Meaning of ‘Rescue a Teammate’ mission in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call to Duty Mobile is one of the most popular combat genre games on the mobile platform, which revolves around survival as the last man on the battlefield. Many teams go to an island together and compete to be the sole survivor and win the match.

This game includes BR as well as multiplayer modes and offers exclusive features including trophies, titles, and awards that represent a player’s credibility and expertise.

COD Mobile has grown into one of the best popular and most popular titles of the play store over the course of a year. The immersive graphical, fast-paced games have drawn the player worldwide.

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Meaning of ‘Rescue a Teammate’ mission in COD Mobile Battle Royale:

Call of Duty Mobile has been very consistent with the quantity and the quality of their updates. So much so, that players sometimes find it overwhelming with the amount of content the multiplayer and BR modes have to offer.

COD Mobile has released yet another Event update. This time it is a featured event. It is the Beast of Burden featured event for the Refitter Class of Battle Royale.

So players all across the world are busy grinding to get their hands on not only the all-new Refitter Class of BR but also a lot of other cosmetic rewards along with it.

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One of those missions requires players to Rescue a teammate twice in BR. This particular mission has been creating a lot of ripples in the game. A lot of players have been asking how to complete the mission on Reddit. It has gotten players stuck in a fix. Well don’t worry, we have got you covered.

To complete the mission:

Rescue a Teammamte in Battle Royale of CALL OF duty mobile
Source: Wisdom Frost
  • Players have to play a Battle Royale Match
  • Once they are in the match, they have to Rescue/Revive their teammate when they get knocked down.
  • If your teammates get killed, you can also retrieve their dog tags and scan it. This also counts as Rescuing a teammate.

You have to revive/ scan the dog tag of your teammates twice to complete this mission.

It is not that difficult and can be done within 15 to 20 minutes. To do it faster, players can even take the help of their teammates and purposely knock them down by making them sit in a vehicle and blowing it off. Players can then go ahead and revive their knocked teammates. This can be performed twice to complete the mission.

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Well, now that you know what you have to do exactly to complete that mission under the Beast of Burden Section. Go ahead and complete all the missions to unlock the all-new Refitter Class of Battle Royale.

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