Where to get Epic Knockdown Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Purple Knockdown Shield)

Apex Legends Mobile has become one of the leading FPS games in the mobile gaming industry owing to its fresh set of characters, map, weapons, and much more. The game provided a fresh new setting to the generic and conventional Battle Royale genre.

The futuristic weapons, characters, and maps were found to be really appealing by players from all across the world. Hence, the reason why it found so much popularity in so little time.

Apart from the main character and weapons, the game also provides its players a lot of other items and consumables which one needs to understand to gain an advantage over their opponents in battle.


Where to get Epic Knockdown Shield in Apex Legends Mobile

Almost every Battle Royale game includes knocking opponents down and killing them. It even entails us being knocked down on a regular basis. In most battle royale games, if a player is knocked down by an opponent, they are extremely vulnerable and can be saved with great difficulty.

However, in the case of Apex Legends Mobile, the game provides an option to players to not be vulnerable even after being knocked down by an opponent. Well, the option which we are talking about is the Knockdown shield.

This shield, as the name suggests, helps the characters pop up a shield to defend themselves after they have been knocked down to gather enough time for their teammates to help revive them and stay alive till then.

These knockout shields come in different rarities. We will be talking about the Epic/Purple knockdown shield in this article. The Epic knockdown shield is quite rare and can be found spread across the map in High Tier loot zones.

epic knockdown shield apex legends mobile
Image Source: Reddit

There is no way to pinpoint the location where Epic Knockdown shields can be found but it is highly likely to be found in High Tier Loot regions and less likely to be found in other regions.

The knockdown shield is activated automatically as soon as a player gets knocked down. The shield can help defend against a certain amount of damage, and it turns off after a period of time which can be used to heal the player. The energy shield won’t be activated if the enemy decides to perform a finisher

The Epic Knockdown shield can block 750 Damage when deployed. It is quite high and can often prove to be quite beneficial in the heat of battle. So, be sure to keep space in your backpack for an epic knockdown shield as it is quite crucial in Apex Legends Mobile.

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