How to use Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile (Bangalore Powers)

EA recently confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile would be releasing their closed beta soon, and the game did just that on Wednesday, as planned. The game seems to be interesting, and testing is underway as the developers and a few players who have been granted access check out the game’s first impressions. Bangalore, the most commonly used legend of the eight which are currently available. As always, we’re here to help you figure out how to use Bangalore on Apex Legends Mobile.

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How to use Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile

Bangalore, one of the most bizarre characters in Apex Legends Mobile, would undoubtedly leave an impression and make her presence felt throughout the game. According to the latest map style, she can be very lethal and be used more effectively than other legends. It is also one of the most famous legends for fighting solo and queuing alone. The trick to using Bangalore is to harness her potential by using her passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

How to use Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile

  • Passive Skill

First, we’ll look at her passive capacity, which is both cool and underappreciated. Her passive ability is called ‘Double Time,’ and it gives you 30% additional travel speed for 2 seconds when being fired at or having grenades hurled at you. Her passive can be used with both offensive and defensive styles, with spectacular results. And be sure to use the speed enhancement while moving from cover to cover. When you see your speed boost trigger near a corner, use it to get cover and then strike the enemies.

  • Tactical Ability

Let’s move on to Bangalore’s tactical capacity, dubbed “Smoke Launcher.” Bangalore receives two charges, allowing you to use the smoke canister twice in a row if necessary. Remember that the smoke from the smoke launcher lasts 23 seconds, and Bangalore can use her arms to use items or weapons when firing the smoke launcher. So, we’ll begin with a smoke launcher, which you can use to evacuate a battle or revive your teammates.

You can also use it to loot the enemy’s death crate or when you locate a loot box. Use it at your feet to loot, recover, or resurrect your teammates. You can also use it on your teammates while someone is firing at them, allowing them to flee or flank to a different location. Another way to use this ability is to obscure your opponents’ vision if they are in a better position than you. Simply aim the smoke at them, which will blind their vision and enable you to move to a better location.


  • Ultimate Ability

Last but not least, let us discuss Bangalore’s Ultimate strength, ‘Rolling Thunder.’ Bangalore uses this power to shoot a flare. Several rows of missiles land on the flare spot and hold for 6 seconds before exploding. Each explosion deals minor damage and slows enemies. This can also stifle the teammates’ efficiency.

The ultimate is used to support the squad in a variety of ways. Use your ultimate if you see opponents in a compound or on a building’s roof. This will force any enemy team to reposition themselves inside the compound or building. Communicate with your teammates so you can push as soon as your ultimate is thrown.

Bangalore may also use the ultimate to take a spot, forcing the opposing team to move. You may still do this if the team needs time to revive someone or if you are in a bad situation. You can also use this in order to finish a knocked player and prevent them to get revived.

With that it’s a wrap on the guide on How to use Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile. As the game is still in the closed beta, we keep you updated on further updates and features. Till then, stay safe and follow for more upcoming coverage.

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