How to get Knife in Apex Legends Mobile (Melee Weapons)

Individuals really have been pumped up about the beta release of Apex Legends Mobile. For now, the game seems to have had a limited release in only India and the Philippines. But, with the welcome and success the game has garnered ever since its unveiling, it won’t be shocking if we see an official launch worldwide, quickly enough

Apex Legends Mobile had become one of the most anticipated games amongst the entire mobile gaming world. The game brought a new definition to Battle Royale and also managed to bring along with it a fresh setup, completely new firearms, protagonists, and gaming dynamics.

However, there are certain things that the newcomers need help to figure out and understand. Today we will be talking about one such thing


How to get Knife in Apex Legends Mobile (Melee Weapons)

Apex Legends is a mammoth of a Battle Royale game that is full of its very own surprises. The game is particularly known for establishing smooth sync between all things modern and ancient both.

Apex Legends is infamous for hiding a ton of rare, and exclusive items for players to get. Players can get these rare items by opening Apex Packs. Players can get these apex packs by leveling up or by purchasing them.

Today we will be talking about how players can obtain knives or melee weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. As far as we know, only the Wraith can be equipped with the knife or better known as the Wraith Kunai.

Wraith heirloom set kunai knife
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Obtaining the Wraith Knife would not be an easy challenge to accomplish.  As per Respawn, the company behind Apex Legends says that the possibility of obtaining the Wraith Knife should be less than 1%.

Since the Wraith Knife is a component of the Heirloom collection, you could only access it by opening lots of Apex Packs. If you are in good fortune and your Apex Pack does constitute the Wraith Knife, you would also obtain two other Heirlooms right with it.

The extra Heirlooms are the Banner Pose and also the Intro Quip. To put things in context, with every 500 Apex Packs that you open, only one of them might encompass the Heirloom set.

Those odds are really quite small. Things are more difficult if you wish to obtain the Heirloom sets by getting Apex packs without spending any money. You could get heirloom sets faster by purchasing Apex Packs. However, that will surely make a hole in your pockets.

Now you know the methods by which you can get a hold of the Kunai knife, go ahead and try to get it. Though it wouldn’t give you any tactical advantage, and you will still inflict the same damage as you used to do with every punch, it will surely look a lot cooler.

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