How to UNLOCK Akimbo for .50 GS in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 12 has really appealed to the players. Players from all around the world are grinding more than ever to unlock the truckload of rewards that Season 12 Going Dark has to offer.

Season 12’s Battle Pass is arguably one of the best Battle Passes the game has ever witnessed. It can safely be said that the benchmark set by Season 11 Anniversary Update of COD Mobile, has been successfully surpassed by Season 12.

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Just like every previous Season 12 also got us new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more. With the consistent addition of weapons to the arsenal, combined with the gunsmith feature, players are really finding it confusing to come up with the best weapon build according to their gaming styles.

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COD Mobile .50 GS Akimbo Release Date:

Today we will be talking about yet another highly anticipated weapon – the .50 GS Pistol or better known as the Desert Eagle. The. 50 GS Pistol is a beast of a weapon. It has exceptionally high damage for a pistol. If used accurately, this weapon can be a one-shot-one-kill weapon.

In Season 12 Going Dark of Call of Duty Mobile, we can see that as of now, the status of the .50 GS remains locked, with a coming soon message. Also, when you are booting up the game, players can see a loading screen with various characters and weapons.

.50 gs calamity akimbo

In the loading screen, we can see, 4 characters and 2 weapons distinctively. Out of the 4 characters, 3 have already been launched in the game, and out of the 2 weapons, the AGR 556 Durandal Legendary skin has been launched in the lucky draw.

What remains now is the Legendary Nikto -Going Dark Skin which players can see on the loading screen. Players can also see Nikto holding 2 weapons, one in each hand, which look like the .50 GS pistols.

From this, we can deduce that the .50 GS pistol will be getting a legendary Calamity Skin and also the Akimbo perk which players had only seen in the fennec SMG. Judging by how Call of Duty Mobile releases new perks and weapons, we believe that the .50 GS is going to be featured in a lucky draw. In the lucky draw, the .50 GS will be getting a legendary Calamity Skin and the legendary weapon will come with the akimbo perk equipped by default.

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We expect the .50 GS Akimbo to be released in late November as it has already been shown in the loading screen. So, it is just a matter of time before players can get their hands on the new Akimbo .50GS Calamity.

The .50 GS Pistol was already a beast. The akimbo perk is going to enhance its performance even more. We can hardly keep our cool to see the dual .50GS in action.

(Update – November 21)

Well, it looks like the new 50 GS release is around the corner. The official Twitter account of Call of Duty Mobile somewhat made an official announcement on the release of .50 GS Akimbo in Call of Duty Mobile Season 12.

Yesterday, a teaser video posted on the official handle of Call of Duty Mobile mentioned that the game will be getting its first UAV skin, yes, you heard that right. Well, the name, Nikto can be seen on the UAV’s wing, confirming that the skin will be available with the awaited legendary Nikto draw.

CODM Tweet
Source: Call of Duty Mobile

Also, as we mentioned earlier in the post, about the developers teasing Legendary Nikto skin with the game loading screen, since the season release. On the loading screen, we can clearly see Nikto having two .50 GS pistols, definitely using the Akimbo perk for the pistol.

Official 50 GS Akimbo Release Date –

All this intel confirms that the new Legendary draw featuring – a new Legendary Nikto Skin, UAV skin, along with the release of Akimbo equipped 50 GS pistol, will be available next week. Generally, the new draw rolls out on Friday. So, it is confirmed now, .50 GS Release Date is November 27.

We will be sharing more information on the same whenever possible. Stay tuned!

(Update – November 26)

Ladies and Gents. It has finally arrived!

The all-new D-Eagle aka .50 GS has made its way to Call of Duty Mobile. And as we predicted earlier, the new weapon can be unlocked easily by completing the new series of tasks in the seasonal events. The event tasks are quite easy and can be done by anyone in around an hour or less.

With the new .50 GS Pistol, has arrived the new Akimbo perk. Well, it’s the same perk that rolled out for Fennec SMG a few weeks ago. And now, it can be equipped with the new pistol too.

We have also uploaded a Guide video too, make sure to check that out for detailed assistance.

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