How to get Ghost Skin in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is up and rolling. The game is celebrating its first anniversary this Season. So, along with the Anniversary update, players received a ton of rewards and unlockable content like maps, modes, character skins, weapon skins, etc. Call of Duty mobile has always managed to captivate its fans by giving some of the most likable skins. They did not disappoint this season also.

We have received some of the best weapons, character skins, and legendary weapons this season. Some of them were released via the seasonal events while others can be unlocked by getting the Premium Battle Pass. The credit store and the bundles have also been refreshed. Talking about the Ghost Skin, we can find it in one of the bundles in the store.

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Call of Duty Mobile Ghost Skin

Simon Riley a.k.a Ghost has been one of the fan favorites characters of the Call of Duty fraternity throughout all platforms. Ghost taught us how much betrayal hurts when he was betrayed by Shepherd in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Ever since that the character Ghost has always established a sentimental connection with the people.

Knowing how much people love Ghost, Call of Duty Mobile had launched the OG Ghost skin in the very first season of the game. Just to give you a perspective of how much the character – Ghost means to the fans of Call of Duty; Ghost has been the face of the game ever since it was released.

The distinctive skull face mask, the combat goggles, the headgear, and the hoodie are the most prominent features of GHOST. However, only Season 1 saw the OG Ghost skin. After that, the following seasons have had a bunch of Ghost skins but all of them were tweaked and the costumes were also changed. Though Ghost is a lovable character, fans did not take the renewed version of the Ghost skins too well as they were too attached to the Original Ghost skin to accept any changes.

How to get Ghost Skin in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile took into consideration, the feedback of the players. In Season 11 Anniversary Update they decide to release an OG Ghost Skin. However, this was neither released via the Battle Pass or the Seasonal Events. It was released in one of the bundles in-store.

For those of you who missed out on the Season 1 OG Ghost skin and who are diehard Ghost fans, Call of Duty mobile has given them a way to get an OG Ghost skin in Season 11

How to get Ghost Skin in Call of Duty Mobile


The skin is available in the Ghost- Loose Ends Bundle. To get the skin, players simply have to go to the store and then click on Bundle. After that, they have to choose the Ghost – loose ends bundle. The bundle comes with a few other kinds of stuff like an Epic Locus Skin, an emote, etc. To unlock all the rewards, players have to spend 960CP to buy the bundle.

The price might be a bit hefty. However, considering the love which the character has gotten over the years and its importance to the whole Call of Duty fraternity, we’d say it’s justified.

Once you are done buying the bundle, you can then showcase your very own classic Ghost skin to other players who are to love it too.

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