Where to get shield battery in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile almost instantly rose to popularity just after the launch of the beta version in the Philippines and in India. Players have been doing everything they possibly can to get their hands on the link to download the Beta version of Apex Legends Mobile. That is how hyped the game has become even before its actual launch.

Apex Legends Mobile is known for its huge arsenal of futuristic weapons and the numerous Legends which the game has to offer. But what makes the game more unique are the several consumable items which can often be the turning point in any match of the game.

In this article, we will be talking about one of the above-mentioned consumable items which is quite crucial in an Apex Legends Mobile match and is a must-have for all players.

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Where to get shield battery in Apex Legends Mobile?

No matter which Legend you choose for your matches, you always end up starting a match with 100 HP. However, with the weapons which the opponents carry, 100 HP can be reduced in almost the blink of an eye, so you definitely need to carry some armor, shields, medkits along with yourself.

Consumables are items that legends can use to regenerate health, shields, or charge their ultimate ability. You cannot regenerate either health or shields without consumables except for some Legends who have dedicated abilities to help them do the same.


Apex Legends Mobile

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Shields are paramount whilst playing Apex Legends Mobile. This is precise because players are equipped with high damage-inflicting weapons which can obliterate you if you don’t have a shield equipped.

When a player has armor equipped and is under enemy fire, then the shield percentage reduces first. As long as there is a percentage full in the shield bar, no damage received will affect the HP of your character. So, you can see how important shields are.

Shield battery apex legends
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What’s more important is Shield Batteries. These Shield batteries are responsible for Replenishing your Shield levels if they have been depleted after engaging in a gunfight. A shield battery has a 5 second use time. This means it can replenish 100 Shield health in 5 seconds.

Quite a handy feature, don’t you think? You can find Shield Batteries scattered across the map, especially in Loot boxes or Care Packages. Sometimes you can find shield cells spread across the maps in various places. These are similar to shield batteries except they take 3 seconds to charge only 25% of Shield level. Shield Battery is definitely the better choice.

Shield Batteries are more likely to be found in close buildings rather than out in the open considering their usefulness.

Now you know the use of this particular consumable, go ahead and get those enemies and engage them without worrying about getting knocked in an instant.

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