Fix: Steam Deck SD Card not Showing Up

Last updated on June 29th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

Steam Deck, a $400 console, is as functional in name as it is in appearance. The large black plastic portable gadget has the processing power of a supercomputer and a touchscreen.

Something resembling a Nintendo Switch fused with a gaming PC. Valve is working to improve the Steam Deck by incorporating the functionality of contemporary gaming devices. Despite its many positive attributes, some Steam Deck owners have reported issues with the device’s SD card not showing up.

The good news is that we have solutions to this issue. Therefore, be sure you implement the solutions detailed below if your SD Card is not functioning or is not being shown.

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Why is Steam Deck SD Card not showing up?

Short Answer: A malfunction or issue is preventing the Steam Deck from recognizing the SD card, the Steam Deck is not fully charged, or the SD card is corrupted or destroyed.

Fix: Steam Deck SD Card not showing up

Fix: Steam Deck SD Card not showing up
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Method 1: Restart the Steam Deck

If a fault or glitch arises for no apparent reason, you may have trouble reading the SD card in your Steam Deck. Therefore, the easiest way to get rid of these occasional issues or malfunctions is to reboot your device. We recommend you try restarting your Steam Deck to see if it helps.

Method 2: Try inserting the SD card into a new gadget

Can you use SD cards with a variety of devices? In case you haven’t already, it’s recommended that you try inserting your SD card into a different device and see whether it loads properly.

If your SD card is not recognized or is not functioning, you must contact Steam Deck for help. Take your camera to the service facility for repair services.

Method 3: Verify the Charge

Has your Steam Deck been examined if it doesn’t have a power of at least 20 percent? Having a low battery charge might cause your gadget to display such a strange message. A minimum of 20% charge is required on the Steam Deck before connecting the SD card. In any other case, it has to be charged right away.

Method 4: Re-format the SD Card

If you’ve already tried everything else and the SD card still won’t function, try formatting it on your computer. After formatting the SD card, several customers have reported that their Steam Decks are once again functioning normally.

So, try it out and see if it works for you. You probably already know how to format an SD card on a computer. If you don’t own a personal computer and aren’t familiar with formatting with the Steam Deck, use these instructions instead:

The Micro SD card slot may be found at the Deck’s base. There is a Steam button located just under your left touchpad. Go to the bottom and hit A to enter the menu for Settings. Choose System from the option that appears. Then, choose Format SD card and click A.

When you have games saved to the SD card, you will be prompted to accept the formatting process. Since doing so would permanently delete all data from the SD card, there is no turning back at this point. If the SD card is empty, it may be accepted by clicking the OK button. Based on the size of the SD card, this might take a few minutes.

Method 5: Examine Your SD Card

Your Steam Deck SD Card may not operate or appear if the card is faulty or damaged. As a result, you need to ensure the SD card is fully operational. Now that you know where the problem lies, you may plug it into your camera and see whether it’s been fixed.

Method 6: Assess the damage

These problems may also occur when the hardware is malfunctioning. You should do a comprehensive inspection of your Steam Deck to protect it from any potential environmental harm.

Damage from the outside may sometimes be the culprit. In such a circumstance, you should check your gadget for damage and, if you discover any, take it to a service facility for repair.

Method 7: Examine and Repair the Faulty Sector

When your hard drive has damaged sectors, you won’t be able to operate your computer normally or view your files without experiencing hiccups. One frequent solution to a disc with faulty sectors is to reformat the drive. The number of damaged sectors on the card will determine the formatting option you choose.

The number of damaged sectors on the card will determine the formatting option you choose.

  • Step 1: Hit the Windows key plus R

Hit the Windows key plus R to launch the Run bar and enter cmd.

  • Step 2: Run the chkdsk command: E:/f/r/x
  • Step 3: The letter E should be replaced with the SD card’s drive name.

Method 8: Get in Touch with the Help Desk

Unfortunately, you haven’t figured out why your Steam Deck’s SD card isn’t reading or functioning. There are still paths open to you that might lead to a solution to this problem.

If you want help fixing the issue, you should get in touch with customer service. When you’ve done that, they should be able to help you out with this problem, based on the circumstances.

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