(COD Mobile) Best Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11

The Season 11 Anniversary Update got along with it a ton of rewards and new unlockable content. Players got new characters, weapons, skins, perks, and much more. Players now have a plethora of choices to include in their loadout.

The huge arsenal might have become a bit overwhelming, to say the least. That is where our team steps in. We actively research to bring to you the best loadout combinations possible. Also feel free to check out our recent posts, where we have mentioned the best purpose-oriented weapon build like Long-range ‘No-recoil’ KN-44High Mobility RUS‘No-recoil’ DR-H, and a lot more. Make sure to check all loadouts here.


Best Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11

Operator skills are a very crucial part of the loadout. They possess the ability to turn the game to your advantage, even at the last second. Moreover, no loadout in Call of Duty Mobile would be complete without an Operator Skill.


You can use the operator skills for your benefit, making it much easier for some to knock down enemies and some to defend yourself. They not only deliver bonus points for every kill but also enjoy your overall COD Mobile play experience.

COD Mobile Fennec Gunsmith Loadout

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The Operator skills charge up over time while in a match. Killing enemies, completing in-game objectives and maintaining killstreaks all help to accelerate the rate at which the Operator Skill gets charged up.

Without further ado, let’s get into our list of Best Operator skills to use in Season 11.


Purifier Call of Duty Mobile

The Purifier is basically a flamethrower that spits out blazing fire. It is the first operator which is unlocked and quite frankly one of the best.

Upon Activation, your character switches from the current weapon to the Purifier. Players can then use the Purifier by holding down the fire button and aiming the flame at the enemies. This way, they can turn their enemies to a crisp.

The Purifier does have a drawback too. It has a very short range. However, the exceptionally high damage compensates for its short range. The purifier is best suited against enemies who tend to camp in groups. Using the purifier, you can set the hostile groups on fire and eliminate them with ease. Also, even if you die before you kill your enemy, if you have set them on fire, you are guaranteed to get a kill. All these features make the Purifier worthy of the number 5 spot on our list.


Gravity Spike operator skill

The Gravity Spikes are a beast. The operator skill is well known for its exceptionally high area damage. Upon activation of the Gravity Spikes, the player jumps into the enemy territory and lands with a bang. Upon landing an explosion occurs which eliminates all enemies in the vicinity.

This Operator Skill is especially useful in Hardpoint and Domination matches to clear out the zone of multiple hostiles. However, we should keep in mind that gravity spikes can be used once. Unlike other operators, it doesn’t remain activated for some time. So, you need to be careful to land in proximity to the enemies to ensure maximum damage. This makes the gravity spikes very deadly and hence worthy of the number 4 spot on our list


Grenade Launcher CodM

The War Machine is a fully automatic Grenade Launcher with a devastating payload. It has a circular drum which rotates to enable grenades to be launched at a faster rate. It can be called a demolition expert’s dream.

The Payload of the War Machine after being shot travels in an arched path before hitting the designated target. So, players have to aim a bit higher and anticipate the trajectory of the payload before launching it.

The War Machine can easily take out a group of hostiles because of its high area damage. It can also be aimed at cars to make them explode and eliminate enemies taking cover behind them. The high range and damage of this Operator Skill are what puts it at number 3 in our list.


Operator Skill - SHIELD

The transform shield operator skill is a defensive tool. It basically places a deformable shield at the designated location. The recent update has buffed up the shield even more.

Apart from making it inconvenient for enemies to enter certain areas by blocking the entrances, the shield now breathes fire which kills any enemies who come too close to it. Also, when the Transform Shield is deployed there will be a flash effect that occurs in the radius around the shield that could disorient enemies. The Transform shield is a mobile cover that is very useful to both you and your teammates.  The Shield can be used both for offense and for defense. Hence it is at number 2 on our list.

  • 1. ANNIHILATORAnnihilator Operator skill

The Annihilator looks like a revolver with a circular drum. The gun automatically aims and locks on at the enemies and kills them with one shot. The Annihilator is so powerful that it can take out multiple enemies in a single shot.

Unlike a few other operator skills, the Annihilator is extremely mobile. It is very easy to manoeuvre around the map with the annihilator in your hands. It can also kill enemies across maps because of its exceptionally high range. This operator skill is very good and reliable at both long- and short-range combat. Each bullet of the Annihilator is sure to get an enemy eliminated. The Operator Skill is extremely versatile and highly consistent.  It is a beast and can easily turn a losing game to your advantage and get you the win. The above-mentioned features make it worthy of the number 1 position on our list.

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Sparrow Operator Skill

The Sparrow is basically an operator skill that shoots explosive arrows from a bow. The explosive arrows deal a lot of area damage ensuring kills with each shot. Also, the range of the arrows can be extended by drawing the sparrow for a longer time. Aiming the arrows at center mass will immediately incapacitate enemies in the vicinity.

The Sparrow is an exceptional Operator Skill, however, it could not make its way into the top five operator skills list because of the Season 11 nerf. Unfortunately, the Sparrow was nerfed in its ammo capacity in Season 11. The ammo capacity of the Sparrow was reduced to 4 in season 11. Which, according to us is a huge drawback, hence it just missed a spot on the top 5 list.

This was our list of Best Operator Skills for Season 11. Give it a try and we sure hope they can help enhance your performance and get you a couple of MVPs.

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