How to inspect weapon in Black Ops Cold War (Weapon Inspection)

It’s good news for all the Call of Duty Black Ops fans out there. The players were really heartbroken to see that the, very popular, weapons inspection feature wasn’t added in the Beta and the Alpha version of Black Ops Cold War. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has finally decided to include the Weapon Inspection feature in the main game.

A lot of people were sceptical if the Black Ops Cold War would be featuring this cool little feature. However, Treyarch does listen to the requests of the players. So, they finally added the feature.

Source: Nemsk

For those of you who don’t know what the Weapon Inspection feature is, don’t worry. We have got your back. The Weapons inspection feature is a very cool gimmick where a player’s in-game character, does little tricks like checking ammo, feeling the weapon with the hand, flipping it, etc.

How to inspect weapon in Black Ops Cold War:

Today we will be telling you how you easily perform the weapon inspection in Black Ops Cold War for any weapon.

Players all across the world play COD Black Ops Cold War on both the console and the PC. So, we will be talking about both of them.

It is quite easy in the case of the PC Players. They have a separate key dedicated just for weapons inspection. Players can easily find the keybind for weapons inspection in Settings/Options. They can either choose to keep the key as it is or choose another key as per their convenience.

It’s a bit tricky in case of the consoles. Follow the steps given below to Inspect the weapon in hand.

Source: Nemsk


  • Press the left analogue button on the joystick
  • This would cause a gesture wheel to pop up on the screen.
  • Use the right analogue stick to choose the gestures focused on weapon inspection

Once you are done with that, your character will start the very cool weapon inspection process. Treyarch sure has paid a lot of attention to the details in Black Ops Cold War. We say this because each weapon has its own way of weapon inspection.


Weapon inspecting is something that a lot of titles implement since there is such a heavy focus on skins and cosmetics nowadays. So, the addition of the weapon inspection in Black Ops Cold War was really a good move by the devs. It has really appealed to the players.

Now that you know how to inspect your weapon, go ahead and enjoy the animation where your character uniquely inspects your weapon.


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