12 Best Superhero Games on Roblox (2023)

Roblox is changing with every passing day. Presently, thousands of people are enjoying and generating material. Well, they should be since no one else offers a community as Roblox does. Hundreds of engaged gamers across the globe access the application and compete on multiple devices such as PC, cellphones, tablets, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and others on the Roblox Studio app, which enables users to both participate and develop their original games. Based on their choices, you may be either a creator or a player.

You may enjoy a range of computer games while evading all of the amazing dreams which you’d want to prevent in an online game thanks to Roblox’s wonderful scene builder. This opens up a world of options for anybody trying to enjoy themselves.

Roblox provides plenty for everybody since everybody there seems to have various gameplay preferences. Superheroes have always thrilled us irrespective of our age. So, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best Superhero games in Roblox for you guys to enjoy.

Top 12 Best Superhero Games in Roblox

  • 12. Heroes Online

Heroes Online

My Hero Academia, a well-liked manga and anime series, served as an inspiration for Heroes Online. You may play as a hero who fights for justice or a villain who wreaks havoc wherever they go in this well-liked Roblox game.

  • 11. Avengers Testing Server

Best Superhero Games in Roblox

The Avengers are the most well-known superhero group in the Marvel Universe. Avengers Testing Server, developed by The Marvel Universe in 2019, gives a similar atmosphere to the film.

Up to 25 players can connect to a single server to play the multiplayer game, which is still under development. The game receives over 34 million daily visits from gamers, and its popularity is rising.

  • 10. Heroes of Robloxia

Heroes of Robloxia is one of the coolest superhero action and adventure games out there. It was originally designed and developed for a Roblox event back in 2018. Since it is a hero game, there are villains as well. There are currently 5 playable heroes in the game. Here are their names and powers:

1. Captain Roblox – His powers are super strength and size manipulation.

2. Amethysto – His powers are basically like the generation of plasma energy

3. Tesla – She can generate energy overdrive

4. Bootleg flash

5. Kinetic

The powers of the above mention superheroes sound quite cool. They are even cooler in action. Thereby making this game quite exciting and enthralling for the Superhero-loving audience. It is an awesome semi-open-world game allowing you to explore a lot and enjoy some really good superhero action.

  • 9. Dragon Ball Online Generations

dbzWe cannot be doing anything related to the Anime background without involving Dragon Ball Z. This game is all combat in the Dragon Ball Z way and it doesn’t get any better than that. The best thing is that you are using your very own character in the game. This has some really cool elements which have been adopted from other mainstream Dragon Ball Z games.

Just like in those mainstream games, you can have your character trained by some of the iconic Dragon Ball Z characters and learn some of the skill sets. Just like the series, you can play through various icon sagas all throughout the game.

  • 8. My Hero Academia Online

my hero academia

This game is based on the Anime My Hero Academia. People in this universe have quirks that are basically nothing but their unique powers. In this game, you can choose your own path. You can either be a hero or a villain. It is completely your choice. This game requires you to do some grinding to rank up your character and master their individual quirks.

There are lots to do and explore in this world of superheroes. So, we can assure you that you won’t get bored playing this game.

  • 7. Super Hero Tycoon

Whoever doesn’t like to be a superhero once in a while? Delay no more and wear a suit in Super Hero Tycoon, in which you might transform into a superhuman and develop your base to inconceivable heights. Hiddo, the game’s designer, is from the Netherlands and also has a popular YouTube channel with over 200K followers.

His YouTube account just has one video: the Super Hero Tycoon game trailer, which has over 1 million views, proving how popular his title has become and how active the Roblox audience is.

Pick a hero of your choice and get started by building your hero’s base and making it as better as possible. The better a base, the better your weapons and gadgets become against enemies. The game is multiplayer, so you can compete with other people as well.

  • 6. Age of Heroes

age of heroesThis game has awesome gameplay and some really nice graphics. You get to play as some of the most iconic Marvel Heroes. Pick a hero of your choice and fight the crimes which have been plaguing and ravaging the city.

The game has so much to offer. You can rank up your heroes. There are a ton of abilities and traits for you to unlock and make your hero the best it can be. The game also has very good character customization. You can make your hero just the way you like.

The game also allows you to choose your path. It’s not just another superhero game. You can also be a villain too. The game has a reputation system which gives the game more depth. Fight against the heroes if you want to become the best villain out there.

  • 5. Super Hero Life 2

super hero lifeIn this game, you can be a superhero who saves civilians. Superhero Life 2 is a free roam Superhero themed fighting game that allows you to experience what it feels like to become a superhero. This game features several roleplay elements as well which is a pretty nice touch to this genre of games.

The game is divided into 2 modes. The first one is the combat mode where you can fight other players and complete quests for rewards and money. The second one is the Roleplay mode where you can fight other players without the dangers since you can participate in dangerous quests.

What’s good is you can even hang out with your friends. There are daily rewards that can grant you special rewards and there are 10 different playable heroes in the game each with their unique abilities.  There are also accessories that you can use to style your characters and add a touch of personalization.

  • 4. Marvel’s Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman is a simple little game that scratches a very specific itch. And it does it really well considering the fact that it is just a Roblox game. Not only can you put on the mask and costume of Spiderman himself, you can also shoot webs, dodge, use your spider sense to detect enemies, and even swing around the large open city. You can also unlock a bunch of cool costumes including Spider-Gwen.

  • 3. Iron Man Simulator 2

iron man flight simulatorThis game is the most awaited sequel to Iron Man Simulator. As the name suggests, this game allows the players to become Iron Man. As is obvious from the name itself, it is a free roam simulator where you can be just like iron man. The game features a pretty exciting set of functions.

There are 20 different Iron Man suits each with its own unique UI’s. What’s more, is that typing a specific chat or a message will be recognized by the suit and will perform the action. It is a pretty neatly developed game after all.

  • 2. Marvel Infinity

marvel infinityThe game is probably based on the Avengers franchise, especially the Avengers Infinity War. Anyway, this game looks insanely awesome and a lot of details have been put into the game. For example, the animators for powers look so cool, that it feels like you are actually a superhero who’s fighting enemies.

The game is a PvP game and you get to play with all the iconic Marvel superheroes including the Avengers.

  • 1. Marvel and DC Dawn of Heroes

marvel vs dc dawnThis is one of the biggest and most popular superhero games out there. Over 260 million people have played this game and several thousand players remain active no matter what time of the day it is.

This is the game people keep coming back to as it lets you run around and fight crime as all of the most popular from both universes which include characters like Superman, Spiderman, The Flash, and so many others. If you are a superhero fan then this is the Roblox game that you definitely need to try.

The above-mentioned list is a compilation of some of the best superhero games which players can find on Roblox. So, go ahead and put on your capes and let go of your secret identities and jump into the world of Superheroes, villains, and action!

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