a long-distance, are highly likely to go for attachments which increases the stability of their weapons and increases the range.

Call of Duty Mobile has a huge arsenal of weapons. Use the gunsmith feature to the full and do not doubt the use of any aspect of the attachments, whether Laser Sight, Optic, Barrel, Muzzle, Rear grip, Stock & Perks. So, experiment with all of them and take account of the flinch stability, accuracy, mobility, etc and settle for the weapon which you find to be most comfortable to use.

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With detailed knowledge and fundamental mechanics of the game, the probability of succeeding on the battlefield would be significantly improved. The right accessories and the right weapons selection help players to make the game more tactical and satisfying and to win a lot during the game.


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