How to get Tommy gun in Combat Warriors: Roblox

Roblox‘s Combat Warriors is a PvP fighting game with both melee and ranged combat. It has a sizable player population and captivating gameplay created in the same vintage grinding style as practically all well-known Roblox games. The game is quite gory by Robloxxian standards and was inspired by Bloody Flow and Criminality.

You’ll be thrown into a free-for-all combat in Roblox Combat Warriors to find who the game’s top fighter is. As you level up your character via combat, you may acquire a number of various weapons.

Use the game’s mobility system and parries to improve your combat abilities and practise various fighting techniques on your adversaries. You can also check out Roblox Fighting games.

In Combat Warriors, having more weapons makes you a better player. It can be challenging to gain additional weapons, though. Here is our guide on How to get Tommy gun in Combat Warriors: Roblox.

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How to get Tommy gun in Combat Warriors: Roblox

How to get Tommy gun in Combat Warriors: Roblox

Short Answer: Unfortunately, purchasing new weapons from the marketplace is the only method to acquire new ones in Combat Warriors. So you must reach level 999 or higher in Combat Warriors to obtain Tommy Gun.

One of the various weapons you may discover in the game is the Tommy Gun, thus it’s crucial that you know how to obtain one of these since the more guns you have, the better player you’ll be.

However, there is a significant issue. Because most firearms are expensive, it might be challenging for regular gamers to get one. The use of guns will also provide certain challenges.

However, getting this pistol is not a major necessity. Even if you are level 2,000, you will still need to pay 2 million coins, which is pricey, to get it from the shop.

Nevertheless, Tommy Gun is priced the money you pay for it. Nobody will argue against the fact that it is one of Combat Warriors’ greatest weapons. Tommy Gun is one of the most important stats in Combat Warriors, with 75 damage per shot and 500 ammunition. Even yet, it is not the primary characteristic of this weapon.

The Tommy Gun’s tremendous firing rate and 2.75 seconds of 90 bullets each shot allow you to swiftly eliminate any adversary. Additionally, this weapon boasts a reload time of about 0.2 seconds. That is why it is so difficult to obtain this rifle.

How to use Tommy gun in Combat Warriors: Roblox

At least level 999 is required to position oneself to purchase this weapon, and even then, it costs 2 million coins. But thankfully, this weapon is one of the greatest in the game, making it worth every single cent that it costs.

It has a rate of fire that allows you to fire 90 bullets in 2.75 seconds, 500 rounds, 75 damage each shot, and a reload time of around 0.2 seconds.

Combat Warriors has several different mobility tools, including running, dashing, sliding, rolling, leaping, and a special manoeuvre called super jumping, which we shall discuss later.

Moving about a lot helps you get into or out of confrontations and creates opportunities for you to strike an opponent. As sprinting and sliding both use a resource called stamina, you should always save your stamina for sliding rather than sprinting as sliding is far more important for escaping.

Dashes and rolls can be used to sneak up on targets quickly. A player with a combination of all these tools may flee from battles and re-enter just in time to launch an assault. You can leap and slide for added momentum. To remain centred where you want to be, the camera movement is also crucial.

The most crucial step in learning a game, regardless of the platform it is played on, is practising the game mechanics and potential scenarios. Knowing what to practise is equally crucial if you don’t want to spend time on pointless activities.

It’s crucial to practise how to manoeuvre around the map, when to parry, when to strike and when not to, how to escape utilising all of the tools at your disposal, and which utilities to use when.

A key gameplay concept in Combat Warriors is parrying. By using parrying, you can deflect an attack’s damage and temporarily stun the attacker who launched it.

Knowing when to parry is crucial; you must learn not to panic parry during battles. Parrying is a complex mechanism that penalises you if you don’t parry an attack.

You may penalise your adversaries by luring out their parry, just as you can be penalised for parrying ahead of time. Slide in to strike, tricking them into thinking you’ll attack but hold off for a moment or two, to draw out their parry.

Most of the time, this will lure out their parry and give you enough strikes on them to kill them. You’re going to become a pro if you learn the parry mechanism.

The key to winning this game is to grind endlessly while being patient. To get better, getting decent gear is the simple solution. However, in order to obtain good gear, you must grind for hours on end to reach the supposedly damaged stuff.

If it becomes too difficult, leave the game and take some time to unwind. Remain patient and resist the pressure from toxic gamers. Make it pleasurable for everyone by not playing in a poisonous manner yourself. Be an excellent observer and learn from other players’ expertise.

In conclusion, one of the most difficult objectives you may assign yourself in Combat Warriors is acquiring Tommy Gun. Before you can obtain this gun, you must play the game for a long period. It is like that. We appreciate you reading the manual. We hope it’s useful to you!

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