(2023) Top 24 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Roblox is a fantastic gaming platform that genuinely serves as a game development framework. It allows customers to create and program their own titles that other players may enjoy and vice versa. Roblox is mostly used by children, and the majority of the games available on this platform are created by children.

Many of its most well-known games are outright forgeries of more well-known broadly open games that regular viewers play on home consoles. Because Roblox is a free stage, youngsters go to the page and put for the sake of the game or a type of game they would wish to play and try at all information that appears in search results.

Roblox, despite its blocky, cartoonish visuals and art style, isn’t necessarily a fun place to be. There are games that will increase the ante and offer you a lot more severe duty than you are accustomed to. As an example, consider the phrase “survival.” Roblox is teeming with survival games that push you against a slew of obstacles aimed at keeping you alive.

If you’re seeking the best of the lot, the ones that will give you the most enjoyment, we’ve got the list for you. These are the ‘Top 24 Best Survival games on Roblox’, and the rankings are based on community popularity, as measured by the number of times they’ve been downloaded and played.

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Top 24 Best Survival Games in Roblox

  • 24. BedWars


Zombies are constantly lurking around the corner, if there is one thing we have learned to expect from survival games. A zombie shooter-inspired survival game on Roblox is called Zombie Uprising. You are right in the thick of a zombie apocalypse as a result. You are not alone, though, since you are equipped with weapons to repel them.

  • 23. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising

Zombies are constantly lurking around the corner in survival games, if there is one thing we have grown to anticipate from them. The zombie shooter concept is used in the Roblox survival game Zombie Uprising. You are immediately thrust into the midst of a zombie apocalypse. But you’re not alone since you have weapons to fight them off.

  • 22. Evade


One of the best Roblox survival games is Evade, although it doesn’t provide you with a lot of information. You don’t have a lot of alternatives, really.

The main objective is to enter a match and take whatever necessary measures to survive. You are being pursued by a merciless mechanical danger. Depending on the map you are on, that bot may be a large Luigi or a frightening skull.

  • 21. Survival: Apocalypse

Best Survival Games in Roblox

Together with your pals, endure till the end of the world. To see how long you can withstand the Zombie Apocalypse, you are dropped right in the center of it. There are many zombies and sporadic mutants that must be fought off in order to live. To find supplies to remain alive and guns to kill the zombies around them, the players must search and explore the destroyed landscape around them.

  • 20. Zombie Outbreak Survival!

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Immerse yourself in the realm of zombies and strange animals. The players must explore and acquire weapons and ammo in order to battle and survive the waves of zombies. If you wish to survive for a long time, you may join a team with your pals and use tactics and techniques with your teammates.

Kill the ravenous zombies before they kill you. Collaborate with your pals to put up a fight against the undead. Find and gather new items to protect yourself from lethal assaults.

  • 19. Dead Mist 2

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Dead Mist 2 is a survival game set in an open world. To obtain their treasure, the player must acquire guns and murder, other players. Be the greatest player among all other players by employing tactics and techniques and eliminating all other players. There are huge regions to explore and a plethora of terrifying locations to visit and hide from other players in order to increase your chances of survival.

  • 18. Islands 2

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

You are trapped on an island, and your only goal is to survive alongside the other players. Explore the island in search of fresh items that will aid you in your survival here. Build camps and troops to help you survive on this island. There are other game types to select from, and there is much more to discover and enjoy. Explore the island’s many options.

  • 17. Natural Disaster Survival

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Natural Disaster Survival is a distinct and distinct game from the others on this list. Instead of zombies and adversaries, it creates a separate notion of a natural disaster that the player must survive. It provides a competitive advantage to this game over others. It includes devastating earthquakes, volcanic outbursts, and a variety of other calamities that must be avoided in order to survive.

Each round, the player will be placed on a fresh map to survive terrible calamities. This game also allows you to join a team in order to enhance your chances of survival by assisting one another in successfully navigating these terrible calamities.

  • 16. Catching Fire

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Enter the Hunger Games — or, more accurately, the Survival Games. Taking its cues from the famous series, you enter an arena to battle it out with a slew of other players, all with the objective of being the last one standing. You’ll have to scavenge and hunt your way to success. It’s straightforward, but it’s a lot of fun.

The game is very well developed and you can enjoy tons of things in it. It is a great experience and is a must-try.

  • 15. SCP Containment Breach Survival

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Secure, contain, and protect. This game is based on a slew of made-up stories about various creatures. There are several terrifying monsters with intriguing backstories. As a result, this game is highly fascinating and appealing to play. You are thrown in a confinement facility where there are various monsters, some of which have broken free from their cells and wish to murder you and your fellow gamers.

All you have to do is withstand the onslaught of these lethal monsters. Monsters have interesting and fascinating backstories. Resolve the containment breach issue.

  • 14. Giant Survival!

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

While this game has starting to have some difficulties as a result of Roblox upgrades, it is still enjoyable enough to play. Take on giants, each with their unique set of powers and weaknesses. You may play it with friends or randoms online, and in any case, you must work hard to eliminate as many giants as possible. This game provides scary vibes and you should try this.

  • 13. Zombie Attack

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

This is a round-based zombie survival game in which you must murder nearly every zombie in order to move to the next round. This one exception is that at the end of each round, you’ll have to face bosses that drop keys for purchasing character skins. Zombie Attack also has tasks that provide you a lot of playability and allow you to complete each game.

Zombie Attack is a fast-paced game in which more monsters emerge and become tougher with each round. Players that die are returned to the lobby, where they can respawn as zombies. The game is over if all of the participants die. Voting is used to select new maps.

  • 12. Bloodfest

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

The main goal of the game is to survive 11 waves of deadly monsters (10 waves and a boss battle). When a game begins, everyone is equipped with a P-220 and two explosives. The complexity arises as the waves go, with each wave increasing the number of animals or introducing new enemies until the last one, which is a boss encounter.

A game is lost if all participants on the server die or if the timer runs out on the last wave. Players must give this one a try.

  • 11. Survival Mining Tycoon

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Are you a huge Minecraft fan? Do you enjoy mining? If you answered yes, then this game is made just for you. Survival Minning Tycoon simulates Minecraft in Roblox. To stay alive, you must construct your own home and guard it against creepers. To survive the assaults of dangerous creepers, you must continue mining and discovering new areas and resources.

In Roblox, you may experience and enjoy Minecraft. Create your own universe as well. To survive, you must protect yourself against creepers.

  • 10. Survival of the Living VI

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

This game is a continuation of a long-running series of Roblox games. Unfortunately, the original modder died, so another person took up the mantle and developed this game. It takes place in Moscow, and if you look at the image above, you can get a sense of the cheesy 80’s action.

The game follows a terrific storyline and is very interesting in every aspect. You should definitely give this a try.

  • 9. Apocalypse Rising

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

If players enjoy zombie-survival games, they will surely enjoy this title. Players may take part in a variety of activities in this open-world title, from fortifying bases to keeping an eye out for hostile surviving victims.

This Roblox adventure game has a variety of weaponry that players may employ to dispatch the terrified zombies. Players will either play this title alone or at a party with other players in their struggle for survival.

  • 8. Zombie Defense Tycoon

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

This game feels like a cross between Call of Duty Zombies and Bloons Tower Defense. You defend your base against swarms of zombies, much as in Call of Duty, and you may buy upgrades and self-defense systems, just like in Bloons Tower Defense. Zombie Defense Tycoon is every player’s fantasy game. There is also a leader board if you wish to play for a high score.

  • 7. Booga Booga

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

Booga Booga is an online multiplayer game. This is a survival game set on an island. To live, the player must create a tribe, travel, battle, and raid other tribes in order to obtain loot and grow stronger. The player may go to several islands and acquire loot everywhere he goes.

The game allows the player to go to other islands via the vine and then cut the vine to get exclusive access to the island until it grows again. Build your tribe and protect it from raids. Investigate the various islands on the map. Fight and pillage other people’s homes to become stronger.

  • 6. Project Lazarus

Top 20 Best Survival Games in Roblox

The sequel to the phenomenally hit Call of Robloxia: Zombies is Project Lazarus. It works similarly to Call of Duty in that you must survive waves of zombies, with each wave becoming more difficult. Each battle features a total of six individuals and a Mystery Box similar to Call of Duty. If you like the Zombies mode in Call of Duty, you’ll love this.

The main aim of the game is to live on post-apocalyptic landscapes against unending waves of zombies. Each subsequent round becomes harder than the one before it. When all players have been killed, the game is over. When all players have killed or gone down, all players will be reset and returned to the lobby for 60 seconds until the next game begins.

  • 5. Blacklands


Welcome to the perilous Blacklands island. Surviving and defending oneself from Bandits and Radiation may be extremely difficult. To avoid being murdered, explore the island and gather the riches as fast as possible. The best way to survive on this island is to establish a team with your buddies and work together. A player can select between two modes: Battle Royale and Arcade. This is the reason it is among the Best Survival Games in Roblox.


  • 4. Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush is a unique team survival game. You buy weapons and things to protect yourself against the constant undead, but when you die, you turn into a zombie, which is what makes this game unique. This makes it a fantastic game to play with your pals, since chasing after your friends as a zombie never gets old. The game is a joy to play. That’s why it is listed among Best Survival Games in Roblox.

  • 3. Undead Nation

Undead Nation

Players appear in the lobby. If the game has not yet begun, they may enter the lobby to begin the match. Alternatively, if a chapter is unlocked, they may end up voting to begin at that point. If the game has already begun, new participants begin as spectators.

In order for spectators to participate in the game, they must wait until the survivors reach a high chapter or until reinforcements arrive, at which point they can join the game. To progress through the game, players must work together. When all members of the party die, the chapter must be replayed or another chapter/mini-game must be played.

  • 2. Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is a zombie-themed survival game. You may pick from eight distinct maps in this game, including The Mill, The District, The Cargo, The Bypass, and others. It gives you three weapons and three grenades to combat zombies with. Aside from surviving the zombie invasion, it also has a mission structure to set it apart from other zombie survival games.

It’s a fantastic game to get enthusiastic about. There are eight different and wonderful maps to select from. There are 15 Zombie waves to avoid and survive. It also features fantastic weaponry, perks, and skins.

  • 1. State of Anarchy

State of Anarchy

Hunting or being hunted! This is an open-world survival game filled with turmoil and conflicts. It lets you play in a group or alone, acquire weapons, and kill everyone before they kill you. There is so much to discover and explore with a wide range of maps. There is a hamlet, a military post, metro stations, a jewelry store, and much more.

It offers a large number of maps from which to pick and play. There are also various and unique firearms strewn around the map. To enhance your chances of survival, you can form a team with your buddies. This is the #1 on our list of Best Survival Games in Roblox.

With that, we conclude our list of Top 24 Best Survival games on Roblox. Do try the games and tell us your favorite. Till next time, follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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