Where to get Epic Shield in Apex Legends Mobile (Purple Shield)

Straight out-of-nowhere, Apex Legends Mobile has become a behemoth in the Battle Royale genre. It quickly soared to popularity ever since the release of its beta version in the Philippines and in India.

Apex Legends Mobile had been one of the most anticipated games amongst the entire mobile gaming industry. The game gave a new meaning to Battle Royale games and also brought along with it a fresh setting, newer weapons, characters, and gaming dynamics.

However, the game has an overwhelming number of gear and consumables. So, in this article, we will be talking about yet another gear in detail that will help you increase your understanding of the game.


Where to get Epic Shield in Apex Legends Mobile

No matter which Legend you choose, they all start a match with 100 HP in total However, we all know about the futuristic weapons in Apex Legends. These weapons are so devastating that they can easily eat through 100 HP in mere seconds.

So, to prevent players from getting decimated in the blink of an eye, the game has got Shields/Armour. These Body Shields serve as a buffer that absorbs damage before a legend starts losing health. Shields are gained by equipping a Body Shield, which grants the player anywhere from 2-4 bars of Shield.

Now, there are various levels of the shield which are available. Their rarity falls in the range of Common to Legendary. However, in this article, we will talk about how you can get a Level 3 Epic Shield.

For starters, you should know that the higher the level of an item, the more difficult it becomes to get them in matches. So, going by that, we can say that the chances of getting a Level 3 Epic Shield are moderately high.

Level 3 Shield Apex Legends
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So, players can sometimes check loot boxes (Orange Cylindrical cans). If their luck is in their favor that particular match, then they might find a level 3 shield in it. Level 3 shields can also be found in High Tier loot regions within buildings.

Lifeline’s care package is another method by which one can get a level 3 shield for themselves and equip it. Apart from that, you can also upgrade your existing Shield to level 3 by inflicting damage to enemies.

Players can upgrade their existing shields to level 3 by inflicting 750 damage to enemies. However, this damage doesn’t include damage dealt to knocked down enemies.

That is all about the Level 3 Epic Shield in Apex Legends Mobile. Go ahead and equip yourselves with some quality armor to help you win some battles in Apex Legends Mobile.

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