How to drop faster in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has most certainly established itself as one of the best FPS games a player can experience on his/her smartphone. It quickly rose to popularity as soon as it was launched and ever since its debut it hasn’t looked back once.

Apex Legends Mobile managed to fill the void in the hearts of people who were eager for a decent Battle Royale game. The game managed to blow the minds of quite a lot of people from the mobile gaming community.

Now, with the growing popularity of the game comes growing competitiveness. Every player who boards the dropship jumps out of it with only one intention – To win! So, today, in this article we will be talking about a tip that might help you gain some advantage in the game over your opponents.

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How to drop faster in Apex Legends Mobile

Obtaining the best gear is critical to the team’s success in Apex Legends. Setting the first boots on the field in a loot-rich area is a primary focus for any established player. In Apex Legends Mobile touching down quickly is a big component of the early stages of the game.

The participants who land first possess a better shot at getting a firearm than most other players that land in close proximity. By mastering the manner, you jump not only would you be able to land quicker, but then you can also encompass more area on the map by gliding.

But it is not an easy trick to master. Unlike in other Battle Royale titles, you do not want to follow a direct route to the spot where you intend to land. You want to slow down, gain momentum, and then fly to your destination.

apex legends mobile drop faster
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Most people will think that nose-diving right from the beginning is the most effective way. We should tell you that it most definitely is not.

If you want to reach a location, let’s say Point A, then there is a certain technique that you should follow to gain more momentum and reach there seconds faster than your enemies. It is as follows:

  • Nose-dive straight down until you reach a speed of roughly 140 to 145
  • Glide horizontally towards your destination until you gain a speed between 130-135
  • Drop straight down again to gain momentum.
  • Glide outwards mid-way to make sure you will reach your destination
  • Nose-dive all throughout the final stretch to reach Point A (Destination) on the map.

This technique will get you far farther away from the drop than just a straight burn to the ground. If you time it correctly, you will cover more than half a mile. This allows you to reach loot-rich places that people using the direct route will not be able to reach in time.

However, always relying on your glider isn’t the best strategy. Sometimes hitching a ride for some distance on the Dropship can prove to be more beneficial.

That is a trick which you can master only with experience. So, start practicing right away and master the dropping tricks to be ready for your enemies when they land after you.

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