Difference between UAV and Advance UAV in COD Mobile | UAV vs Advance UAV

Call of Duty Mobile, since its launch, has become one of the most addicting and enjoyable combat games on the mobile platform. Featuring a smooth, fast-paced and realistic gameplay along with new weapons, maps, and characters in almost every season, Call of Duty Mobile, has managed to not only attract the attention of diehard Call of Duty fans but also other gamers. Talking about the game, Season 10 has come to an end. Here we have the new Season 11 and Anniversary Battle Pass.

Well, a lot of content has already arrived with the new battle pass, but as always some of it will be arriving later in the season. Since Halloween is right around the corner, it is expected that the new season will be having a “Halloween Theme”. Other than this, other features which the update will be bringing are:

Night-mode – There had been some rumors floating around about the introduction of a Night Mode to Multiplayer maps. The developers have recently confirmed that they have been working on such a feature. The Night Mode is expected to make the Multiplayer mode even more challenging and realistic as players won’t be having the same levels of visibility as they used to in day-mode. This mode could probably have been influenced by last year’s Halloween update, where, the standoff map was given a Halloween theme and it was set in the night so that it could go well along with the Halloween update.

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Tracer Bullets – These bullets won’t nerf up your guns, unlike the OTM rounds, however, what they do is, add a bit of flair to your guns. The tracer bullet light up in vibrant colors upon hitting their targets.

Perks (Overkill) – Due to the huge Season 9 update, the Overkill perk was perhaps withheld. There are speculations that the new season might come with this perk which would allow players to carry up to 2 primary weapons in a single loadout.

New Weapons – Season 11 is expected to bring along new weapons like NA-45 (Sniper), TMP(SMG)

HG-40 loadout COD Mobile

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Well, there is still a lot in the bag which will be arriving soon. But here today, we will be talking about the difference between UAV and Advanced UAV.

Difference between UAV and Advance UAV

For starters, Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 brings a brand new scorestreak in the game called Advanced UAV. The new scorestreak is already available to equip in the game. If you need any assistance, you can visit the link mentioned below for more details on the same.

VISIT NOW: How to unlock Advanced UAV in Call of Duty Mobile

This new scorestreak is perhaps one of the most awaited updates. The new Advanced UAV can also be said as a buffed-up UAV. The current UAV shows the location of the enemy on the map as red-dots. However, this location is not exact or we can say it is not ‘live.’ It is rather a pulsating location, wherein, the location of the enemy is revealed only when the map is scanned. The sweep frequency is also quite low in the case of the current UAV. It is like watching a video on a low refresh-rate screen.

Call of Duty Mobile Advanced UAV
Source: Activision

The Advanced UAV is a fixed-wing aircraft, like the UAV implying it can be shot down by players. However, the Advanced UAV shows the live location and also the orientation of the enemies. Also, the Advanced UAV has a much higher Sweep-frequency than the normal UAV which will be helpful to the players as this would help them keep track of the enemy even better.

COD Mobile Advanced UAV
Position as well as Orientation of the enemies

The fact that the advanced UAV reveals the direction in which the enemy is looking can be really helpful for the players as this featured seems to be pretty nerfed-up. Knowing the direction in which the enemy is facing can easily help in stealth kills. This scorestreak would be a great advantage for the whole team in matchmaking.

But here is a catch. The new Advanced UAV is way more difficult to obtain as it’s more expensive than the normal UAV. To get the normal UAV, a score of 400 points is required, however, in the case of Advanced UAV, a score of 1400 points is required. For reference, OP scorestreaks like Goliath unlocks at 900 points, whereas, VTOL unlocks at 1600 points. Players using the persistence perk have to score 2800 points for the Advanced UAV as Scorestreaks costs are doubled.

Call of Duty Mobile scorestreaks

Well, that is pretty much all the differences you needed to know about the new Advanced UAV scorestreak.

Credits: Abhigyan Mishra

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