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The Roblox Corporation created the Roblox game development platform and online gaming platform. It enables users to both develop and play games produced by other people. The COVID-19 epidemic has hastened Roblox’s fast expansion, which began in the second part of the 2010s.

Roblox Studio, the company’s proprietary engine, allows users to develop their own games, which can subsequently be played by other users. To alter the game’s environment, an object-oriented programming framework and a version of the computer language Lua are used.

There are a lot of games in Roblox that fall under different categories. There are a lot of categories that users can experience with their friends or solo. Many creators focus on making their game different which helps them gain popularity due to their unique content. Players can play games of variety like tycoon gamessurvival games, and simulator games with their friends.

Many players need searching facilities with some good features. This can prove very informative as they have to use different commands for searching certain games or friends or even some usernames. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a guide on ‘Use Roblox User Search’. So, without further ado, let’s get started with this very informative article.


How to do Roblox User Search

It is presently impossible for a Roblox player to search for a specific phrase or word in the search box. The main idea behind this notion is that we, as Roblox players, have the option to limit our search to items that only include a certain phrase or condition.

If you’re looking for a certain game that hasn’t received much notice yet, the present mechanism for game searching might be quite time-consuming. As an example,
Search Term: Achievement Unlocked

none of these games even include the words Achievement or Unlocked

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the system we’re proposing:
We may restrict our Google searches by putting them in quote marks.

We believe that implementing a method to specify our searches would be a good idea.


Unspecific Search: Search Term
Specific Search: “Search Term”

Currently, the search features for different Roblox services (the developer hub, games, library, and so on) are terrible, and as developers, we rely on them frequently. We have an option to wasting time dealing with this. In this lesson, We’ll show you how to search more effectively by utilizing search engine capabilities and the custom search engine option included in many browsers.

While this technique is superior in general, the default Roblox search may be more useful in specific cases. Some Models, for example, may have never been viewed by search engines and therefore will not appear in search results. However, when dealing with such obscurities, we doubt Roblox’s search will be effective.

#1 Search by Site

Google and DuckDuckGo, for example, provide a function that limits search results to a certain URL. Simply type KEYWORDS site: URL, for example, part site:developer.roblox.com to get the API reference page for the Part instance.

This example demonstrates the utility of this feature. Simply said, you now have a (mostly) dependable way to search Roblox’s documentation (or any other Roblox object) without having to deal with the broken functionality of Roblox’s search systems. You also receive all of the benefits of utilizing a search engine, such as “exact match” and -exclude.

So, if you want to search for something in the documentation, just type SEARCH TERM site:developer.roblox.com.

If you wish to look for Roblox, use the following search terms: SEARCH TERM site:roblox.com

However, if you wish to look for games, use the following search terms: SEARCH TERM site:roblox.com/game

If you wish to search the library, use the following terms: SEARCH TERM site:roblox.com/library

#2 Custom Search Engines

Most browsers now allow you to create custom search engines, which are effectively just URLs into which the browser enters your search.

When you use your browser to search Google, for example, you put in SEARCH TERM, and the browser converts it into a template URL like google.com/search?q= percent s, replacing %s with SEARCH TERM to provide google.com/search?q=SEARCH+TERM. Also, the spaces in SEARCH TERM are substituted with + (or percent 20), as spaces are not allowed in URL syntax. Finally, the browser directs you to the following URL: google.com/search?=SEARCH+TERM.

From the standpoint of a browser, that is all a search engine is. You can add as many of these template URLs as your browser allows.

#3 Getting the search engine URL

To begin, locate the basic search URL for whichever conventional search engine you are using to search Roblox. Google’s search URL, for example, is google.com/search?q=.

Then we must add %s… But hold on, there’s more. Remember how we said we needed to search by site? We’ll have to add that to the custom search engine as well (otherwise it would just be a normal Google search for the whole internet).

So, first, we need to include the site: URL component of the search in the URL: google.com/search?q=site:developer.roblox.com

Moreover, it should be noted that the character : is used in URLs to identify ports, which may cause problems. If this is an issue, you may replace : for percent 3A, which is effectively a means of saying: without saying it directly: google.com/search?q=site percent 3Adeveloper.roblox.com.

After that, we can insert the actual search phrase, separated by a space, into the box:

google.com/search?q=site:developer.roblox.com+% s

That’s all; you now have a custom search engine URL for the Roblox documentation. Of course, this approach works with any search engine or website. This is one of the legit reasons to use Roblox user search.

If they have a Roblox account, you may import your contacts from your mobile device and add them as friends on Roblox. It also allows you to invite friends who do not already have a Roblox account to join.
Please keep in mind that no Roblox user will be able to view your phone number. Roblox does not disclose your phone number or contact information to any third party.

#4 Search and add username

  • Navigate to the Roblox mobile app’s friends list page. (For additional details, please check Roblox help articles for Android or iOS.)
  • Select the Find Friends option.
  • If a permissions window displays, allow Roblox access to your contacts so that Roblox may locate your pals.
  • However, if you don’t have contact use the search button and find them through initials or tags.
  • Tap the Add button next to a contact’s name to send a friend request if they have linked their phone number to their Roblox account.

#5 Search and invite through username

  • Navigate to the Roblox mobile app’s friends list page. (For additional details, please check Roblox help articles for Android or iOS.)
  • Select the Find Friends option.
  • If a permissions window displays, allow Roblox access to your contacts so that Roblox may locate your pals.
  • Meanwhile, if you don’t have contact use the search button and find them through initials or tags.
  • If a contact hasn’t connected their phone number to their Roblox account, use the Invite button to send them an SMS message asking them to join Roblox.
  • You may also search for a contact’s first or last name in your imported contacts list.

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Roblox Username Search

If you have a confirmed email address or phone number, this section will guide you through the procedures to obtain your Roblox username.

#1 Find username using your email address

  • On the Login screen, click Forgot Username or Password.
  • The website should default to the Forgot My Password option; however, you must click the Username tab.
  • Fill in your email address in the Email field and click the Submit button. A confirmation message will appear.
  • Please input your email address exactly as it appears on your account.
  • This will generate an email with a list of all your accounts.
  • You can log in after receiving your username.

If the email does not appear to arrive after a few minutes, please check your junk/spam folders.

#2 Find username using a phone number

  • On the Login screen, click Forgot Username or Password.
  • Use phone number to recover username is selected.
  • Choose your country code.
  • In the Phone Number box, enter your phone number and click the Submit button.
  • This will send an SMS to your phone containing your usernames.
  • You can log in after receiving your username.

#3 Other Ways

These techniques will only work if an email or phone number was added to the account prior to forgetting the username. However, the only other method to find the username is if you made a Roblox purchase. The username appears on certain purchase receipts.

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the account without an email, phone number, or transaction history.

That’s it with our today’s guide on ‘Use Roblox user search’. Do try all the methods and hope you can use the search bar efficiently now. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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