How to slide in Apex Legends Mobile (Slide Button)

Last updated on May 27th, 2021 at 11:45 pm

One of the most famous cross-platform Battle Royale game Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment (the same developers who were responsible for Titanfall) and published by Electronic Arts, first debuted two years ago is now available on smartphones.

You read that right! Apex Legends Mobile’s beta version can now be downloaded on your android devices and you can enjoy the intense, relentless, console-like gameplay experience on your mobiles.

There are a lot of maneuvering tactics that players use in Apex Legends. Today we will be talking about one of them which might give you an edge over other players on the battlefield.

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How to slide in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends might very well lack the breath-taking freedom of travel of Respawn’s prior masterpieces, like Titanfall but Apex is still a game that is all about maneuverability. The more you understand how to start moving and slide and jump your way all over King’s Canyon, the higher your likelihood of survival.

And the truth is that there are many helpful movement techniques available in Apex which the majority of players really do not know about, that may give it a competitive advantage over your rivals

Sliding is paramount in a lot of Battle Royale games, especially Apex Legends. The significance of it in Apex is several-fold, as it not only pertains to simple things like going from point A to point B on the plot but also to the heat of gunfight encounters in which your maneuverability skills and expertise can end up making a difference between victory and defeat.

While Standing: 

Apex legends mobile
Image Source: Mr.Ra1 Gaming

While Sprinting:

Apex legends mobile
Image Source: Mr.Ra1 Gaming

In the case of Apex Legends Mobile, the buttons are the same for both Crouch and Slide. When your character is Aiming down sights or is just walking then the button which is seen is the Crouch button. However, as soon as your character starts sprinting the Crouch button transforms to the Slide Button.

From this, it is evident that Sliding is only possible in Apex Legends Mobile whilst Sprinting. That kind of makes sense as you have to build up some momentum in order to slide across the floor with ease.

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One decent tip is to always jump right after each slide, which helps maintain your forward momentum.

This really comes in handy whenever you’re sliding down a slope; try jumping during that slide to keep your top speed and also prevent any barriers instead of having to stop and go around them conventionally.

Now you know how to slide, keep spamming the slide button whilst you are sprinting to flan your enemies in close quarters and bamboozle them.

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