How to win Sniper Challenge in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile has been in its 15th season since its debut in October 2019. For every season until now, the players have been fascinated and stunned. Therefore, the conclusion that COD Mobile has been named one of the best mobile FPS games is fair.

Several seasons have indeed elapsed, but Activision seems to not lack innovations and new designs for implementation in COD Mobile every next season. This is one of the main reasons for the curiosity of so many players around the world in COD Mobile.

Similarly, a new mode has been added to the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile and in this article, we will be covering some of the most efficient tips and tricks related to this mode.

How to win Sniper Challenge in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Mobile just incorporated Sniper Challenge in Battle Royale mode for a brief period. Whereas Sniper Challenge by itself is not that original, this was a first for Battle Royale.

The event was implemented in multiplayer mode from time to time before any of this. We experimented a little in mode and have come up with some useful information.

Although the map is the same, the region in which you fight has indeed been restricted. This means that the rate and movement of a regular game are much quicker. The picked area is arbitrary, so strategies and drop sites would have to be accomplished on the fly.

sniper challenge cod mobile

Just as the title suggests, the event doesn’t really give the full array of weapons to gamers. That being said, it does not imply that the map is desolate. In addition to sniper rifles, pistols, and rocket launchers, dispersed across the map are also available to players.

Now for some tips and tricks. Well, we have gone through pretty much all the weapons which can be found across the map in that particular mode.

We have unanimously concluded that it is the best strategy to equip one sniper and one Pistol instead of the rocket launcher.

The reason being, pistols are much handier in close-range combat as compared to Rocket Launchers.

Also, some of the most efficient snipers according to us are as follows:

  1. NA-45 because of its explosive area damage, this sniper becomes one of the most lethal ones out there.
  2. Arctic-50 – The semi-automatic nature of this sniper is what leads us to believe that it is quite a competent sniper
  3. Locus / DLQ-33– They both are very stable snipers and are quite helpful in taking out enemies from far away.

Some of the best pistols:

  1. .50GS – High range, accuracy, and damage leads to quite a devastating pistol
  2. J358 – High damage and fire rate is what makes this gun so helpful
  3. MW11 – the high fire rate and also the frequency of appearance throughout the map

Well, there you go! You have some extra knowledge about the Sniper Challenge mode in BR of COD Mobile. Use them to your advantage and come out victorious.

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